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SoleIbis t1_j6dipq4 wrote

r/stopdrinking helped me find alternatives

I started drinking cranberry spritzers as a substitute for alcohol


Clever_Mercury t1_j6dv9i1 wrote

This is actually a really important point that plays into the behavioral science of changing habits. The ritual of making (or ordering) something can be replaced with a new, non-threatening version: a hydrating, sweet, savory, or refreshing drink.

You can build an entirely new ritual around *drinking* some non-alcoholic thing. Practicing appreciating its flavor or how refreshing it is can also help be a distraction. It also gets a glass into your hand, so it checks the box for that muscle memory too.

Ideas: get into brewing tea, making milkshakes, trying new spritzes or soda flavors, flavor water with fruits, or squeeze your own orange juice each afternoon after work. If you are caffeine tolerant, creating your own mixed coffee or iced coffee shot could work too.


Rodgers4 t1_j6dx63r wrote

The NA market is exploding right now. NA wine, beer (of all varieties), and spirits.

For some, it can be a good alternative if you want something to sip on or just miss the taste.

If someone’s an actual alcoholic I would steer clear of NA options, however.