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CrushAtlas t1_j3saq5x wrote

Gambling addicts be like:


Hellkids2 t1_j3w0w8v wrote

Did you know that 90% gamblers quit before they hit the jackpot?

Keep gambling


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Lipstickvomit t1_j3sf44v wrote

How do you know when you are going the wrong way before it's too late?
Keep going and you'll find out.


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Eriml t1_j3slqk0 wrote

A lot of paths may seem like the right way but sometimes they are not. Happens a lot in relationships and jobs. This meme is kind of bs. Everything is more complicated than "keep going because you may reach your goal", no one knows the future and your energy and time is finite


Brain-of-Sugar t1_j3ttyen wrote

Exactly. I'm sorry people are too attached to their vices to agree with you.


bartitsu t1_j3snhdh wrote

Maybe not... Ever heard of sunken cost fallacy?

Edit, just to make it clear: if you do have a goal that is achievable and you know how to achieve it absolutely go for it! But this illustration says the exact opposite.


1friendswithsalad t1_j3tczrk wrote

My first thought was- this is a literal illustration of the mindset of sunk cost fallacy. Yikes.


USeaMoose t1_j3t0m40 wrote

That's exactly what this is.

You've invested time or money into something, there's no sign of it paying off in any way, but you should continue on anyways because otherwise you are wasting the resources you've put in. And maybe, despite all indications, you just need to invest a little bit more for it to all pay off.

It applies as well to a gambler sitting at a slot machine, or buying lotto tickets as anything else.

Not that it would really work in the comic... but it seems like it could be improved if it was made clear that the guy on the bottom had been gradually finding more and more diamonds as he went, just not the jackpot he was hoping for.

Then maybe the message could be to not lose hope if you are showing improvement, just not at the pace you hoped for.


thats1evildude t1_j3uvz7x wrote

It’s not always clear whether you’re in a situation where you should cut your losses or you should persevere. There are lots of stories of people who stuck it out and won big, but just as many stories of people who lost everything by staying on a sinking ship.


Ortus14 t1_j3vp0m3 wrote

And the billionaires and millionaires who succeeded have the biggest voice, so we never hear from the 99% of entrepreneurs who were just as smart and hardworking, often times more so, but circumstances didn't favor them and they lost everything to the point where they never fully recover.

I took an entrepreneurship class a while back, and asked the teacher (who had started a few successful businesses) if any one ever goes homeless. He said it definitely does happen, and he had a friend that had started a business and it wasn't going well and then the guy never responded. He thinks the guy went homeless, and no money for cell phone, no address, no relevant job experience for anything.

I don't know much, but I'll always strive to improve the condition of my life while also keeping in mind that life may continue to get worse regardless of my efforts. But I make effort to be grateful for what I have, even if all I have is a very hard potentially impossible challenge to solve.


lawprimus24 t1_j3sv4fp wrote

Did you know? FACT: 99% of compulsive gamblers give up right before they hit the jackpot!*

*paid for by the Las Vegas Association of Casinos


willieoshady t1_j3udqyy wrote

100 percent of losers give up before hitting jackpot.

100 percent of winners didn't quit until they hit the jackpot

Change my mind


xian0 t1_j3sl8ju wrote

Now imagine it's lava.


coffeehaskilledme t1_j3sq6vt wrote

Bring a bucket of water and harvest obsidian. If you can't spin a problem then why even work.


l0u1s11 t1_j3t8qt8 wrote

Just plug the hole with dirt it'll be fine.


jubmille2000 t1_j3ui4rx wrote

Dude has a stone pickaxe, he is trying to find diamonds to make diamond tools. Can't break obsidian with a sotne pickaxe.


SomeNoteToMyself t1_j3stste wrote

This is dumb lol


naran_j t1_j3uqslh wrote

Why is that?


three-sense t1_j3uv999 wrote

Just buy hoards of precut diamonds, why waste effort digging???


soiramio3000 t1_j3x02vn wrote

isn't this obvious?

this picture does not repressent at all how the world works. (most if not all "deep" illustrations out there do not repressent reality at all).

that person has no way of knowing if the diamonds even exist there or if he is digging in the proper direction.

even if something exists there that person has no way of knowing if that is diamonds or some pile of garbage.


nondescriptun t1_j3ta7qa wrote

This seems like something a shitty manager would post on the bulletin board to get their employees to work harder ("you never know how close you are to a raise/promotion!").


sadiegoose1377 t1_j3xat0d wrote

Thank you. This reminds me of every job I’ve worked where the manager wants to keep people motivated for some distant possibly of great reward.


[deleted] t1_j3yy021 wrote

Because a large amount of people on this site and the internet in general are literal children who dont understand the complexities of life or adults who are chronically online and shelter themselves from the realities of life


trusty20 t1_j3svlvn wrote

There is a balance between both choices depicted in this image. Giving up on an idea that is not producing success for you is not shameful, that's self-improvement. The key is to find a new idea or path.


YourOldBuddy t1_j3t7mw4 wrote

Most successful people have given up on bad ideas. The best poker players fold a lot more than novice players. Give up on bad ideas.

Grinds and positivity are overrated. Not useless but overrated.


PutYourNameHereNow t1_j3t1pjd wrote

This shows us only one part of the picture, what about the million of other people who keep digging just to not find anything? The ones that were above or under the diamonds? Well sadly that’s most of us but instead of keep digging like crazy we can find a method, an effective one that isn’t just based on pure luck.


ppardee t1_j3t2gjf wrote

What if you keep going and wind up hitting liquid hot magma?


Cxlow91 t1_j3t749h wrote

This image is why I still gamble despite being down $48372636262


JesseCuster40 t1_j3srm26 wrote

There's about to be a tunnel collapse.


VeryBeanyBoy t1_j3tb0ns wrote

I really can't take this image seriously anymore...


[deleted] t1_j3sinw5 wrote

Irish folktale that basically said that a family kept digging potatoes in promise of a pot of gold from a leprechaun. They quit before the very last potato. F*** you potatoes, what a horrible folktale.


GilgameshFFV t1_j3tanw5 wrote

Tbf, the image betrays the quote. The image with the quote suggest sunken cost fallacy as it implies uncertainty about what lies ahead. The quote alone seems to be more in reference of reaching a specific, certain goal that hinges purely on your own efforts.


LoginxThanatus t1_j3u5elb wrote

90% of gamblers quit right before hitting their HUGE JACKPOT!!


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j3sr0p6 wrote

Hitler gave up trying to destroy the RAF and abandoned his plans to invade the UK when he had almost destroyed it and cleared the skies for his invasion.

So by all means, give up and die, particularly if your plans are super fucked up.


samu1400 t1_j3vygvf wrote

This is the first time I’ve seen someone post this picture unironically.


Connorjd t1_j3t2yaj wrote

This is how I feel when I play Minecraft


Traumfahrer t1_j3thtjj wrote

The American Dream in a nonsensical r/GetMotivated illustration (again).


ajaysallthat t1_j3tqnge wrote

>Hits diamonds >Boss immediately takes credit and profits go to the company >You don't receive recognition or any fruits of your labor >Retire at 75


Delicious_Ad_1853 t1_j3u10jm wrote

For those that want real advice on when to quit and when to persevere, check out Seth Godin's "The Dip".


Choice-Dance3972 t1_j3uahno wrote

Diamonds are artificially inflated. So why go for something that is artificially inflated by one corporation?


willieoshady t1_j3udctg wrote

Especially if it involves bitcoinn...


willieoshady t1_j3udkc8 wrote

Success in silicon valley is

Fail fast Fail often Fail forward.

Not keep riding the slowly decaying plan hoping for the next break

That's how the logic that causes gambling problems


Littleman88 t1_j3wdai8 wrote

Silicon valley start ups also tend to come from money.

The people hanging tend not to have that kind of safety net. The plan either works or they're done.


willieoshady t1_j3znj4x wrote

The point is if it's a failure bail early and do something else.

Most startups get money from investors


willieoshady t1_j3ue89s wrote

How about if you don't know where the thing is that you are going for maybe you should figure out what your doing instead of blindly digging a hole in search of a cavern full of diamonds in a unsupported tunnel without wearing proper protective equipment


AvengeBirdPerson t1_j3ugakr wrote

Just one more SPY call and I’ll make back all my losses right guys?


HistoryGuardian t1_j3uhy28 wrote

Stan Lee was in the comics industry for just over 20 years before he found major success. He wasn’t a nobody before that but he wasn’t what we all know today. He was going to quit before that because he couldn’t do stories and characters with the depth and nuance that he would like. Martin Goodman the head of Marvel at the time played golf one afternoon in 1962 with the head of National Comics (DC) he was boasting about the Justice League doing great for sales. Goodman came back and told Stan to do whatever he wanted to compete. He talked it over with his wife that night and she convinced him to do it. That’s when he created the Fantastic 4.


Buris t1_j3ui012 wrote

Could just as likely be Lava or Turds right next him


silGavilon t1_j3uiiiu wrote

Horace Austin Warner "Haw" Tabor finished his days in a shack still hoping to find silver...


arothmanmusic t1_j3uip7b wrote

Bearing in mind that diamonds aren't found underground in a pile, already cut and polished like that, one must assume the man on the bottom was about to break into someone's private vault and came to his senses, while the man on top is headed towards a jail sentence.


Droct12 t1_j3ur2pn wrote

Me opening yugioh packs be like


zanafer666 t1_j3uslyw wrote

Its looks like an advertising for a betting site


Elipses_ t1_j3uua1v wrote

Anyone else see this and unable to not think of the dwarf version of this?


Ishidan01 t1_j3uv7qs wrote

someone shoop the Balrog in place of the diamonds


justasmalltowndad t1_j3uvifu wrote

This isn't how real life works. You wouldn't go mining if you didn't already know there were diamond veins and how deep they are to access.

A much more accurate metaphor is once you hit a vein, you have to keep digging and you don't know how shallow or deep the vein is.


Neopacificus t1_j3v4tsj wrote

Google should learn a thing or two from this


Pollux95630 t1_j3v9x2b wrote

What masters tell their servants to keep them working hard instead being discouraged.


Awbbie t1_j3vc32r wrote

Anybody got the dwarf fortress version?


kenjose t1_j3vjzkv wrote

Friendly reminder from the Corporations


phoogkamer t1_j3vtg9c wrote

Sunk cost fallacy might be a risk here, because you don’t actually know if what you’re doing will be useful.


Decoy_Human t1_j3vvqey wrote

This is some dirt cheap motivation that would normally can found on the cemetery social media that we formally call Facebook.


ClearlyCylindrical t1_j3wdchg wrote

90% of gambling addicts give up just as they are about to hit big.


braylonberkel t1_j3wnc52 wrote

Replace the diamonds with a Balrog.


D_-_G t1_j3wol84 wrote

If it’s another mile then you’ve wasted more time. Give up


PutSimple3134 t1_j3wqpsb wrote

Me looking for something at the grocery store


zephyer19 t1_j3wrsc4 wrote

I recall years ago a coal mine in the Eastern USA accidentally dug into an underground lake.

Didn't work out well for the miners. Sadly I can't remember where it took place.


socialcommentary2000 t1_j3wuyw7 wrote

Or you could have just borked the prospect and are endlessly chiseling away into schist and will only find more schist until you reach the Earth's mantle.

I hate this comic.

The point is to look at the schist you've already mined. Realize that if you shifted mining methods and manage to extract can make them into counter tops and sell them.

I hate this comic.


soiramio3000 t1_j3wzb83 wrote

this is NOT how the world works you moron.


StupidEconomist t1_j3x0khp wrote

Kind of shit that capitalism teaches you. Sunk cost fallacy will entrap you into a cycle of constant misery. Extract happiness from the journey not the goal, if the journey is too costly then the goal, whatever it is, doesn't matter.


XB0XYGEN t1_j3x93dt wrote

Yea this is silly