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tatersnuffy t1_j3ztyqo wrote

repeat as neccessary.


[deleted] t1_j40yjbc wrote



A_Polite_Noise t1_j41cpyb wrote


IkeHC t1_j41k0pj wrote

worromoT would like to have a word


LTman86 t1_j42pnth wrote

For a second there, my brain read that as
> "worry noT" would like to have a word.


ApricotPenguin t1_j42vitu wrote

I'm pretty sure "it's worry mo' tomorrow" , but it got truncated due to character length limit in the name


TheIntrepid1 t1_j41fxe8 wrote


A forgotten English word: the day after tomorrow.


Deltaki87 t1_j43xjmf wrote

We still use it in Dutch (overmorgen) and also use one for the day before yesterday (eergisteren).


TheIntrepid1 t1_j4404d9 wrote


Ya I also mentioned Ereyesterday somewhere else. Neato.


thelastmarblerye t1_j42yj9o wrote

Today: Now that I'm in charge I choose to delegate my work to you.

*Tomorrow takes the crown and becomes Today*

Today: Now that I'm in charge I choose to delegate my work to you.

*Tomorrow takes the crown and becomes Today*


Reeleted t1_j42xjp6 wrote

The first guy should turn around and put on a shirt that says "tomorrow" then loop


TheRealConine t1_j4016hb wrote

I’ve been waiting for tomorrow, all of my life.


aFuckinChair t1_j40f9gq wrote

🎶 I'm in the staking bar, I got debts, I'm a debaser...🎶


concequence t1_j43uo12 wrote

With the holograms beside me, I'll dance alone tonight


aFuckinChair t1_j43uwfy wrote

In a mirrored world are you beside me? All my life...



3-DMan t1_j42f9en wrote

Best I can do is day after yesterday


pm_me-ur_vulva t1_j3zyd3x wrote

If only it was a ball. Then tomorrow would have dropped the ball


5E51ATripleA t1_j40vr88 wrote

I sent you a pic of my Volvo … now what?


LookMaNoPride t1_j420neu wrote

You read that wrong. They obviously want a picture of that dangly punching bag looking thing at the back of your mouth.


340Duster t1_j40d6k4 wrote

ADHD has entered and left the chat.


drfarren t1_j411h7g wrote

"weeps in ADHD induced memory loss"


Justice_0f_Toren t1_j4179vu wrote

>"weeps in ADHD induced memory loss"

Is, is that a thing??


Hyfrith t1_j417t5w wrote

Idk about ADHD but I have a terrible memory, particularly regarding work-based matters and conversations, because my anxiety means I'm often not "present" in the conversation and am instead racing ahead in my mind worrying and trying to plan this future work, instead of paying attention in the moment.

Perhaps ADHD has a similar effect on someone's ability to focus in the moment, meaning they forget things people say etc.


enigmamonkey t1_j42ctt4 wrote

Are you me?

I think this shit plagues me. Sadly, I must admit… I’m so distracted (undisciplined? spoiled/privileged? ADHD? all of the above?) that I’m sitting here on reddit instead of getting ready for work. But even during the regular work day, this affects my memory. Like, right now, I’ve got a ton of interesting ideas on things I wanna pursue and research (as well as slack off, like what I’m doing here) instead of thinking/focusing on what’s important right now. Probably because it’s just too easy.

But when I’m in “the zone,” it’s the complete opposite.


Hyfrith t1_j43ii2p wrote

Haha, I thought I had ADHD for months and months. Everything I read about it seemed to point to my exact symptoms, struggles and experiences. It was only when my chronic procrastination got me in trouble at work that I sought out a therapist. She didn't think I had ADHD after I told her everything, and instead helped me realise what I actually have is very acute, very suppressed anxiety. Which has ADHD-like symptoms with distraction (avoidance), procrastination, memory issues for example.

A YouTuber I admire called Better Ideas has a great mantra for procrastination. "Inaction is a slow death". Taking action we're afraid of is painful, but the pain of leaving it to grow and fester in our mind is worse over time. Better to choose the short term pain and just get ready for work, because the personal pain and guilt and stress of being late, or not going, or getting in trouble for it with your boss will feel worse in the long run.


drfarren t1_j41kw25 wrote

Yes. ADHD can affect memory formation for both short term and long term memory.

Think about a time you walk into a room and then forget why you're there. You're sure it was important, but for the life of you, you just can't recall why you are there. Now, imagine that it happens constantly. You need to do dishes. Walk to the kitchen, forget, see the dishes, but you still don't remember because you're so focused on trying to remember that the visual cue doesn't trigger a memory. You stand there for a while then decide to do the laundry. You get to your bedroom, forget, and think that it's time to take a nap. So you nap.

My wife has to remind me all the time to do things. I'm not mad at her, it's just that my memory needs a kick start. At work I HAVE to write things down or I will forget to do them and it will reflect negatively on me. I genuinely don't know if I'll ever be able to get a promotion because of this disability. I can't blame a company for not wanting to promote someone who can't function correctly into a position of trust with large sums of money and responsibility over several dozen people.

This disability will NEVER go away. It will NEVER heal. I have to take medication for the rest of my life and if I stop I will become so dysfunctional that I will need near constant babysitting to keep me from causing chaos. ADHD fucking sucks.


x2shainzx t1_j41bvtw wrote

Yes. It directly impacts working and long term memory.

Source: Have ADHD


gravitas-deficiency t1_j42cd03 wrote

I will think of like 20 things I need to do. I will think “I should write this down, I won’t recall all of this”. I will be busy with something else and forget to write the things down. Days later, I will remember 2 or 3 of the 20 things. I will stress about the remainder that I cannot remember.


theskillr t1_j4093m8 wrote

Is this loss?


GregTheMad t1_j40ys8w wrote

Someone should make a loss comic, where they make different jokes and push lines, all in the vague shape of loss.


ChaoticAgenda t1_j41vqtf wrote

Be the change you want to see in the world. Don't let your memes stay dreams.


liam_____ t1_j40hjf9 wrote

Trick is to give that task to yesterday


DCProgressive t1_j419g3p wrote

Tried that. Bastard gave the task to tomorrow and… here we are again.


NotAKrayon t1_j3zximq wrote

I like going home at the end of my shift. Sometimes the task can wait.


drfarren t1_j411jww wrote

Yeah, there's always something to do. Some point you simply have to stop and just do it tomorrow.


Brendinooo t1_j41222t wrote

One of the first lessons I had to learn about being a grownup versus being a student (from my professional experience anyways) is that stuff doesn’t wrap up like it did.

You used to have semesters end, jobs segmented into little chunks for you, tasks carefully curated. Now there’s a todo list a mile long, and you (or your boss) has to prioritize.

And that’s okay! It’s just…different. And discouraging, until you figure it out.


DDman70 t1_j40bbn1 wrote

Am I the only one that initially interpreted this as the person dying before tomorrow comes around?


Kolby_Jack t1_j41mgix wrote

Well, if he dies, then the task probably doesn't matter anymore. Unless it was writing his will.


Celcius_87 t1_j401kgr wrote

I don't get it


the_other_irrevenant t1_j40611i wrote

  1. You leave a task for future you.
  2. You become future you.
  3. You're stuck with the task that past you left for you to do.

notfin t1_j40rgu3 wrote

Oh. I thought he died and had no future.


the_other_irrevenant t1_j43fz2n wrote

Interesting interpretation.

If that were the case there's be no tomorrow to take the task from him in the first place, though.

That would be a neat alternative comic - the guy just keeps passing the task to tomorrow and one day there's just no-one to take it.


blargiman t1_j40mqq8 wrote

ive learned that i can make the weekend force a weekday to stop putting it off because the weekend doesn't like doing the chores the weekday should have done.

i like to imagine this comic redone with "saturday" looking like a gargantuan swole gigachad staring angrily at "friday" being like "don't even think about it" and friday panic passes the task back to thursday and thursday finally gets his ass in gear and does it.

i speak from irl experience because this literally just happened to me and is the only way i ever get anything done now. :p


BravesMaedchen t1_j40a262 wrote

This is reeeally good at describing the experience.


TheGrimReality77 t1_j40m4ki wrote

Tomorrow never comes.
That's why I called my dog Tomorrow.


paulricard t1_j41kwal wrote

There’s a French mini-series called ‘Bref’ (means ‘short’ And is like a small work like ‘so’ Or ‘anyhow’) and one of the episodes is called ‘Anyway, I’m pushing off everything to tomorrow’.

In that episode, Tomorrow is a real guy following the main character who gets all the stuff from him as he’s ‘pushing everything off to Tomorrow’. In the end, Tomorrow goes ‘My name’s Tomorrow. When this guy gives me something, I push it off to Never’. Never is another guy who eats every post-it note Tomorrow gives him!


eternalankh t1_j3zy3w8 wrote

yup, that's pretty much how it goes


bardia_akh t1_j4008pn wrote

I feel personally attacked


Yamm0th t1_j40s2fc wrote

Imagine the yesterday.


Salpal777 t1_j40shd2 wrote

At least u got all night before he disappears


drfarren t1_j411fgr wrote

Past me is a bro. I'll have a brain fart and put a thing somewhere and then a few days later when I need that thing it will be in the exact right place at the right time.

Like, I'll use the drill for a thing, then instead of putting it away like I should I'll put it down somewhere I don't normally put it. Then a few days later I need the drill and it will be sitting right beside what I need to work on.


loopywolf t1_j43f7bm wrote

Anyone here actually talk to their past-future selves?

Example of a talk to tomorrow-me: Sink full of dishes. "I know I'm not gonna wanna do these tomorrow.. but I just can't tonight." Me in the morning, "Ya, I did say I'd do them in the morning. Sucks, but yeah, I was real tired."

or Me-In-Four-Years: "Are we sure? We can't be. This is the best decision I can make right now. Whatever it is, let's be ok with it." In four years: "I remember I tried my best back then. Ok, I'll live with it."


jusmoua t1_j40i7ch wrote

RemindMe! 3 months!


Mattin20 t1_j40n2ks wrote

Tomorrow came so quickly


rozhbaiany t1_j40nm3i wrote

Nice meeseeks box reference


Live_itup t1_j40qrzj wrote



kirin_liu t1_j40wfaw wrote

Damn you yesterday! You've screwed me again!


sandr556 t1_j40xokq wrote

Ohh I think so we meet


CoupwalObiWan t1_j40xxd7 wrote

novice error: You remained long enough to understand that eventually tomorrow will become today.


Gerrut_batsbak t1_j4127qa wrote

There will always be another tomorrow.

Untill there isn't.


anal_bandit69 t1_j412vpl wrote

Ah yes. Tomorrow. The busiest day in everybody's life


Brokeoutangel1 t1_j415ecw wrote

The real point of the cartoon is tomorrow never came. He's dead.


waetherman t1_j4168ry wrote

Yesterday-waetherman is an asshole. I can’t tell you how many times he’s left me behind on a deadline, with a mountain of work just because he wanted to sit on his lazy ass and watch tv or play video games, or just sit around and do nothing at all. Worse is when he either overeats or gets drunk and I’m the one who has to deal with the extra weight or hangover. I really hate him.

Luckily, tomorrow-waetherman is very understanding and very productive, so I’m sure I can just leave things for him to deal with and he can catch up.


ChaoticEvilBobRoss t1_j416k1p wrote

But wait, James Bond clearly stated that tomorrow never dies?!


Phanno t1_j418j53 wrote

He never made it to tomorrow :O


factor3x t1_j41974d wrote

Free beer tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a lie.


jeanleonino t1_j419x9e wrote

yeah yeah yeah tomorrow comes today


dcnuuu t1_j41dni7 wrote

'Task' failed successfully.


Another_Road t1_j41dyxb wrote

That sounds like a problem for future me.


tamercloud t1_j41e4sq wrote

The next frame for me would be kicking it under the bed


hiimjc t1_j41hp49 wrote



panggio t1_j41i78t wrote

Beautiful, even works without the dialogue!


Bizerd t1_j41x6nk wrote

That guy dies today. That’s what I’m getting from this.


turkishhousefan t1_j41xl6u wrote

Past me always setting me up because he knows I can't get him.


RunInRunOn t1_j420ssm wrote

The thing I like to remember about procrastinating is that nothing ever happens unless you do it now.


rap_roundie t1_j421o2r wrote

So he thought he had tomorrow but he died?


OrionJohnson t1_j421zf0 wrote

Whenever I leave something at work to do next day I always do “that’s a problem for tomorrow me, that asshole”. Yesterday me hates me, he’s the real ass!


benangz t1_j42dhl4 wrote

Today is the new tomorrow.


juanhellou t1_j42dw09 wrote

Tomorrow Never Dies (nor Does)


SomeRando18 t1_j42e5e5 wrote

It’s like that line of candy people in adventure time

“May I hold that for you sir?” “okay”

and it continues on until you have no choice but to do it in a rushed manner


Shittingboi t1_j42f9zs wrote

"Hi, my name is Tomorrow, and when this guy gives me something, I give it to Never"


Potato128 t1_j434z1j wrote

I hope not, tomorrow never comes.


Good_Act_7 t1_j435mwk wrote

happened so many times can't even count why u accept when u don't want to do it just say no or i can't do it .


Cimbomlu42 t1_j4370ll wrote

Definitely me, when I don't start a task..


Ok_Expert3629 t1_j43cf6i wrote

I don’t know about you but we have either a missing person or murder investigation on our hands now.


sinetwo t1_j43dm2r wrote



journey2xl t1_j43fan1 wrote

Why do it today? Wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come……


jaxelm t1_j43iw1x wrote

The tomorrow dude should've given it to a character named "Never"


CodenameBeans t1_j43oc95 wrote

But I thought tomorrow never dies. PIERCE BROSNAN, HAVE YOU MISLED ME?


Vocalscpunk t1_j43sifq wrote

Tomorrow me is one lazy asshole, he never gets the stuff I need done started, much less completed, before I get there!


Vlad_The_Great_2 t1_j441r7n wrote

Tomorrow will never come. Procrastination will make your life infinitely more difficult. I know because I’m procrastinating right now.


Dipsquat t1_j44bdds wrote

This is almost accurate, just missing the Mt. Everest size pile of tasks from the other tomorrows.


drownedbubble t1_j44jiu6 wrote

There are so many things that become future me’s problem.


neverano4answer t1_j44kvs6 wrote

It's better to do it today, tomorrow may never come 😆


genuinely_insincere t1_j40dpme wrote

Lazy is just an insult. You aren't meant to be working at all. Enjoy your life.


queryallday t1_j40eyin wrote


The only thing we’re meant to do is struggle, so yes, we need to work.


Promise_to_self t1_j40kj58 wrote

We are meant to struggle? What makes you think that? Ig you're religious


queryallday t1_j40krfy wrote

This isn’t a religious statement though many religions point it out.

It’s a natural state of reality.

Thinking there is more “meaning” is the religious idea.


genuinely_insincere t1_j43253v wrote

but why are you even on r/getmotivated if you're just going to say things like this whenever someone says something motivational


queryallday t1_j43asj0 wrote

Telling people not to work because they aren’t “meant” to isn’t motivating.