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No_Sir_3600 t1_j45tvsx wrote

Hi. I have run a marathon in the past. You need recovery days. You need days where you're NOT working out, or you will wear your body out and start to break down before the marathon date.

Marathons are about PACE. If you try to work out every day, you will wear yourself out and not even make it to the race date.

I admire your motivation, but you need to calm down a bit or you won't reach this goal.


sandee_eggo t1_j45xaig wrote

Yes- I tried to do a brief work out every day last year but my foot started hurting, so I had to stop for months. Also, how do people know you’re not just lying and saying you are working out when you’re actually not? Seems like video would be proof. Those things said, I admire your willingness to start being accountable- you’ve obviously experienced some procrastination in life that you’re ready to be done with. Power on!


themodernmanhustle t1_j45u6w8 wrote

Totally agree and understand. The expectation is absolutely not to run everyday. Been there years ago when I was doing 1/2s, hurt myself, no thanks. If I spend 5 mins on a rest day stretching out a tight muscle, that counts for me.