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Mysteroo t1_j46mq0h wrote

Eh, I think this quote is fine in that he isn't talking about X-rays. He's talking about light bulbs, right? It's not to give a license for recklessness, but to stave off discouragement with an optimistic perspective on seemingly fruitless work.

If asked about X-rays, I'd like to think he would agree that he failed when he got someone killed.


Lost_vob t1_j493fqm wrote

These people always bring up Edison failings with x-ray as if Marie Curie didn't exist. Her notebooks are still a health hazard! They're kept in lead boxes! If Edison was a failure, then so was Nobel prize winner Marie Curie.


kingtitusmedethe4th t1_j4dmapk wrote

Many inventors went back and invented some of the things he "prooved would not work"

The quote is as bad as the dudes morality.