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lupuscapabilis t1_j47kwde wrote

Wait until you find out that Disney movies aren't made by Walt Disney


HappyHighwayman t1_j47l7w5 wrote

He’s been dead since 1966 clearly he still makes all the movies.

What do you think people think 20th century fox movies are made by a fox?


pixel-painter t1_j46ri9t wrote

Seems like a list of things that others falsely attributed solely to him, rather than him taking credit.


HappyHighwayman t1_j46ryik wrote

Do a little research, he has a poor reputation today. People know he exaggerated stole and lied. If that's what motivates you, so be it.


JockeyFullaBourbon t1_j46wyk7 wrote

His name on the patents put the lie to “other people falsely attributed them” to his greedy, theiving a$$…


ChainmailleAddict t1_j46xlu6 wrote

Could you just admit you're wrong and move on instead of engaging in bad-faith BS that makes you look stupid? Guy was an idea stealer, that's not debatable.


king_anon1492 t1_j47mhue wrote

It’s certainly not, but there is nuance there the general public struggles to understand. Edison definitely had a degree of acumen himself and was skilled at implementing projects, notably electrical lighting. Shame he couldn’t get past his own greed to work in good faith with tesla, who knew AC was superior to DC


ChainmailleAddict t1_j480ks6 wrote

I really didn't expect that tbh. That makes him better than the modern one.


Ryangel0 t1_j473xmz wrote

I'm sorry you had to find out your idol was a bad dude this way. Best to keep an open mind though, it's what Edison would have wanted.