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Lost_vob t1_j48zhbn wrote

He didn't invent the electric chair either. He was hired by the State of New York to research if the electric chair was a more humane alternative to hanging. Some dentist guy invented it.


Elipses_ t1_j49aj9k wrote

Damn! Bamboozled by Edison again!

Edit: some quick and dirty research brings up that it was indeed a Dentisr guy who invented the chair. Edison did apparently quietly finance its creation though, on the condition it used AC.

Also found out the Dentist was from Buffalo, the city I live in the area of. This is... odd to think about.


Lost_vob t1_j49myo7 wrote

Well, it had to use AC. No one is worried about their toddlers shoving forks in battery ports, but wall sockets are a different story entirely.