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Lost_vob t1_j491wtc wrote

>"The meeting with Edison was a memorable event in my life. I was amazed at this wonderful man who, without early advantages and scientific training, had accomplished so much." -excerpt from "My Inventions" By Nikola Tesla

Tesla was team Edison.


Sahim63 t1_j4bj7p0 wrote

Tesla was team Edison until Tesla saw who Edison really was.


Lost_vob t1_j4bkco5 wrote

This was written after that happened. But I guess the internet memes you read make you more of an Expert than Tesla.


Sahim63 t1_j4de9ua wrote

Well, now I'm even more on Tesla's side. Seeing how Edison wronged Tesla and yet Tesla was generous enough to not bad-mouth him in his autobiography (which I'm yet to confirm, I'll give it a read) goes to show what kind of a man Tesla truly was. Yet Edison wronged him.


Lost_vob t1_j4ej9hi wrote

That's just it, Edison didn't wrong Tesla. This is a complete fabrication. Those entire thing exists to be clickbait. Two things people love: underdog tails and esoteric knowledge we don't learn in school. This fictional account of events offers both, so it's very popular. But it's not true.