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Tesla-Punk3327 t1_j4anmps wrote

Ik it wasn't Edison directly, but Edison was still his employer. The diary was Tesla's. Bachelor was the manager at the time, under Edison. Again what were you suggesting with the "he didn't realize until 25 years later" remark? Unless you assumed I believed it was a falling out with Edison directly; I knew it wasn't already, but American business was still exploitative of inventors such as Tesla, in favour of profits.


Lost_vob t1_j4ao9u6 wrote

American businesses? Buddy, this Amero-centric worldview is part of your problem here. The idea that things like current "wars" and exploitive business practices bring things Tesla wasn't use to is bullshit. This was the era that the Congo Free State existed in ffs!


Tesla-Punk3327 t1_j4artww wrote

It isn't America- centric. Westinghouse vs Edison was a dispute between businesses, in a laissez-faire economy, in the US. I'm not saying Tesla wasn't used to it, I'm saying he was against it. As many were. People weren't docile to this, nor were they internationally.