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AlternativeAardvark6 t1_j46s9k7 wrote

Past me got me fat and tired, I hope future me finds the power to do something about it.


Not_ToBe_Rude_But t1_j48blid wrote

I suffer from bouts of depression, and I can assure you you have it in you. Sometimes you literally have to drag yourself, kicking and screaming, to make the changes. If you wait until you want to do it, it will never happen. You have to force yourself at metaphorical gunpoint.


LiveFastDieFast t1_j49m0ji wrote

Yep. Action will almost always create motivation. Motivation out of nowhere is rare.

What helps too is breaking the task down into tiny steps, and convincing yourself to do just one tiny step. Once that’s complete, it’s easier to be motivated to do the next step and so on.

Example: let’s say you need to do the dishes. Convince yourself to wash just one plate. After all, one is better than none right? Once that’s done, your brain will be like “ well shit, my hands are already wet, sponge already has soap, might as well clean one more dish.” Next thing you know you’ve done all the dishes, and are motivated to go clean even more stuff


Worost t1_j4aivqg wrote

But then what if I promise myself to only do that 1 dish I only really feel motivated to do that 1 dish and afterwards I just don't want to do anymore dishes and I stop doing the dishes?

This is an actual serious question no joke I would like to know


AgnesBrowns3rdNipple t1_j4anfzx wrote

Then you washed one dish.

One dish is infinitely more dishes than zero dishes.

While it doesn't seem like much, the act of starting the thing is harder than doing the thing


Alpakasus t1_j4ajbr8 wrote

I start doing shit and in the process I'm like OK this could be done and now I cleaning my whole apartment. It's hard to start and hard to stop.


TaikaJamppa t1_j4azni3 wrote

For me it’s hard to start and keep going… but I love my mom for helping out, even if I tell her I can handle it… Yes, I’m a grown up, live alone, and my mom does the cleaning every once in a while, unless I have done it (that’s yet to happen).

I used to do cleaning as a job, somehow never did at home…


Trivi4 t1_j4amb6l wrote

Then that's fine, but it's not how it usually works. We humans tend to go on autopilot on certain tasks.


61114311536123511 t1_j4asd98 wrote

Then you've achieved what you aimed for and you can be proud of yourself! Be patient, you can improve over time, one dish at a time. No beating yourself up, you got up and did SOMETHING and that means later you can do it again!

I believe in you :)


Daiontearose t1_j4avia6 wrote

Have done this and just stopped. No energy is no energy, sometimes it's just not up for bargain.

But. You might also think about making systematic changes to make things easier for "future you". For eg, switch to paper plates and throw it out when done, no washing. It feels so dumb, but if it gets things done without stressing you out, then it works, right? (And anyway, you don't have to commit to them. Just put a stack of paper plates in the house to use or not use whenever you feel like it).

Apply this to the rest of housework (ie- anything menial that you can simplify/throw out). Save your limited energy for the important difficult things you really can't avoid (family, bosses, studies, etc).


LilGazpacho t1_j4aho5p wrote

I appreciate reading this. Sometimes I have to kick and scream my way out of bed.


W1seWarrior t1_j47ar4i wrote

Believe in yourself this reply won't maybe mean much to you, but i hope you know that you can do it!


Carrotfloor t1_j47o0it wrote

Past me was an asshole to me, so i'm going to pay it forward and be an asshole to future me


W1seWarrior t1_j48eldb wrote

You don't even have to take my advice i don't like either where im at in life, lets just forgive ourselves everyone makes mistakes that's just life, but we still have this present moment to make our future self proud.


iTanooki t1_j49qkto wrote

You know how you can really show Future-You who's the boss? Get a tattoo on your face. There's nothing Future-You can do to stop Present-You!


fxx_255 t1_j488k18 wrote

Past me sometimes gets black out drunk and I have to deal with the consequences, which are painful and sometimes embarrassing.

But every now on then, he leaves me some pizza or tacos, and sometimes the dishwasher was loaded and run.

He and I, well, we've come to an understanding.


AVahne t1_j49s36r wrote

Future me keeps.making future plans to eat fast food and not exercise, so fuck future me.


Physical_Terror t1_j4a6j9h wrote

Stop eating late at night by eating just a bit less late at night. This is a projection that may help you but it helps me so... yay?


niziou t1_j4aisk3 wrote

I think that present you have to do something about it ;)


brrraaaiiins t1_j4avjqt wrote

Past me smoked, drank in excess, was in a dysfunctional long-term relationship, and dropped out of grad school. Fortunately, past me also quit smoking, cut the alcohol waaay back, left the relationship, met the perfect person, and went back to grad school and got a PhD. Now, future me will have much better health, will grow old with the love of my life, and will be set up to retire reasonably comfortably. There’s always time for change.


APlayerHater t1_j4700va wrote

Future me never does any of the things I ask him to. Personally I don't want to do that guy any favors.


smelborp_ynam t1_j49k99f wrote

I always say past me is a dick and leaves me tons of shit to do but future me is awesome so I leave it for him to do and I’ve never heard a complaint.


doorrace t1_j4886zr wrote

I never even met the guy why should I go out of my way for him


Shaminahable t1_j47327o wrote

ADHD me doesn't give a shit about past me, present me or future me.


Zero_Burn t1_j47rqpa wrote

My brain doesn't even grasp the passage of time, there is only present me and present me hates present me.


2hamsters1butt t1_j4akhd4 wrote

Sounds like hell. I hope you go to a better place when you die.


Kimataifa t1_j48dfja wrote

I think about this when I'm exercising. When I feel exhausted, and don't want to pull that final rep or run that last mile, I think to myself that there's a future where you put in the work, and a future where you didn't. In which one would I prefer to exist?

9 out of 10 times, I go for it.


thassung t1_j4b1d8l wrote

I go to the gym every 2 days. I just go now so I can rest guilt-free tomorrow.


gnosis2737 t1_j471mf5 wrote

Future Me is a fucking asshole. I hate that guy. Almost as much as I hate Past Me.


TievX0r t1_j471wxu wrote

Future me threatens to slap the shit out of myself if I don't get up and clean my house.

I live in constant fear of that guy, he's fucking crazy.


Zero_Burn t1_j47rkn7 wrote

One day time travel will be invented and Past Me's gonna get the shit knocked out of him.


SigurdCole t1_j475lop wrote

This is absolutely how I motivate myself to do chores. Including occasionally passing things forward to future me when I don't have the gumption today.


hungrydruid t1_j498scj wrote


I have a trick with this though, oftentimes my issue is just starting and not dreading the chore. So I say to myself, 'okay, this is too much for right now. This is going to be future-me's problem... so what's one quick thing I can do to make it easier for future me?' and then I do a little chunk of it which not only reminds me to finish it later, but since I've already started it's magically easier to wrap my head around it. =)


SigurdCole t1_j49ct0z wrote


I often frame things in "is there going to be a better time to do this?", or "am I ever going to want to do this more?" If not, I may as well dig in.

Also, recognizing the time I freed up afterwards is super gratifying.


asianclooney t1_j488okl wrote

I do this. I work in IT and sometimes I forget all the things I do and rediscover work I have done. However, I will find it and think to myself, "wow, thus was done really well and and I don't have to do anything." Or, "This issue would be easy to solve if someone had done this in the past" and find that I have already done exactly that. I am proud of past me in those moments.


alurkerhere t1_j4aceeq wrote

I like when I look back at my READMEs, and they layout exactly what to do; I am sure to have forgotten the exact steps.


ElvisDumbledore t1_j46vw7w wrote

This used to work for me. Now future me is like, "nah fam, just rest yo self."


RunInRunOn t1_j47l6c8 wrote

Future me is like "relax bro I got this" then when it's actually time for him to do it he flakes out


blurplethenurple t1_j471q1p wrote

But future me is the one that keeps making a mess


Slobbadobbavich t1_j47d7zn wrote

You have to get drunk, do all the jobs, go to bed in a blur then wake up thinking the house is gonna be a mess but past you did all the work.


MafiaMommaBruno t1_j49khuu wrote

I have ADHD and have to move my entire apartment out in 10 days. Wish me luck. I haven't really even started.


unlikeyourhero t1_j47a0qe wrote

Fuck past me, he's never going to complain about it after the fact.


[deleted] t1_j47enno wrote

I live by this. “Do what ‘future me’ will thank me for one day.”


[deleted] t1_j47t1f3 wrote

Present me is grateful to past me for not doing anything and in that way meaning I have energy cause I'm well rested.


MacduffFifesNo1Thane t1_j49tcum wrote

But what if I hate Current Me, Past Me, and Future Me?


swimseven t1_j6bjq7x wrote

Then you gotta work on that first. Trust me, I'm trying to get there myself.


embarrassed_error365 t1_j476rjj wrote

Sometimes I let future me handle it. Sometime future me is thankful I did it


Corundrom t1_j484ko3 wrote

Fuck future me, he's an asshole and never around


Baers89 t1_j492utz wrote

Past me needs to get his life together.


Meykel t1_j49363s wrote

I love doing this, its a small act of love towards yourself and it helps in doing things you are not particularly motivated for because you aren't doing it for yourself, your doing it "for someone else". Great for creating positive habits! Just remember to thank past self!


sordidcandles t1_j493qep wrote

This is how I usually motivate myself to clean, yep. I say: you’ll like it so much more tomorrow when you wake up and make coffee in a clean kitchen!


Chipbread t1_j49cw65 wrote

Fuck Future-Me! I'm gonna kill that guy!


StarMage67 t1_j49f0ku wrote

Hello future u/Chipbread, did past chip kill you?


Grushvak t1_j49h64g wrote

Future me is an ungrateful asshole, I'm just going to dump all my chores on him.


ASideKick t1_j49hvj4 wrote

I’m this exact way when I have a delicious meal but save half for later.


LandMooseReject t1_j49jmlb wrote

Future me has hated me since he started gaining weight


I-LIKE-NAPS t1_j49r2yv wrote

This is my biggest motivator for cleaning, organizing, etc.


jimmyjon111 t1_j49srrc wrote

Present me hates past me and future me, like they just won’t shut up


npsimons t1_j49vw4k wrote

True self-love, and self-care when followed through.


MimeGod t1_j49yk93 wrote

Future me? What has he ever done for me?!


kain52002 t1_j4a2hdf wrote

Future me is gonna get lazy an spoiled because I do all his chores.


rogahs t1_j4a5bda wrote

As a therapist I actually try to use this language at times. Helping clients think about "future them" is really important. Oftentimes things like AD/HD get in the way of our brains ability to visualize or process that a future version of myself suffers from today's actions or lack thereof. Love this!


HeyPinkiePie t1_j4a5k75 wrote

I do this the opposite way. It's future me problem, screw that guy. Then future me hates past me, and present me is in flux.
I should probably get some help.


fetal_mistake t1_j4afy23 wrote

But present you is the only one who does what you want, right? Let the rest of those b*tches deal with their own problems.


GoodPointSir t1_j4a8ls1 wrote

Future me never does anything for past me, and blames past me for not doing more. I hate future me.


fetal_mistake t1_j4afpzh wrote

Hey, same here! Present me is lazy AF but she's the only one who does what I want when I want, so screw everyone else.


MeteoraPsycho t1_j4a9v9z wrote

nah, future-me can go f*ck herself :D


Robohammer t1_j4aoh28 wrote



Ganre t1_j4aoye6 wrote

Future me is sooooo tired of my shit.


MadFameCellGames t1_j4c46ym wrote

This post reminds be of a greentext where op is entering his room with a plate of food. He yeets it at the wall after realizing that it will be future hims problem.

OP then proceeds to sit on the bed and masterbate furiously to the thought of cucking his future self.


NearbyDark3737 t1_j47nzgl wrote

Okay I love this for low motivation days just not for sick days


tallperson117 t1_j47qcdx wrote

Future me? Meh fuck that guy, what's he ever done for me? Greedy sumbitch.


DefconTrump17 t1_j47u1ce wrote

This is how you develop multiple personality disorder.


Random35yo t1_j47uhzy wrote

But if he truly loves me, I'm sure he'll understand why I couldn't do it.


SuperUai t1_j47yb7f wrote

Future me hates me, fuck him.


collapsible_squid t1_j48c3wd wrote

Future you sucks, he puts in none of the effort and somehow still gets to reap all the benefits of your hard work


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j48dmwl wrote

I hate future me.

Almost as much as I hate past me. Fuck that guy.

Future me: know that I lash out at you because of the abuse I suffer at the hands of past me.


Sitraka17 t1_j48fqos wrote

Hooo that's a sweet one


coffeecupcakes t1_j48jrqh wrote

Nah, it's future me's problem to deal with.


SovFist t1_j48lo9c wrote

I've had conversations with future me and past me and all 3 of us agree we suck.


danuser8 t1_j48pwx7 wrote

Future Me: why did you clean the room dummy? It’ll get dirty again.


oowet t1_j48qruj wrote

Is there a name for this style of meme? Seeing more of them recently and it's a noticeable style.


Xercies_jday t1_j48scr3 wrote

Yeah but Future Future me will have to deal with a mess again, because it always get’s untidy again


Valdestrate t1_j48sjg5 wrote

Future me is an asshole. Jokes on him though, gonna ruin his life!


CesareBach t1_j48soum wrote

Im so thankful of past me. Back in Nov last year, I did a lot of work. Now I have to have 1 month leave, and I feel so stressed free.


umassmza t1_j48tbf4 wrote

This is why I pound water before and during drinking alcohol. Future me is my pal.



I mostly borrow from future me. But I put it to good use. He'll get it back with interest, I swear.


durntaur t1_j4903jc wrote

I use this exercise all the time. I teach it to my kids, it's a great way to frame responsibility and build work ethic.


DDman70 t1_j491jva wrote

Future-me will never arrive


cashewbiscuit t1_j497p92 wrote

I'll be like, my back hurts, past-me, you asshole


warjoke t1_j499wcl wrote

Now this is a good motivation


Dalek-Thal t1_j49a7ka wrote

Nah, fuck future-me. He's had it out for me ever since I started putting on weight


Asmodeojung t1_j49ginj wrote

Future me: hey, you gave to do the laundry!

Present me:,nah, too lazy. Ask someone else.

Future me: ok. Hey, future-future me...


phasexero t1_j49gki9 wrote

I was thinking about that today when I was doing something at work. Its a special reoccurring project that is only assigned to me. I've put a lot of time into it so far, and because of that, keeping it updated is pretty fast and easy nowadays. For the most part.

But today I was catching up after having not done it since mid November when my computer had to be overhauled. So I was remembering how every week used to be like this. Looking forward to getting back on track next week!

Take care of future you, but also know when current you needs to rest and recuperate instead of push.


l0u1s11 t1_j49kddn wrote

I do this to but sometimes drunk me comes out to fuck everything up.


LupinClickTerror t1_j49ntgr wrote

I love this. I do so much for others and if I only thought about my future me that way, I'd do more!


zekethelizard t1_j49qsew wrote

Lmao big unfotunate flaw, future me?? That guys an asshole, he's on his own.


RosemaryPardon t1_j49sydi wrote

I have gotten through so much stuff with this way of thinking!


Wickedpoppy t1_j49z1ld wrote

This is just like when Drunk-me used to happily pay bills! Was a happy surprise the next day lol


subject7istaken t1_j4a397a wrote

This is the opposite of past me and future me


2dolla2 t1_j4a4e59 wrote

Fuck future me I hope that guy dies


Hamare t1_j4a5dwp wrote

This is so wholesome.

I love it!


Physical_Terror t1_j4a6bsr wrote

Love this! Reminded me when I would go to do some paperwork that was due and open up a chart and bam it was already done. I gave my past self a high-five right there at the nurses station.


YoungLadHuckleberry t1_j4a6q5i wrote

I just realized this is the opposite of procrastination, with procrastination basically being to not love your future-self and just give them all the work


allanrps t1_j4a6ti0 wrote

Reminds me of a guy from highschool who used to say, totally serious, "Nah fuck that, thats a problem for future Jared." That sparked some deep reflection in me lol


thndrbrd87 t1_j4a9yqm wrote

Time is a flat circle.


nightlightened t1_j4adwfs wrote

I think about this regularly when my brain is resisting doing something! I usually combine "think of how happy future me will be if I do this thing" and "come on let's just do a tiny little part of this task to get it started and if we don't feel like continuing it we can stop" (spoiler alert: once said task is underway I almost always end up following it through 'til completion, we love momentum!)


Azn-Jazz t1_j4ag6db wrote

Thank you. Going to start applying this trick right now by going to sleep.


hvdzasaur t1_j4agef8 wrote

Future me is an asshole, he keeps spending all the money I make.


Wewoo3 t1_j4amlcp wrote

Literally me tonight. Woke up at midnight couldn't fall back asleep so I washed dishes and started a load of laundry and finally folded the clean clothes in the clean laundry hamper.


Dorian1267 t1_j4apyjn wrote

I try to make a general rule to ensure the kitchen is clean before I go to bed.

Because, whenever I'm too tired and tempted to just the leave the dishes in the sink for the next day, I remind myself that 100% of the time when I clean the kitchen before going to bed, I'm glad I did it the next morning.

Never ever, in the morning and I'm making breakfast in a clean kitchen, have I wished that I just left the dishes in the sink the night before.


amillionbillion t1_j4awxzd wrote

It seems like this should be BMO from adventure time


thassung t1_j4b17tp wrote

Me every Sunday


g5vt7vr6g6ryr t1_j4b4a35 wrote

R/get motivated is a fucking loser


ds_arcanine t1_j4bcw65 wrote

Lmao I hate future almost as much as past me. If only I could do self care out of self hate.


CurvyNsexy08 t1_j4bhi4c wrote

Future me is always grateful when past "exhusted" me does help out. I know we get busy and for other mental health does pose a big struggle. Keep in mind that, we all struggle in the beginning. Beginnings are hard, yet we gotta drag ourselves at first to build the habits that will help us improve. Easier said than done, but if we don't do it ourselves, no one will. We are our own super heros. Be proud of all those baby steps you have taken alone, be proud because you decided to get up of your bed and live your life another day. The struggle is real, but you won't allow it to defeat you!


kwismexer t1_j4bhks0 wrote

My former self is always looking out for my future self.


Justaskingyouagain t1_j4brm6v wrote

Yeah me and future me have a hate, hate relationship lately 😔 but I still love the guy, past me is who needs to fuck right off 😒 making both me and future me left to pick up the pieces :/


ThisPlaceSux9 t1_j4c4cfn wrote

Nah fuck that guy he's probably more broke than me


[deleted] t1_j47vszt wrote

If you have this little executive function, you probably have a mental health disorder.