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BadArtijoke t1_j4obz8u wrote

– Wayne Gretzky

– Michael Scott


Jsimpson059 t1_j4nlfun wrote

Its kind of easy to feel that way when you are natural prodigy like Ali though lol


Tatakai_ t1_j4prf96 wrote

Maybe what made Ali a prodigy was his willpower more than anything. His mind, his faith, more than his technical talent.


Jsimpson059 t1_j4qfb7o wrote

Ali was someone who was naturally good at boxing, he practiced like hell because he wanted to be the Greatest Of All Time, and to most people he succeded. Those are two atributes that contributed to his domination of the boxing world, but they are not the same exact thing.

Many of his contemparies trained just as hard as he did, but he still beat them. Did they lose because they just didnt "try" hard enough, or because they didnt have enough "faith"?

No, they lost because they fought Muhammad Ali in his prime.


[deleted] t1_j4mv1ch wrote



peppa-pig_ t1_j4n7hiq wrote

This quote has nothing to do with religion. Sounds like your religion is being anti-religious since you feel the need to attack people based solely on their religion.