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RSwordsman t1_j4r01gv wrote

Oedipus: "You don't say."


My_Little_Pony123 t1_j4svm0o wrote

Aragorn is your man. From recluse ranger to king. Many quotes from Jung and Nietzsche that suggest this. Where there's danger, that's where your treasure can be found. Something like that.


fatkhuloff t1_j4yrzih wrote

From my understanding Nietzsche builds his theory on the concept of will and power. Like go overcome yourself and you ll get power in some form to rule dominate others. That’s the motto driving characters in his theory. Crack me if I’m wrong


1clovett t1_j4qyyqn wrote

There could almost be an entire genre of fiction dedicated to protagonists meeting their destiny while actively trying to avoid it.


Twisted2702 t1_j4xg96r wrote

DARK on Netflix has a lot of this and it’s an absolutely amazing show


[deleted] t1_j4uoxmo wrote

Watch Bullet Train. Super fun movie and talks a lot about fate.


Aikarion t1_j4s48dw wrote

My time has come. Proceeds to fade away leaving serious, unsolved problems.


tobalsan t1_j4sl05k wrote

Corollary: you often pass by destiny when you obsess on taking the roads leading to it.


Trevorblackwell420 t1_j4tsr09 wrote

I don’t think it’s possible to “pass by destiny”. It’s kinda the definition.


Njaki t1_j4skepy wrote

It is never a good idea to run away from destiny, and yet, sometimes is necessary to try, for the sake of destiny.


WillyMapleton t1_j4rougq wrote

So one avoid the road by following their destiny, which they happen to meet on the metaphorical road?

How does one interpret this?


dranaei t1_j4s44g8 wrote

What stands in the way, becomes the way.


mjl2009 t1_j4smds2 wrote

cf 'The Appointment in Samarra'


ShruteFarms4L t1_j4st042 wrote

This quote was made for me I suppose


[deleted] t1_j4ucphk wrote

You get what you expect, not what you want


thefallnn t1_j4uihoh wrote

How something can be your destiny if you never gets to have it experienced , the thing which you ultimately gets to experience is your true destiny.


UWantARefund t1_j4vcqi3 wrote

There was something that I told my DND players recently, I came with the conclusion that planning for sessions was not how I preferred to do things. Someone jokingly asked: “What even is a plan anyway?”

“A course of action that eventually gets derailed in favor of something infinitely more interesting.”

Regardless of what paths are taken in life, you will get to where you wish to be, and learn the lessons you need to learn.


fatkhuloff t1_j4yrleq wrote

This scenario is quite common for all successful movie plots. It goes:

  1. Call to adventure
  2. Threshold (sometimes also the resistance// path to avoid
  3. Transformation through challenges and temptations
  4. Revelation. Through literal of figurative death and rebirth afterward
  5. Atonement
  6. Return accompanied with various gifts

Bankroll. The end.