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Dis_Suit_Is_Blacknot t1_j728git wrote

Lol as someone who has been one of these "good" people for a long time, it's hella hard to not get bitter. As you get older, it really becomes about allocation of energy and time.


NotesForYou t1_j75m1hz wrote

Yeah but like…isn’t that the ultimate power move? Like, I don’t want the worst people I’ve met to have so much power over me. Frankly, they don’t deserve it.


soup_gorl t1_j77ibof wrote

If being a good person is making you bitter, you might want to look at what “good” means to you. It isn’t something that should leave you bitter and drained. If it is, there’s motives and/or expectations there that aren’t truly good. That’s on you to look at and be honest with yourself about.


CaptainAksh_G t1_j725z9e wrote

Being a good person doesn't mean just being kind and generous. It means to be that WHILE being cautious and careful


Modern_Devil t1_j72j375 wrote

Don’t let fear prevent you from being kind.


CaptainAksh_G t1_j72lg51 wrote

It's not fear, per se. Being cautious while being kind is good too.

Being kind with a cautious mind is important because people are willing to take advantage. You'll end up creating more problems than creating a positive mindset among others is what I'm saying.

Be kind always, but be wary of who you're being kind to


Modern_Devil t1_j748kg3 wrote

I don’t think of kindness as something where anyone can take advantage. Kindness doesn’t require an exchange. You can be kind without giving up anything and without appearing weak. You can be kind to every person the same without risking anything at all for the sake of being kind.

You should use the same caution with people that you always would. You should expect people to show you the same kindness that you show them. You should set boundaries and not tolerate disrespect. Nothing changes in this regard depending on kindness.


MercenaryBard t1_j74dt41 wrote

Bad people have changed my idea of what a good person is.

It’s not the polite smile on the sideline. It’s the angry grimace on the front line fighting for equity and Justice.


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idontsmokeheroin t1_j73hioy wrote

Walter White proved to me I can buy my son a dope car, blow it up and still watch Jane die.

All bets are off.


D-m-t24 t1_j74n1qa wrote

Much needed in this world .


pax4prez t1_j72lx6p wrote

Warm heart, cold eyes.


BeaSousa t1_j74z0d5 wrote

Thanks for that!


risuv t1_j75oubd wrote

Being a nice/good person is overemphasised, people who are nice tend to be nice. What one should tell them to be is be a fair person. Fair to themselves too.


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Blueisthecolour15 t1_j71wwau wrote

It didn’t say stop being a good person TO bad people. It says there are going to be bad people on earth regardless, but it shouldn’t change the fact that your aim should be to do good.


Rainhall t1_j71wd7l wrote

Who benefits from that? How ?


hamletswords t1_j73xbte wrote

People who only respond to power dynamics (most people on Earth) learn they can't walk all over you. This benefits you.

Keep in mind there are more clever and more effective ways to hit back than "eye for an eye" but that's the simplest way to stand up for yourself and it's easily understood and respected by most people.


Lilimaej t1_j75444l wrote

Love it!! ♥️


Terrible-Contract-83 t1_j755p7n wrote

All it got me was pain😭but yeah I’ll still be myself and be good to others


Jgabes625 t1_j75pcsd wrote

Never stop letting people not help.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j762sh9 wrote

Never stop being a bad person because of good people.


CaptainAksh_G t1_j7260bj wrote

Being a good person doesn't mean just being kind and generous. It means to be that WHILE being cautious and careful


Tahoeclown t1_j73j5c7 wrote

Where does “snitches get stitches” fit in?


yoinktomyyeet t1_j75xy4t wrote

it’s a good rule to follow. you need trust between inner circles 🤷


Tahoeclown t1_j7amzce wrote

Just excusing the “bad people” in your circle. Then we expect the people in power to be different. Seems pretty naive.


yoinktomyyeet t1_j7aozro wrote

well not snitching doesn’t directly mean excusing bad people. you deal with your bad people yourself in the first place. no one wants to draw attention or be in bad blood with something else


Tahoeclown t1_j7aqw30 wrote

Well guess nobody will do anything about bad people then 🤷🏼‍♂️


xyzface t1_j75q1gu wrote

Is that hasbullah holding the sign?