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joemondo t1_j72qr90 wrote

What an abysmally designed graphic.


yadavhimanshu961 OP t1_j725qiw wrote

Here's a classic quote to inspire you to face your fears:

> "Feel the fear and do it anyway." - Susan Jeffers

This quote reminds us that fear is a natural human emotion, but it doesn't have to stop us from pursuing our goals and dreams. By acknowledging our fears and taking action despite them, we can build confidence and overcome our limitations.


Verias83 t1_j73ryep wrote

First Encounter Assault Recon


Moonshadetsuki t1_j73xvhs wrote

Fantastic expectations, amazing revelations

Final execution and resurrection

Free expression as revolution

Finding everything and realizing

You got the fear


Darnell5000 t1_j73lmnr wrote

Fear does have two meanings technically

As a noun - an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

As a verb - be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.


Javamac8 t1_j73tpr2 wrote

Fuck everything, ami right?


zebrahdh t1_j73ib2m wrote

Take that, grizzly bear.


whatisalurker t1_j74ccoz wrote

I always told it meant: False Expectations Appearing Real and has helped me get through many situations I felt overwhelmed with fear going into.


Modern_Devil t1_j74fdsn wrote

Don’t fear the R.E.A.P.E.R. because acronyms are just made up, just like the Reaper.


thecwestions t1_j74mgau wrote

False Dichotomy. Someone has never had a class in argumentation.


cstmoore t1_j74w3zl wrote

F*ck Everything And Relax


Threezeley t1_j755qkr wrote

Fart Every Afternoon, Ron.
Feed Emmental to Affectionate Rodents.
Fudge Eaters Always Reminisce.


Miliaa t1_j7593f8 wrote

Face everything and cry. Forget everything and function


Pudding_Hero t1_j75k0hz wrote

Demonstrate value.

Engage physically.

Nurture dependence.

Neglect emotionally.

Inspire hope.

Separate entirely.


flyden1 t1_j7fe46g wrote

Fuck Everything And Rage


Bakaba t1_j7x1s99 wrote

I looked up and it doesn't have 2 meanings, but 4:

1 a : an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger
b(1) : an instance of this emotion
(2) : a state marked by this emotion

2 : anxious concern : solicitude

3 : profound reverence and awe especially toward God

4 : reason for alarm : danger