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ManBearPigAlive007 t1_j72iei2 wrote

I disagree with this.


Caveman108 t1_j74lv3d wrote

Yeah I’ve tried this and it’s a great way to get treated like a doormat by people who are confidently wrong.


MorbidandBack t1_j74hn0k wrote

I hold the same disagreeing opinion. Objective truth is what matters. No one should want to live in a delusional world.

With that being said, you can be correct and convey that in a kind manner. If the person is wrong and you are right, it will come out in due time. Some people just have to learn the hard way. The objective truth is always revealed… eventually.


Own_Comment t1_j75dc3n wrote

Eh, there’s often a ‘to what purpose’ component to that objective truth bit. Some fights aren’t worth fighting, and there is plenty of benefit in harmless delusion for many a hard life. Any attempt to bring objective truth in some instances is inherently unkind. It’s when those delusions begin to have an negative impact that the conversation can start.


ElVenadoHostil t1_j77ahwk wrote

"Truth" Is not an object that you can see and define, what we percieve to be true changes with time as we evolve, we are limited by our counciousness and the tools that we use to interact with the world, some times the truth is that the world is flat untill a New tool allow us to understand our surroundings better so we reach a New truth, and some truths are only applicable in their realm of study.