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reddittheguy t1_j76sxdq wrote

I'll tell you what isn't holding that dude back. Gravity.


ACrucialTech t1_j77tevw wrote

Combined with the new levitating ladder. Nothing is stopping this man. He needs to start a tree trimming business.


warrant2k t1_j78orgx wrote

Besides the 1981 font and the extra supports for the green branches, I have no idea what's going on.


37214 t1_j7aa6zx wrote

No way he is cutting those thick branches with hand loppers, either.


rob51i03 t1_j76suuj wrote

That's good in the context of examining and removing self-destructive behaviors. Or maybe decluttering a closet.

Not so good in the context of empathy and compassion for others.


ricked_ways t1_j77nij1 wrote

For real. Sometimes you just gotta deal with it, you're not always gonna love the people you love.


Creek00 t1_j7873x7 wrote

Yeah I hate the attitude off dumping friends just because they’re going through some shit, they can be in a terrible place for years, if you let them lean on you a little you might have earned yourself someone who would die for you once they’ve recovered.


soup_gorl t1_j78cmkp wrote

where do you hear people insisting others dump their friends who are going through a hard time? i wouldnt ever consider a friend whose struggling to be someone whos no longer serving me. i think those are two very different things.


merchillio t1_j7b332u wrote

The trick is to be able to see the difference between friends who are temporarily in a bad place and friends who are toxic but that you are keeping because of the sink cost fallacy. And sometimes, the survival of the friendship requires to take a step back for a while.


First_Foundationeer t1_j78zxko wrote

Not so good? Sometimes, you need to make it so that the people you love are in different roles in your life to preserve that love.

And sometimes, you need to cut out dipshits in your life because you may have been conditioned to love your abuser, but it's probably best for you to cut them out.


sarvaga t1_j79ket2 wrote

Yeah I don’t really resonate with this mindset. Even when it comes to your own habits and behaviors, toxic or not, it’s not like you can just magically cut them out and remove them. Maybe some, but for the most part it takes tremendous acceptance and self-compassion and patience before healing and transformation happens. And it feels like moving toward a pattern with love and tenderness more than cutting it out and throwing it away.

Just my two cents.


teddy5011 t1_j796em8 wrote

Well said. It all depends on the context.


lolpostslol t1_j79sajg wrote

Yeah in order to actually form meaningful connections with other people, it would be much more productive to burn down the tree so you’d have a huge fire and call your neighbors to look at it because fire is cool. Then you’d also probably meet lots of friends in jail.


ChondroArt t1_j76y4ez wrote

Dave couliey has a floating ladder. He’s doing better than me.


MyVoiceIsElevating t1_j77k810 wrote

I’m here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away.


ChondroArt t1_j78qork wrote

Ahhh. I know where this is going. Would she go down on you in a theater? 😆 cut-it-ouuut. Lol


Madogu t1_j792jzl wrote

Came to the comments for this specific reference.

Dave Coulier has entered the chat.


PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE t1_j7793tv wrote

Every time I see "if it no longer serves you" I can't help but think how egotistical and narcissistic that sounds.


toddangit t1_j77bbbf wrote

Very much so. Context is really important for blanket statements like this.


PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE t1_j77qeml wrote

What I always think when I see this is that people think of themselves as the "main character" and that they have no use for people who don't "serve them." It's completely backward to how I would like to be able to approach life. Sure, cut out toxic people if you need to, but if someone isn't "serving your needs," it doesn't make them makes you selfish.


Symbiotx t1_j78ml1p wrote

Why does that have to be egotistical? If things aren't good for you, you SHOULD evaluate if they belong in your life.


PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE t1_j78vy9n wrote

Because it implies that everything around you is supposed to be for you? That's not how life works, at all, except for people who view themselves as more important than others around them.

Plus, like someone else said, "serving you" is different from "good for you."


TootsNYC t1_j773gdr wrote

I had a golden pothos plant that I tended to under water. I noticed that it would pick one leaf to abandon; it would turn yellow and brown, and all the other leaves would stay green it was a lesson in prioritizing.


hamandjam t1_j780h6y wrote

Did It also eventually turn into a lesson about proper watering or is the plant still subject to the whims of The Leafslayer?


TootsNYC t1_j781oe9 wrote

Well, it turned into a lesson on whether I should own plants at all.


not_an_mistake t1_j797fbb wrote

I’m glad plants can’t talk. They would be begging for my mercy daily


TootsNYC t1_j7988oj wrote

I have called myself the plant torturer. I neglect them, then I water them and bring them back from the brink, then I neglect them again


Turdplay t1_j7a7c8p wrote

Wow, you sound like my marriage counselor.


atalossofwords t1_j7842el wrote

My Monstera did this. Funnily enough, the dying leaves also had a certain amount of pests on it. Healthy ones were clean. Turns out it was just overgrowing itself; leaves at the back were in its own shadow, not catching enough light andwere discarded. Thing was a monster.


Higira t1_j77vn24 wrote

I honestly believe this is what psychopaths do. You have responsibilities even if they don't serve you anymore. Your bratty child doesn't listen, doesn't work, doesn't give. So cut him/her off. Family doesn't feed, house, or educate you anymore. So cut them off. Friends who have been with you through thick and thin, but they have a family now so they can't serve you anymore. So cut then off.

Wtf dude?


UmYeahMaybe t1_j78ytz3 wrote

You seem to have inferred it might be advice on how to treat people, but it’s a vague statement that doesn’t in anyway refer to personal relationships. It resonated with me because I have been at my current job too long and it’s holding me back and I’ve been hesitant to let go.


alex281 t1_j77cqdo wrote

I thought I was in r/OSHA for a second…


0xWednesdei t1_j774axc wrote

That will teach the insolent tree! Do thy masters bidding you raggedy, splintered excuse of a flora specimen!

Trees just want one thing and it’s disgusting.


rembi t1_j77js5r wrote

All the local trees are after my sunlight. Pigs!


Electricalbigaloo7 t1_j77ec3k wrote

My child refuses to do chores for me anymore. Time to CUT. THEM. OUT!


[deleted] t1_j78ne3o wrote

What kind of fucked up message is this?


StonedApeGod t1_j7a85mc wrote

One way to look at it is cutting out toxic relationships

Stay in school pls


MinnieShoof t1_j7ai4w4 wrote

Another way to look at it is leave people who need you in the dust if you don't need them. The message is perceived as positive because it's on r/GetMotivated but for people who have been abandoned by parents, spouses or companies the whole "Does It Spark Joy?" crowd is a bit self-centered tone deaf.

Stay in school and please learn that there's often two sides to a story.


StarPunchMan t1_j7794ij wrote

For me, I'm working on not trying to be everyone's friend. I'm lucky that my friend group is large, but there are friends of friends that don't like me, and I waisted time trying to get them to like me.


mjfjfhfhfh t1_j7987ax wrote

I feel like this is the Instagram motivational garbage that leads to very self centered people becoming very aggressive and toxic with entitlement. My gut tells me that the people who would interpret this in a healthy way and the people who need to hear this are unlikely to have very much overlap in the Ben diagram of life.


ODSTsRule t1_j78ew7w wrote

That sounds like a sociopathic advice when it comes to human interaction.


Middle_Rate3502 t1_j77hno3 wrote

My family wasn't giving me food/money/shelter anymore so I CUT them out ! Let's Go grinders.


FLORI_DUH t1_j77kss4 wrote

Forget trying to improve it, modify it, deal with it, or understand it better, just cut out everything and everyone that's even midly inconvenient and your resulting life will be so much better.


HeatAndHonor t1_j77rat3 wrote

Specifically talking about pruning trees, every cut has a purpose. Only prune 1/4 of the canopy per growing season.


xbuzzbyx t1_j77ys3q wrote

Is this a promotional poster for eugenics?


MrMaskYT t1_j79fsrr wrote

Sounds narcissist is some way


AstroStrat89 t1_j79fyj9 wrote

I was a branch on the tree for a little while. Then I got laid off two weeks ago.


sloppyredditor t1_j76x2ur wrote

And yell BONSAIIIIII!! So people will treat you like you’re in a Mentos commercial and let you get away with weird & slightly rude shit.


QuackAddictedDuck t1_j77oq8y wrote

This looks like a really dark alternate ending to Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”.


obtk t1_j783zcl wrote

If done properly pruning tends to be a net benefit to the tree, so they're just trying to help them out!


parthvader4 t1_j77qyn8 wrote

i read this in Dave Coulier’s voice


EarCummers t1_j77uq5w wrote

aight cutting off my friend, she don lemme smash


Icedoverblues t1_j7857kl wrote

Yeah grandma! You no longer serve me so frick right off!


mnij2015 t1_j78tc8m wrote

Terrible advice


ATIR-AW t1_j78u9l8 wrote

Might want to elaborate on that one...


TacoRockapella t1_j79hksy wrote

Cutting bad friends out of my life was one of the best things I did for myself.


Hike_Maggar t1_j79je9l wrote

I know this is well intended but this is a great way to reenforce sociopathic/psychopathic behavior. It's kind of a fucked up message.

I see the super small context in the corner and it says healing so it must be good...

I see I'm not the only person in the thread that sees this.


fatbunyip t1_j7791z0 wrote

This is some amazing tiktok level life advice but in crappy image form.


redditknees t1_j77h5k4 wrote

Some people don’t have a ladder, or cutters for that matter.


Honigschmidt t1_j77lzkr wrote

Internal dialog Dave Coulier had when breaking up with Alanis Morissette


Sonyguyus t1_j77yg59 wrote

Is that tree made out of…..WOOD?!


monstrinhotron t1_j7838o7 wrote

Use the correct tools for the job in hand!

Is a better intepretation of this image.


eightfingeredtypist t1_j784p20 wrote

This should be an inspirational poster glued to all tree trimmer's trucks, by law, with penalties for not doing it.


[deleted] t1_j78ak7s wrote

Nice message but I can’t get over that ladder


bar9nes t1_j78fzfn wrote

Don’t think my Gf would be happy if I throw the cats away


Class59cm t1_j78n69g wrote

Anyone remember Lorena Bobbitt?


Clay_2000lbs t1_j79l2qn wrote

This is terrible, toxic advice.


IntRStedVisitR t1_j79pacp wrote

Thought this was a PSA for Austin, TX leadership. Downed trees shouldn’t be forcing people to live without power for days.


sluffman t1_j79s1z2 wrote



MyCatsNameisGibson t1_j79vajh wrote

Oh wow my diagnosed PTSD is gone now! Thanks platitudes 🤩


MinnieShoof t1_j7ahvon wrote

I'll tell you what that man cut out - half his suit.


Takeheart13 t1_j7ap61d wrote

Bob Newhart told you to STOP IT!


CursesSailor t1_j7aqwaq wrote

None of those rules apply to topiary.


Healthybabee t1_j7c16qr wrote

credit the designer. @toastedbyeli on instagram


quadmasta t1_j7cixhk wrote

Dave Coulier has entered the chat

Looks like that ladder is made of wood


[deleted] t1_j77xxhc wrote

Is this the same for people? Like, long standing relationships that have become stale?


yourmentalhealthpal t1_j77io74 wrote

Negative thoughts and emotions are something we all must cut it out of our lives.!