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tbcartee t1_j7a1eoz wrote

Changing my daughter’s first poopy diaper. :)


gingerbreadvagina1 t1_j7ds67t wrote

I’ve got two boys, 4 and 1. The 4 year old has autism and he’s still not got pooping in the potty so I’m changing him still and the one year old yeah. He’s got a way to go and we still want one more boy lol


liana0504 t1_j7a16i6 wrote

Wow. That hit hard. I didn't know I needed that. Thankyou!!

Best part was getting in some awesome training and learning new skills to make me feel more confident at my job!! I kicked ass!!

I hope your day was great!!


Fast_Ad7959 OP t1_j7a2vi7 wrote

That’s amazing that you’re feeling so fulfilled with your job! Best of luck to you :)


ChapppySays t1_j7a0q2h wrote

Love this image - I saved it on my phone. Best part of my day was the shower I just took! Proud of us for making it through today.


aita_about_my_dad t1_j79rc9l wrote

Starting back on a painting im in the middle of, you? Thanks


Fast_Ad7959 OP t1_j79rh11 wrote

took a walk since the sun came out for the first time in a few weeks. felt wonderful. good luck on your painting!


Pindrikke t1_j7ac4t1 wrote

My day just started dude


sneaky_squirrel t1_j7a2nw4 wrote

I could kill for these kinds of posters.

I have not, nor will I ever kill anyone, so no reason for alarm.


Curugon t1_j7a7se9 wrote

Reading Where the Wild Things Are to my kiddo sitting in my lap as she drinks milk before bedtime.


Tanookimario0604 t1_j7a78vw wrote

Good conversation with my loved one and finishing a couple of chores


CyborgElephant t1_j7a1rd0 wrote

Flying my kids rc plane into a tree and saving it from the tree to see him fly it better than me by a long shot!


Mcdabbb t1_j7a7e8b wrote

Thank you, friend. 👋


The__D0ctor t1_j7ac1w2 wrote

Playing soccer with the boys


Cautious_Prize_3570 t1_j7ajh8w wrote

Contacting my son via text, just a quick chat. Cutting a rose from my garden. Chatting with a good friend 😊


abhasatin t1_j7aoq2z wrote

3am. Trying to journal and getting side tracked by wanting to run away. But still trying to get back to it after sometime. That's been really good for me


Sunasensei t1_j7atg6t wrote

Finally lying in bed after diner, my hot shower, the 10hours shift at the bar running around all day without any sleep because my new neighbours had a rave last night.

I made it, thank you.


fallowre t1_j7b7vlz wrote

seeing my cats. always.


chocoholiclady t1_j7chzaq wrote

Thank you a lot ! That was quite needed. I painted all the rooms in the new appartement, my daughter and I will be moving into after my partner (her father) just ender the relationship. One step at a time to a happier future


_Blackstar t1_j7a5y50 wrote

The flowers are hands, the clouds are hands. The sunny side up egg has hands. What trickery is this?


lizaruhoo t1_j7abaqa wrote

Is that an egg with arms and legs?


yanbag609 t1_j7au9wl wrote

it's an egg on a pancake with bacon arms


I_think_Im_hollow t1_j7ak27d wrote

Thank you. But I still need to the care of the mold on the wall.


Xalander59 t1_j7alpos wrote

Thank you I just woke up it was a lot of work


Zeidra t1_j7bsgh2 wrote

It's 6PM I'm still in bed. The only think I can be proud of is I didn't kill myself yet.

You'd suppose I'm depressed : I am not. I have a degenerative illness that cannot be cured and euthanasia is not legal in my country. Some days are better than the others, and some like this one won't even allow me to see the sun.


B00k_Sniffer t1_j7d913c wrote

I'm in the middle of a pretty deep depression right now. I feel nothing for things that used to light my life up. But today, I got a few things accomplished and that feels pretty good :) baby steps.


Madam-Spicy t1_j7dfdko wrote

I walked over 3 and a half miles while listening to some great music :)


CoolTransDude1078 t1_j7dk71w wrote

Well I just woke up so I'll do yesterday instead. I ate yummy food.


Shandroidos t1_j7dkhfx wrote

Love this ❤️ peace be with you


scoobydooby-do t1_j7drrg3 wrote

-seeing my sister this morning

  • Made some fried green tomatoes finally, they turned out so good.
  • took my dogs on a long walk, the weather was nice.

RainyLatency t1_j7dsaai wrote

Got to my chess rating up to 800. Also ate a fantastic cheese sandwich.


hell89 t1_j7du2nc wrote

Resuscitating someone.


Vergilkilla t1_j7el491 wrote

I played a bit of the board game Melee w 2 friends. Was pretty fun. But prob the real highlight was I ate some leftover pizza and a pupusa when I was REALLY hungry - hit the spot


Far-Painter-8093 t1_j7emlzz wrote

I learned something new!! It's better than nothing.


sarah_jewel_red t1_j7he4bf wrote

I got to see my old roommate. He still doesn’t know I love him. But I got to see him. ♥️


ace400 t1_j7ca1fu wrote

My days not over... the hard parts about to start.


smooyth t1_j7cwiwh wrote

Darn corporate art


shit_knife t1_j7d88et wrote

When my boss facetimed me at 6:30pm to ask why I left work early on a 9 to 5.


Desticardo1 t1_j7djxzo wrote

Definitely not this weird ass picture


LoveMyHubs1993 t1_j7ef442 wrote

u/No-Fun-2865 Thank you for today. 🥰


Professional-Page103 t1_j8rfjcm wrote

  • Trying to write lyrics for a song (never tried before) and my friend said she believed in me
  • Skipped lunch so my friend gave me a sandwich
  • Drank oatly latte
  • Had strawberries

Heavyarms83 t1_j7aa4eq wrote

I just woke up and didn’t even have a coffee yet. What do you expect me to answer?


OminOus_PancakeS t1_j7baxoi wrote

Goddamn it, you will smile in response to illogical, motivational bullshit!



OutrageousQuality0 t1_j7b5ztw wrote

sleep more u need it


Heavyarms83 t1_j7b8fdw wrote

I had that discussion a few times with my 2 year old daughter but I didn’t find a way yet to convince her.


OminOus_PancakeS t1_j7bafry wrote

I guess you must be proud of everyone who could be reading this... High-fives to all the rapists! :D


HexusD23 t1_j7bg1ek wrote

What does this even mean? It’s a little unnerving to see so much modern emphasis being placed on “just getting by”. Let’s be proud of people when they accomplish something. It’s not motivating to be proud of someone for making it through a day…