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cookerg t1_j7g3ph3 wrote

Not if if your passion gets you killed way too soon.


snoqualmie_pass t1_j7hakbl wrote

…said the free climber, sky diver, base jumper, etc


SenorDipstick t1_j7hksjy wrote

That's not a passion, that's an addiction.


Pendu_uM t1_j7htgrf wrote

This subreddit is getting too jaded to see the point. Yes you might die, but for some people that is how to live life meaningfully and it's not like they or at least the reasonable people doing this don't know it's dangerous and that they will likely live a shorter life, but that is the point of the quote. Instead of living for 80 years unfulfilled, they'd rather live for 30 having a fulfilling experience. Every quote doesn't have to appeal to everyone. Most of the comments in this thread are disappointing.


intergalacticbro t1_j7ig8ip wrote

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. You're arguing for everyone to share the same opinion. That, sir, is an echo chamber.

The point of the quote is to do something even with risks, as opposed to doing nothing with no risks. What's the point of life if not to have your point of view being at risk to critique? Under your own frustration you missed the point of the quote as well.


Pendu_uM t1_j7jttnv wrote

I'm arguing my perspective when seemingly every comment shares the opposite opinion. You telling me I'm perpetuating an echo chamber is kinda ironic when I'm going against the grain don't you think? It's not like I'm demanding people to change their view to mine or for everyone to share the same view as you put it, but how would it make sense to argue if not to attempt to change people's minds or at least pry for answers on the situation? I reserve the right to judge their reasonings and decide for myself if I'm going to change my mind myself or if I should continue to hold my stance. That's all I can control. Where exactly did you figure I was asking people to share the same view?

If you feel like I missed the point when all you did was restate something very similar to what I was saying, I feel like you didn't really read or somehow understand my comment or maybe you are failing at expressing your viewpoint in an understandable way.


Chipbread t1_j7ij7tf wrote

To be fair, the jaded come here to get motivated. It's just that most posts here are kinda stupid or falls apart the second you think about it.


B0bFudge t1_j7gco0g wrote

What a dumb quote


ForkingHumanoids t1_j7grzah wrote

And background combination.


fingernail_police t1_j7i3rte wrote

Looks like little effort was done in making it. Probably due to a lack of passion.


Saint_EDGEBOI t1_j7iivwy wrote

I can see this hung on the cubicle wall of a Corporate Chief International Brand Solutions Supervisor (Courtesy of Bullshit Job Title).



Real_Jackraps t1_j7g63uk wrote

This feels shortsighted though I'm not sure why.


seaspirit331 t1_j7gc7j5 wrote

That's nice, but what does the image have to do with anything?


[deleted] t1_j7fvmfp wrote

Good thing boredom won’t kill you.


ALarkAscending t1_j7gqqaa wrote

I'm glad those aren't the only two choices


XJDenton t1_j7gihpa wrote

"[Rincewind] is a coward.  He is happy with this description.  He would rather people said that Rincewind is a coward than Rincewind was incredibly brave right up to the point where he was bitten in half."


deputytech t1_j7fxhpa wrote

Fuck passion, I want my death to be boring.


Wes1957 t1_j7gtlon wrote

Said no one ever


Blankmindplasty t1_j7hceby wrote

That’s a very stupid meme, can barely read it.


blueskies1800 t1_j7grfsg wrote

Not me. I have finally reached the point of "Be careful what you wish for" but I am exceeding satisfied with my boring life. Serenity has its benefits.


prefuse07 t1_j7hfvae wrote

Blocked for stupid


Shalaco t1_j7hmjkv wrote

I would rather die than read black text on a black and white photograph.


galambalambos t1_j7im3ba wrote

I dunno. Chef of 15 years here. It was my passion. Now I just want to feel good again.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j7gxeq1 wrote

Peacefully in my sleep.

Or screaming in terror like my passengers?


DickbeardLickweird t1_j7h8gl7 wrote

How about you gin up enough passion to learn how to properly put text over an image—try not to die!


Shoopdawoop993 t1_j7hci1j wrote

Life is short so make it shorter by doing dumb shit.


Duckboy_Flaccidpus t1_j7i6a82 wrote

Interesting quote, on the surface of it, but isn't boredom a symptom of a person's lack of focus or rather ambition or inability to tame their own mind? Sounds like the person who said this is bored a lot and needs external stimuli to factor into their "passion". At any rate, boredom likely comes before passion so it's a necessary prerequisite. I'm fun at parties.


BlunterCarcass5 t1_j7if80i wrote

Just because it's a quote doesn't mean it's smart


_far-seeker_ t1_j7igawy wrote

I would rather die of old age rather than either of those.


srd100 t1_j7ihk9r wrote

I would rather live. Go ahead and fuck’n die all you want.


25Simeon t1_j7h0q2x wrote

As long as it happens one way or another


McGreed t1_j7h7c6a wrote

...he screamed as he plunged to his death with his failed parachute behind him.


NightmaresFade t1_j7hk8ds wrote

I would rather die when it is my time, preferably painlessly.

Not because of hustle culture or because I decided to do something dumb and/or obviously dangerous.


NotAMeatPopsicle t1_j7ho36a wrote

Boredom is a state of mind. We can choose, within reason, our own state of mind.

So, in a way, we choose life or death.


RandomMetalHead t1_j7hukll wrote

I thought dying of passion is called burning-out


alexjaness t1_j7hvl48 wrote

hey, you ripped that off from my motto every time I smoke crack!


raelianautopsy t1_j7i87fs wrote

Is dying of boredom like a common thing?


WindTreeRock t1_j7i9pvh wrote

Look up a man named Augustus Pugin. He was an English architect who literally worked himself into an early grave out of passion for his work.


elcroquis22 t1_j7im8bp wrote

What if your passion is boredom? 🤔


AtelesJubatus t1_j7it2do wrote

Do you happen to be a Taliban soldier working in the city?


ion_nine t1_j7iwy6w wrote

Boredom is essential!


TheDarkFox24 t1_j7j18gs wrote

I would rather live longer than dying out of stupidity


skeetbuddy t1_j7j429r wrote

This actually made me tear up a bit. Thanks for sharing.


PQbutterfat t1_j7j4ap6 wrote

You can feel free to die of “passion” in your 800sqft apartment.


WhenSquirrelsFry t1_j7j4zgy wrote

Jeez such extreme options. It’s also really healthy and important to be able to just “be”.


AStirlingMacDonald t1_j7j53js wrote

It’s pretty rare to actually die of passion. What people who talk like actually usually do is just scamper off when they’re done, leaving a giant awful mess for everyone else to clean up.


TinaLikesButz t1_j7jb4uc wrote

All this does is make me motivate myself to not say anything about the shitty banal confusing sentiment and the discordant unrelated background image. Aw, crap, it has failed.


ozhound t1_j7jbd8s wrote

Thanks for the shitty "motivation"


Chikxu t1_j7jc8sf wrote

I will live instead ..


mrSemantix t1_j7jhsxn wrote

I choose to live passionately


Gym_goer65 t1_j7jlkl8 wrote

Another one I’ve heard recently was “no one has ever drowned in sweat”


kaytea30 t1_j7jn3kz wrote

“To die will be an awfully big adventure.” - Peter Pan


siler7 t1_j7jss1j wrote

I'd rather die of stabbing than burning. Doesn't mean getting stabbed is a good thing.


RagingErectionMan t1_j7jvtqy wrote

Enjoy your passion and subsequent death in that r/urbanhell


EuropeanTrainMan t1_j7jxdts wrote

Jesus christ. Learn some typography before posting online


Aadi_was_taken t1_j7jzrni wrote

The art of dying liberates you from death itself.


StormShadow009 t1_j7knnn0 wrote

What does the picture have to do with the caption? Idgi


AngleFrogHammer t1_j7l25zi wrote

2 things you have no control over. You either are passionate about something or you are not you can solve boredom but sometimes even doing something you really enjoy can leave you bored.


asd1234red t1_j7gr0id wrote

This. Is a really good one.


lichking786 t1_j7gu66d wrote

what a dumb propaganda pic and quote. You should go grab a pic of typical American suburbia and tell me what boredom looks like when you live in a cookie cutter house surrounded by lifeless grass lawns 30 minutes away from any commercial or social places.

At least these "lifeless" towers are space efficient.

Entire rural regions and farmland died for your beloved cookie cutter suburbia.