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letmebeyoursadboi t1_j7jtssm wrote

thank you so much. i love this so much it made me cry. i’m gonna try it as soon as i find the energy. (✨depression ✨ has me by the throat)


[deleted] t1_j7ktjqv wrote



letmebeyoursadboi t1_j7lq8w9 wrote

i was afraid you would say that. i know it’s the right thing to do. i know that i need to just ~do~ the thing and all the things. it’s just not always that easy. but i will take this to heart and muster up whatever it takes to get shit done. thank you. thank you so much. 💛💛


mayafied OP t1_j7yo9o0 wrote

How’d it go? ♥︎


funlovefun37 t1_j7kj2zs wrote

Hugs 🤗 internet friend. It does me too. My new mantra is overly simple. I keep repeating to myself PUSH PUSH PUSH. PUSH to be active because that is what lifts the blues temporarily. It can last all day or only a few hours. Active can be reading on the terrace, going to the gym, taking a shower. Anything to disrupt the settling darkness. (Of course meds, too.)


letmebeyoursadboi t1_j7lpmm8 wrote

thank you so much, new internet friend 😭. i like that, too. i will try to push, push, push. (meds aren’t currently an option for me.)


funlovefun37 t1_j7lzch0 wrote

If you want to DM I’m here for you.

Keep pushing. 💗