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Wormspike t1_j7o7od4 wrote

A couple months ago I cooked breakfast for myself. Then brushed my teeth. Then cleaned my room. Then worked out. Then went for a short run. Then took a shower. Then I ate lunch. Then I did about 4 hours of school work.

Then I didn't know what to do with myself, because usually, procrastinating the above is my entire life.


Selfishly t1_j7ofvpz wrote

Hey stranger, can you not write about me please? I don't like this lol. Thank you


JD42305 t1_j7p6ltl wrote

That actually brings up a good point. There are many reasons I procrastinate, but I think subconsciously one of the reasons is I'm afraid I'll have too much time left on my hands. What's helped is actually adding fun things to my to do list, because sometimes procrastination is such a battle that I ironically forget to schedule in the fun rewards for getting the work done. I literally have one hour of the Last of Us Part 2 on the end of my to do list today like it's any other chore.


Profoundsoup t1_j7qbhh8 wrote

> I'll have too much time left on my hands

Yep get everything done by noon then.....congrats you have the rest of the day wanting to do nothing :D


Profoundsoup t1_j7qbawt wrote

>A couple months ago I cooked breakfast for myself. Then brushed my teeth. Then cleaned my room. Then worked out. Then went for a short run. Then took a shower. Then I ate lunch. Then I did about 4 hours of school work

All by noon and then you have nothing to do the rest of the day because you usually spend the rest of the day trying to avoid those things you now did.


Wormspike t1_j7t2v9u wrote

Yeah it was a bit of a crisis. If I'm not procrastinating...who am I?


Mrhere_wabeer t1_j7nayyj wrote

We were always taught. Pay now, play later. Same same


l4tra t1_j7qme2b wrote

Erst die Arbeit und dann das Vergnügen.

First the work and then the enjoyment.


rexaltitude t1_j7oc7ym wrote

Why put off until tomorrow, what you can avoid doing altogether?


theKetoBear t1_j7oih31 wrote

I am a classic procrastinator did most of my long essays Two nights if not thee night before they were due, would wait to.the last second to ask for help with a problem, cleaned my filthy place 2 hours before I invited a girl over.

I recently had an epiphany though doing shit early means I HAVE THE REST OF THE DAY TOO MYSELF. Nothing to guilt trip over, nothing to remind myself constantly that I need to do, NOPE I ammmm not doing jackshit because there's jackshit that I need to do !

I have committed in the last 4months to biweekly clean my place on Saturday mornings..... I hate it, I work and the last thing I want to do is scheduled work on a fucking Saturday but holy shit do I love Saturday afternoons and evenings now though because I get the bullshit done early.

There is value in being proactive it means your laziness is uninterrupted and I have now learned that uninterrupted laziness is my favorite kind.


lizevee t1_j7qauft wrote

This is not for everyone but I do my cleaning Friday after work before I let myself change into comfy clothes and relax. My husband is definitely not on board lol so we're still working on being consistent, but otherwise once I'm in weekend mode - I'd rather have a filthy house than do the Sunday AM clean I had planned!


littlemagicforest t1_j7obgnb wrote

“Eat the frog” — do the most difficult task first, everything after that will be easier and generally faster


EmeraldGlimmer t1_j7ompks wrote

I like to start with a small task that gets me started and makes me feel like I accomplished something, and then start looking at frogs.


ValyrianJedi t1_j7pdntm wrote

I always prefer to do it that way, but my most difficult task is usually wrangling in displeased clients, which usually ends up creating me like 5 new tasks, so now I try to schedule those for later in the day so that A, I can do the rest of my stuff without those new things on my plate, and B, the clients can't be like "I need this by end of day" when it's already end of day


revolving_ocelot t1_j7qhj41 wrote

I will gladly eat a frog, as long as it's not on my todo-list. I'll eat it to procrastinate whatever I'm really supposed to be doing. If it was on the list, you can be damn sure I wouldn't touch the bloody frog until way past its best-before date.


NeoHolyRomanEmpire t1_j7njsv2 wrote

I did this yesterday, and it was cash. Will probably never do it again


RunInRunOn t1_j7oh5gq wrote

My philosophy is to rememer that my present self is more trustworthy than my future self.


-Paxom- t1_j7oxbyh wrote

Currently procrastinating on finishing an assignment. Locked myself in with the task for days. Took a day off to do it. Have all the resources. The time. All I needed to do was start. I ended up having a breakdown. I made myself physically sick with vertigo trying to willpower my eay through it. I don't know how you can just look at a phrase like this and be cured. Its like trying to psyche yourself up to step of a ledge. The body doesn't move. Can't begin to apply logic to an issue or rational aproaches when I'm behaving irrationally against my own will.


atgrey24 t1_j7p8ht4 wrote

Small bites is the only thing that helps me. Instead of the task being "finish this paper today" it becomes "write one sentence in the next 5 minutes"

Honestly, I even often make it "write a BAD sentence, fix it later".

Once I get started I can get into a flow, but you're right that getting started is the hard part.


mzeets t1_j7oc12c wrote

I've found that sometimes procrastinating made my days better. For instance, movies were always way more enjoyable during finals week back in college. Not saying I never regretted putting something off, but sometimes it worked out really well.


Lady_MoMer t1_j7nhpqa wrote

Good plan. I'll try my best but the overwhelming part, practically everything is overwhelming to me though. Between the damn dogs, the freaking slob kids and the roommate who does every project half way then stops to sit down, for the next 3 freaking days, it's constant chaos. Not to mention the irritation at the large pile swept up by the roommate then walked away from, of trash, toys, clothes, dishes and whatever else the slobs don't put away, it's hard to not procrastinate. Especially when my procrastination doesn't suck. I just leave the house. But that doesn't help either.. see? I'm full of excuses. 🙄🫤 Your post sounds really good in theory. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Coldkane t1_j7o3d9h wrote

One thing that's helped me with not procrastinating, is changing the mindset from "right now you" to "future you".

When you try to put something off, just think of yourself in the future, when you actually have to deal with it. I guarantee future you will think, "man I wish I would've just done this earlier", when you're forced to deal with the aftermath of your procrastination.

When you procrastinate, yes, you're making yourself happier and more relaxed, but if you think of how you're screwing your future self, it kinda puts things into perspective. The worst part is, a lot of things people procrastinate on aren't even difficult tasks.

I also have a golden rule for myself, where if the task takes less than 5 minutes to complete, I'm not allowed to put it off. There really should be no excuse for why you can't just take 5 minutes to do a chore or something.

I hope this helps even a little bit. A lot of it takes practice and having a different mentality when you're feeling lazy.


Led-Rain t1_j7ocldh wrote

I used to focus very well on a task. But now ive done the same dull routine so much, i do intermittent procrastination.

I set dishes to soak. Watch tv for 15-22 minutes. Do the set of dishes. Repeat.

Ill also have other stuff going automatically like the laundry while all that is going on.


ColdIllustrious5041 t1_j7p6edu wrote

Embrace my family’s motto: Let’s just get this over with.


Substantial_Motor_87 t1_j7p03bm wrote

Adhd be like: we sufferin today. And at the end of the day, we feeling guilty.


either-way t1_j7ph5ky wrote

Why does he need a calculator for Mandarin?


EnOhVeHey t1_j7qmotr wrote

This just reminded me to check the to do list I made two weeks ago and promptly forgot about. But I’m also scared to check in case something with a deadline was on there. Damn


Fast_Ad7959 OP t1_j7r5dwu wrote

one thing at a time! take it slow and you’ll feel so good when you get to cross just ONE thing off of that list. you can do it :)


teduh t1_j7oi5fw wrote

I might take this into consideration later....


GoblinTatties t1_j7ond9z wrote

My cat keeps waking me up at 5am. My day is already ruined.


Benjammer10 t1_j7ot9um wrote

Man, this really speaks to me.


1400ak t1_j7p25gq wrote

I wish i would have seen this after sitting at my computer for 4 hours before finally starting my homework. Oh well there is always a new day. Thanks for this.


Dimaethor t1_j7p2l3m wrote

Yea it wish it was that simple.


fenrslfr t1_j7p96s0 wrote

Mission accomplished rescheduled it for tomorrow. Now my day is peachy keen.


Jenipherocious t1_j7pbatc wrote

My 8yo and I both have ADHD and the mantra in our house is "just do it and get through it".


WhisperCampaigns t1_j7pf4i9 wrote

Or as we say in our house “sooner started, sooner done, sooner outside having fun”


mostofyoudisgustme_ t1_j7ppq2d wrote

There have been many variations of this phrase. But sometimes hearing things in a different way, by a different voice, or in some kind of different form can truly spark a light bulb in some people.

I like the way this was put.


First_Foundationeer t1_j7qhaqa wrote

Lol, yeah, for people who actually have this problem, I'm sure "just do it" is as effective as telling a depressed person to stop being sad.


Fast_Ad7959 OP t1_j7r5qqt wrote

it’s more of a simple reminder. not meant to completely rewire peoples brains. more so to remind at least one person to get that text sent, do that load of laundry, or make that appointment they’ve been putting off. i’m also a procrastinator and when i saw this it motivated me to do my dishes. baby steps.


Legitimate-Quote6103 t1_j7qhj8z wrote

Grrr, this image totally ruined my relaxing procrastination session.



Irishwankenobi t1_j7qxvbd wrote

I have a song I sing to my wife when we are both procrastinating..Like to hear it? Hear it goes.. In a sing song voice

"Procrasti-nator, Procrasti-nator, why do it now when you can do it la-ter"


SqueakyFarts99 t1_j7richh wrote

I do this with doctor/dentist appointments: get them out of the way at the beginning of the day so it's over with.


Mazaar13 t1_j7ripe6 wrote

This is why I work the morning shift


[deleted] t1_j7rtrot wrote

Yep. The only way I beat my procrastination is I started looking at tasks and asking: will this be any easier later? If the answer is no then it’s time to just buck up and do it.


cupofjoan t1_j7ss1bd wrote

This is the post that made me put down my phone and get to work. Didn't pick it up again for like 5 hours. Thank you!


srrrrrrrrrrrrs t1_j7stca2 wrote

As I’m sitting here on reddit in front of 3 very easy incomplete invoices

Update: 1.5 incomplete invoices & i’m back


MaddoxX_1996 t1_j7op6wl wrote

Only if I can bring myself to do that


MaskedRay t1_j7oproy wrote

Fuuuck youuuu. 😭 Sigh don't I know it. I am getting better but this just triggered an immense flood of all the times I've felt thus emotion of it ruining my day.


siler7 t1_j7ot7es wrote

I tried this at the grocery store, but people kept getting mad, saying they were going to sue, all kinds of nonsense.


MadDogFenby t1_j7p0xlg wrote

I try to do what I call Proactive Procrastination. I do things now so I don't have to do them later...


OssiansFolly t1_j7pbdew wrote

Okay, but what if I have 28 things to do and there's not enough time in the day to complete them all?


Mike_P71 t1_j7pga8t wrote

I feel personally attacked by the truth


IWorkForTheEnemyAMA t1_j7pkqld wrote

If you do the easy things in life, life becomes hard. However, if you do the hard things in life, life becomes easy.


mOjzilla t1_j7poed6 wrote

I don't know what i need to get out of my head at this point .


DoinWorkDaily t1_j7pr4n6 wrote


Because if the worlds ends tomorrow, you won’t have to do it.



gdyank t1_j7prdo2 wrote

In 1969 I failed out of community college and got drafted. When I got home I went back to college to start over. I made a deal with myself I’d have all my papers etc written and ready by thanksgiving. I wasn’t going to waste my time again, and though it took several years of night school, I graduated with a 3.88. That habit has stayed with me and served me well.


kaspers126 t1_j7prtjj wrote

Why do it today if you can do it tomorrow


SploogeSample t1_j7q12xd wrote

It's important to get some things done early.


kloudrunner t1_j7q1jos wrote


Get. It. Done.

Why waste time all day and rush about when you can get shit done right away and relax more later.


Barristan-the-Bold t1_j7q2ip8 wrote

It’s better to do it than live with the fear of it.

  • Logan Ninefingers

LuckyJynX t1_j7q2rhw wrote

something something r/adhdmeme


jbello1985 t1_j7q5euz wrote

Love this. But also, anyone else feel like this was written on a Whoopie Cushion?


Deadboy90 t1_j7q6s95 wrote

I had to double take because I thought that was a blunt in his mouth


copperstatus t1_j7qh7d6 wrote

How does one get out of this habit


CommanderAGL t1_j7qilri wrote

It will be night by the time its done, so doing ruins the day.


redditwatcher79 t1_j7r50wr wrote

I’ve learned to procrastinate as a strategy being salaried exempt. I procrastinate at work because I’m tired of the routine bureaucratic parts of the job that make it more painful than doing your taxes and the never ending pile of tasks that get continuously added to my workload as a result of being efficient.

Just because you can do something well doesn’t mean you enjoy it, but management seems to think that’s the case even if you said it wasn’t—so they pawn off more of it on you. Do your job well and finish your work, and in the infinite wisdom of management your reward is more work rather than open time leaving you free to be more proactive at attacking the issues plaguing your company.

Ironically, in a job formally defined as a problem solving role, they just want you to do what they tell you to do rather than think and solve problems. They’ll unload your colleagues and give it to you or just go to you because you get things done, and it leads to burnout.

It’s sad because in corporate America my personal experience in the industrial sector has been that management is all knowing, and they tell everyone what to do. Giving your people freedom for a part of the workweek—even 1 day per week—to pursue solving the problems they’ve identified as important would go a long way toward reducing procrastination, improving morale, and job satisfaction.


Fitis t1_j7reho9 wrote

Why ruin today if I can ruin tomorrow?


trisanite t1_j7s3ev7 wrote

I just got surgery and now I'm thinking, ah yes, speed up healing cause it fucking sucks