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ceciplays t1_j7qwus0 wrote

This is such a scary thought, but it's so true..
My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we are always talking about what we wanna do when we start living together, and the same thought always comes back;

"What if-"...

Its not easy for everyone, but when you have the chance, don't let it go and do what you wanna do!


qUHTehGB t1_j7rg1uj wrote

I can get with this idea but what the heck is the picture about? Move to a desert planet?


MazDanRX795 t1_j7rmfiv wrote

Worded awkwardly.

Sometimes later never comes.


whyunoletmepost t1_j7quutz wrote

This is similar to a line from a DJ Shadow song. Tomorrow never comes until it's too late...


the_other_irrevenant t1_j7rk1is wrote

The literal part of my brain is badly hung up on that first sentence.

"Never comes"? Sure.

"Comes never"? 🤯


Young_Void t1_j7toqju wrote

Should I Jump now? 🤔


x6comix t1_j7ybcg4 wrote

Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just.... DO It