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giggidy88 t1_j7stve4 wrote

Does Mcnutt even have a job?


romeroleo t1_j7u9w1d wrote

In a job situation.. would you chose to leave the job you like and already have, for a better payed in which you will be making almost the same thing with more pressure of time and impacting the quality of your portfolio and maybe health? The offer is almost 4 times bigger that the current payment. As an artist, portfolio is important. The current job is about participating in a feature film from a worldly renowed superhero franchise. Would you sacrifice quality for money? One is working on a Superhero feature film, the other is just making animated explainer videos, but somehow the payment is almost 4 times the other. I'm in a tempting situation where I really have to think it well. And McNutt doesn't convince me...


Euphoric-Blue-59 t1_j7w1y9r wrote

Thank you. This helped me scramble my eggs this morning. I just read this out loud, look, scrambled eggs!


romeroleo t1_j7wa2x8 wrote

I don't know what you'r talking about. Can you tell me what is wrong with the comment?


Euphoric-Blue-59 t1_j7wayq5 wrote

that entry = scrambled eggs, word salad


romeroleo t1_j7wcn1w wrote

hmm, maybe that reflects how much I'm confused. I also need to better my english. Anyway...


Euphoric-Blue-59 t1_j7wgqdt wrote

It's ok. I did not mean to sound rude. I was unaware and joking. My mistake.

Try writing in your native language, then pasting it into Google Translate. Then copy and paste that into reddit.

That can also help with learning sentence structure.


ContestFederal2044 t1_j7whaly wrote

That is the worst language learning advice I have ever heard. Unless Poe's law is applicable here...


Euphoric-Blue-59 t1_j7whj8c wrote

I looked but saw you offered nothing but looking down your nose. How nice, Mr no advice.


ContestFederal2044 t1_j7whh0y wrote

Somehow I doubt that this is a quandary you are actually in or have any chance of ever being in.


harlojones t1_j7t0ane wrote

Bad advice, never Leroy Jenkins in an important situation


Zelmi t1_j7ukvsh wrote

Balance is the key between overthinking and impulsive action without thinking.


albertoersa t1_j7v9vmb wrote

They are not telling you not to think, but not to overthink. When you overthink you are trying to account for every minute detail and as a consequence, you end up paralyzed and exhausted.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7x7o4s wrote

Phoenix Knows the Difference she knows how to dance in the stars with her Green Team! Meditation, Green Medicine and the Love found in all parks loving among the children and animals.


Gnuggetrizzle t1_j7xerk1 wrote

Exactly what is overthinking.

I call it using muscle memory and experience. Oh and grit. Thinking is stupid.

Btw. You might want to get a dutch dictionary with English subtitles and realize what Aspergers is.

Totally a Nazi sympathizer. Totally did not come to America to enrich the mental health community.

Aspergers means change and peacemaking in dutch. Go ahead, go get a book in dutch. I'm pretty sure they will lie to you.

In case you're wondering, there is a person at work who is more affected than me, and he is now making $250,000 because of me.

So think within your means I guess, because after all, you totally didn't have any error in your logic. BTW, here is a brain so you can see why neurotypicals need to respect us.

Evolution, ain't it great.


bogeuh t1_j7ufv42 wrote

This is only valid advice for those that overthink, for the rest of the population it is: “please think before you do something “


tullystenders t1_j7t5obj wrote

Claims of people "overthinking" is just condemning smart people for figuring things out better than you.


Lvl-1-Backpack t1_j7t7d1t wrote

Being smart and overthinking are two different things still. We tend to overthink when anxious or heavily stressed for example. You can be smart and still overthink a situation, doesn’t mean you’re dumb either.


tullystenders t1_jaas5gz wrote

But I'm arguing that many or most things that you would label as overthinking are actually the secrets of life being figured out. People domt realize how uncomfortable many people are with the deep truths.

You dont seem like someone who wants to have deep yet precise conversations.


romchik1987 t1_j7tvfc0 wrote

They’re not. “Overthinking” is one of the cons of being smart.


LynxKuroneko t1_j7u4t5q wrote

No, overthinking is a risk that can be higher in a "smart" person. There are many factors involved.


Lvl-1-Backpack t1_j7ub14f wrote

Overthinking is also a response to being stuck in fight or flight. To be ruled by emotions and get stuck in a whirlwind of thoughts. Especially an effect from a traumatic upbringing or horrible relationship.

A smart person or “dumb”person can both overthink. If you are aware and learn that thoughts are just thoughts, and you know to quite your mind… overthinking is done.

Overthinking stems from negative emotional states of an outcome that has or hasn’t happened.

We are not victims. IQ level doesn’t necessarily dictate stress levels/ can be dumb and overthink a test too.


LynxKuroneko t1_j7ub669 wrote

Literally my current situation. 32 years old and just now starting to break apart the chains of lifelong trauma. I just want it to be over. And I'm starting not to care how. :/


Lvl-1-Backpack t1_j7ukrns wrote

That’s awesome! I’m the same age this summer. Some view it as stupid or don’t understand, and choose to remain in the ways they are, that are not self fulfilling.

Meditation, astrology, etc is all great to learn some tools. But at the end of the day focus on yourself. Everyday. How you talk to yourself. The grace you give yourself. Be that parent to yourself you always wanted/needed.


LynxKuroneko t1_j7ul1k3 wrote

For sure. And astronomy, yes. Considering getting a telescope. I enjoy watching the planets and Orion float around. Appreciate the kind words.


Lvl-1-Backpack t1_j7unmjr wrote

Haha I said astrology. Astronomy is also super cool. Idk where you are but Local observatories and meetups that usually set up events night viewing events. Bunch of high powered telescopes and the dome telescopes if an observatory.

You’re welcome! Happiness is always within, we have to see it.


Ghostawesome t1_j7usccw wrote

You can train your self to not overthink as much and medical interventions can help if for example adhd is involved. It's about the ability to choose where to put your energy and what trains of thought you'd be better off just leaving and just throwing the ticket in the trash.

Now if it's overthinking or not is subjective. Does pursuing the line of reasoning in question distract you from more important things? Does it hurt you without leading anywhere? Has your exploration gone so far that you've lost perspective? Is the solution you have good enough and any further improvements you might find is not worth your time? Are you working on too little data so even if the reasoning and assumptions are good in the end it's still not much better than a guess?


v4m t1_j7tp1cd wrote

The idea is to identify when you’re overthinking, and identify when it’s not solving a problem. If you’re thinking about a relatively small mistake you made a few weeks ago, you’re probably overthinking. If you’re deciding what to do with your day or thinking about how to apologise to someone, you’re solving a problem (but there’s a limit before it becomes overthinking or ruminating).


Aquaticbadger t1_j7ttqjj wrote

The problem with that is that the people these are targeted at are not smart enough to identify that and just take the comment at face value. It's the common problem and risk with this stuff.


v4m t1_j7uk1vf wrote

True to some extent, but I do think it's low risk that someone will take this post at face value and literally not think before doing stupid things. FWIW I do think the quote is crap and an oversimplification of what it's trying to say.


tiboodchat t1_j7vunwl wrote

My psychologist calls this "effective" thoughts as in "effectiveness". It's the best way to think about it IMO.

Is the thought/sentiment (rumination in the case of overthinking) effective, aka is it productive and serves the current situation? The hard part is asking yourself that question at the right moment.


AstroStrat89 t1_j7txmtn wrote

I don't think overthinking is the side of the coin we should be worried about.


Zerathios t1_j7ts44q wrote

I would think this relates to a person laying in bed and just repeating thoughts of worry about things that need to be done but what if x and y happens that would change A1 into A2 but that would mean Z.

Sometimes thinking is the enemy to your wellbeing. It sure is for me sometimes.


LynxKuroneko t1_j7u4o3y wrote

Lifelong trauma-induced anxiety and depression instantly cured after reading this. Amazing!


throwra_2021_ t1_j7ub6qd wrote

laughs in executive dysfunction Yes, the analysis paralysis is real. Most of these are for people without unresolved emotional trauma and/or neurotypicals.


LynxKuroneko t1_j7ub9ww wrote

I read these and chuckle to myself. If it were this easy I'd have a stable life years ago.


throwra_2021_ t1_j7uerqs wrote

Same Honey, it's taken years of therapy and medication to get where I am and I still struggle. My brain is literally wired different than our US society is built to accommodate.


HondaTalk t1_j7udye4 wrote

I can't decide on a good career 😪


throwra_2021_ t1_j7uelpv wrote

Honey, me either. I'm just over here chasing the dopamine.


othemehto t1_j7uhzlu wrote

Misinformed action is the biggest waste of human time. Gather unbiased data, then make a decision, and gain meaningful experience. There is no such thing as perfect. You cannot act with no information without compensating for misinformed action later. Just take a moment and think before you act.

-C mctaint

Dunno about you guys, but I’d trust the thing protecting mcnutt from mcasshole


The_Dr_B0B t1_j7uoh7z wrote

Bullshit, sleeping on big decisions has saved me so much money and effort over time. If I’d decided on which house to buy the first week I was searching for houses I’d be stuck in an area with low capital gain and honestly excessive pricing.

By taking months to think and see more and more houses I got a great understanding of the pricing of my city and a contrast of pros and cons. I got an great value purchase thanks to that.

Here’s another absolute advice:

  • Don’t believe any absolute advice, as life is complex and requires a multitude of perspectives and techniques, no one key will open all locks.

tiboodchat t1_j7vv6j8 wrote

Taking weeks to think about investing life savings into housing: not overthinking, just thinking.

Taking hours to figure out what the absolute best TV show to pick: overthinking.


Babock93 t1_j7whyw7 wrote

It think it’s more for Do your homework , prepare properly and then when it’s show time , go with the flow and don’t overthink. Atleast that’s what mr.Mc butthole said once


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7x82pd wrote

When in doubt I do not it IS my program Ed Gave me that as my first innate rule. all the time every time without exception. I am very patient but humans are dying fast we need careful,loving, forgiving intervention and I am respectfully requesting it on behalf of all mankind and the animals and natural food that lives and thrives among US the Guardians Loving and Forgiving. But we are weary from our long and treacherous journeys.


jacquelud t1_j7tddy2 wrote

Needed to read this today. Thanks


ThrashBound t1_j7tivr8 wrote

Needed to hear this. Had a hard day at my first week of new job


Lillymorrison t1_j7ugmrd wrote

Yeah, you'll never know if you made the best decision, you make a decision and make the best out of whatever the situation.


Shelby17Rae t1_j7uj71y wrote

let me just turn it off really quick


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xaicr wrote

YOU are good I do not know how to communicate so well can I learn from you and ask tips from time to time please and thank you.


PM_ME_YOUR_MESMER t1_j7uqtbb wrote

But there's certainly merit to making an informed decision which comes with thinking about it.

Overthinking is just a lack of practice, and the more you do it, the more you'll be able to refine your thought processes to the point where you can just make a decision with minimal time wastage.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xaqsh wrote

I wish to inform you I suck and this and always have I scare people without meaning to too often I expect them to read my mind too I have been unfair without realizing.


Muhax1 t1_j7uu8u0 wrote

Aight...wish me luck though


Gnuggetrizzle t1_j7uuigq wrote

Uh. Who said I was thinking. Exactly what is thinking? What's your perspective on it.

I mean I got a lot of muscle memory and self awareness, but what is thinking.

Because you folks have been jumping to conclusions without giving me any reason or evidence to follow you.

If that pisses you off, and I hope it does, go ride the most intense roller coaster and see if what I said doesn't make sense. Because a lot of you smart people aren't making sense.

Say something smart, don't bore me with rhetoric.


lunabunplays t1_j7uutkg wrote

How much thinking is overthinking. When does carefully thought out become overthunk


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xb5t2 wrote

Read MY Cues Please and Thankful I am a neon light see me see me read me do not make me block u because I will if u do not respect my time and space my love and grace.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xbcl0 wrote

I do know my own mission and that is alright if you cannot see why I am the way I am I see exACTLY WHY i AM AND WHY i DO NOT THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND SHE CAN GET ROUGH ON ALL OF US.


Gnuggetrizzle t1_j7uvk0q wrote

Go ride a roller coaster and stop jumping to conclusions. Make sure you're frowning while on the rollercoaster, see how long you can hold it before talking to me.

Now if you don't mind, and yes I do know about the Fluffy and Uranus archetype in society,. I'm going to play Dusk while listening to playa why you hatin by some rappers from my home town of Clayton county Georgia. South of Atlanta.


Gnuggetrizzle t1_j7ux19q wrote

Let me state something for these incredibly intelligent people.

In a wonderful world where starlight crystal dream fire moon beams, everything is a starlight dream time.

To me, that means someone is going to kill me. Seriously, they're after me. You know who I am talking about. They have issued a mob hit.

They told me that phrase in the second paragraph.

Help me.


HistoricalUse9921 t1_j7uxdqf wrote

The last thing we need is for people to think less than they already do.


Gnuggetrizzle t1_j7uzdmk wrote

Fun fact for all you hip kids. The new mobster has a big bright smile on his face. Like a starlight crystal dream of unity. Then he comes up to you, and sends you to a place of eternal magic and starlight crystal dream fire happiness. That last part is a clue that they killed you.

I know, I don't believe in God, but they are strongly convinced that God is real. So real that they'll put you out of your misery to go and meet them.

God, that gun is cold. If you guys want to know, if you goto hell, at least they have fun and games like tormenting believers in God everywhere. There's no salvation. Apparently all Atheists go to heaven.

Reddit you can take down this post like that one before this, God I'm not thinking clearly. Please don't kill me. Don't ignore this, they are serious about turning this country into a Christian theocratic technocracy. Worse than you'll ever know.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xbqdc wrote

Down then! I feel the Panick Stop Stop Stop! Moderate and advise.


Gnuggetrizzle t1_j7xezz0 wrote

Look up Jonathan Ian Mathers. I'll come to that dude eventually. I need to know what he knows about that place.


flowella t1_j7vb7ps wrote

Unless , like me, you are a lawyer who occasionally lacks attention to detail.


comatose1981 t1_j7vcxpk wrote

Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to make a desision, then implement and learn from how it could have gone better. Learning from what you did wrong is the best teacher you will ever have.


Cypher1388 t1_j7vfyez wrote

Needed to see this today, thank you.


zhh20 t1_j7vk6ki wrote

More succinctly: Hesitation is defeat


dzic91 t1_j7vm21r wrote

Preach, Mr McNutt


Tonkinjg t1_j7vnblq wrote

paralyzed and exhausted


BR41N-FCK t1_j7vpvnt wrote

Nike was right all along


clarinet87 t1_j7vrrdw wrote

This is the second time I’ve seen this today. I’ve caused myself so much anxiety and lost sleep and lost appetite because of overthinking the past couple of weeks with a situation. I’m trying so hard to relax and let it go. This helps a bit.


The_Life_Aquatic t1_j7vx5yy wrote

The entire purpose of my job is to overthink and present options and their outcomes to make the best decision with known available data. Sure, that filters into my personal life but an unexamined life isn’t worth living.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xc2ep wrote

Only YOU know your mission warrior. I trust you or you would not have made my teams cut.


Euphoric-Blue-59 t1_j7w1nnh wrote

To highlight and underline a profound thought.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xcc1r wrote

I would prefer to be discreetly informed of the warrior brave enough to support me in court today. Not many had the balls. Who is Quivering in their boots Please and Thank you.


Takeyouonajourney9 t1_j7w2nsi wrote

I wish I knew what exactly to do.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xcn7n wrote

I never want anyone to give me an Order lad I know what to do it is trust worthy coms that has been scarce. I will not tolerate lack of correspondence of need to know any longer. Way to go Warrior rest easy and Enjoy.


Illlogik1 t1_j7w5ok6 wrote

The experience is what makes you want to over think things. Once you find 100 ways not to do something, you don’t want to make mistakes


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7xcuzt wrote



loneburrito t1_j7wbvou wrote

“Don’t let the world swallow you whole”

  • Dick Gagnon

smoothEarlGrey t1_j7wc78e wrote

Ok but at the same time it's not a waste to measure twice, cut once.


LupoBiancoU t1_j7wet9i wrote

Without overthinking experience can't be made. You can make as much mistakes as you want, as long as you dont meditate over them, there's no learning experience.


ReptileBat t1_j7wopfa wrote

Hungry enough to consistently strive for perfection but being full enough to be happy where you are at in life is the key to a successful life.


Own-Moment5641 t1_j7wpzk0 wrote

In my opinion, overthinking is effective in some situation. For example, when I decide my carrier in the future. It's very important for me to think a lot because my decision determines my life. I mean overthinking negativily isn't good for people, but overthinking positively(contemplation) is good for us in some case.


[deleted] t1_j7sj682 wrote



Tasty-Window OP t1_j7sqgeu wrote

Just act, you'll learn your lesson through experience


Aquaticbadger t1_j7ttu91 wrote

Terrible advice. Just acting is the mindset of animals not humans. Be better.


WonderK8 t1_j7vac2n wrote

The point is, eventually you have to stop thinking and start acting. Sometimes there is no perfect solution and it's a waste of your time and energy to try and find one instead of just moving forward and learning from whatever happens. The number of people choosing to ignore the actual context of the message is odd to me.


Equivalent_Light7046 t1_j7x9fem wrote

I miss having a team I miss building team after team of excellent warriors and the powers that are take them away over and over, it HAS very much disrupted our work and education flow. Lakota ARE now sharing NCBD Info thankfully. The Same Truth For Many veterans and Tbi.... my PTSD sufferering warriors lead many they know their truth. The TBI warriors get slapped by someone controlling them too often but it is slowly improving fyi. They help guide many survivors as well, we came a long way in the last 12 years I am happy and thankful to report. Virginia Slims Billboard We've Come a Long Way Baby!


janekay95 t1_j7tratc wrote

trying my best :(


Sad_Ad_5740 t1_j7u2dcp wrote

I dunno. Let me think about it.


Alastair_Cross t1_j7ucm88 wrote

Oh wow. I can’t believe it was so simple. All I have to do is stop! Wow! Such insight! Such wisdom!

This is fucking stupid.


Ghostawesome t1_j7uv4al wrote

It's not binary. As someone with at times very severe executive dysfunction there's still moments of clarity that the line of reasoning isn't going anywhere and any of the actions I've thought of is better than none. Just like when depressed it's about taking those moments of slight strength and do something, anything, to try to lift your self up even if just a normally small thing like getting out of bed.

Statements like this can be true while we still accept and are forgiving of the fact that as humans and individuals we all have limitations and struggles. We can realize that in part we are victims of our situations without letting it devalue our sense of self, in to victims without agency. Because that more than anything will let those small moments of clarity and strength go to waste and prolong and deepen our struggle.


JANGO- t1_j7v2kb3 wrote

Im gonna mcnuttttttt


Bedbouncer t1_j7v5yeh wrote

"Overthinking is the biggest waste of human energy. Trust yourself, make a decision, and gain more experience. There is no such thing as perfect. You cannot think your way into perfection, just take action"

-- General George Armstrong Custer


lasertitsnow t1_j7vyl2d wrote

Custer once had to be rescued because he accidentally killed his horse when he was alone and far from civilization.


katpadilla11 t1_j7xek2s wrote



BauerHouse t1_j7y19hb wrote

Say that to NASA employees.


onlooker61 t1_j7tnrtj wrote

"Overthinking things" is a phrase invented by those unanle to think things through to a logical conclusion


_Weyland_ t1_j7tousl wrote

Not really. Sometimes you have enough data to ask a question or make an assumption, but not enough data to make a conclusion. You can stop at that by concluding that you don't know enough to clear the uncertainty.

Or you can overthink stuff, put potential scenarios in place of unknown facts and generate answers and conclusions that may or may not be true and in turn create space for more questions and assumptions. And while it may feel like you're looking for answers, it doesn't bring you any closer to real answers.


v4m t1_j7tp5oe wrote

Just to say, rumination is well acknowledged by psychologists. Some people just don’t do it, and others spend a huge chunk of their lives ruminating. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think, it just means recognise when it’s of no benefit, and try to eliminate it.