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lucky_ducker t1_j7wrq3b wrote

Thank you for this. Never underestimate the power of encouraging a child.

I'm an old dude with a lot of life experience, and I am continually struck by the oftentimes extreme competence of children who are given good instruction, encouragement, and support.


HaysteRetreat t1_j7yex1z wrote

I wonder if it's just encouragement or this engaging with specificity as encouragement so a child can build an association between what they did with positive interactions . "When I draw it makes the babysitter happy and they play with me in a fun voice".
As opposed to "when I draw I am praised and called talented".

Basically focusing on how the child makes people feel instead of just how good or skilled the child is.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


bogeuh t1_j7yh4ql wrote

Not everyhting has the same effect on every person. Some need external motivation, for some it only works when it comes from within. Not only for praise and encouragement. Some kids rebel with strict upbringing, some become obedient followers. My personal choice is to add onto what the kids do. Broaden their horizon or the box they think in.


ihadtologinforthis t1_j7zj8oa wrote

I mean it could be both she is happy and was also glad her babysitter could find the same happiness in her art.

Encouragement and praise isn't always going to work if the kid just isn't interested. Maybe they'll keep going if it makes their parents happy but they won't be. Definitely didn't work on me lol I liked the activity but not enough to want to keep doing it just cause my parent liked it.


morostheSophist t1_j80iq4k wrote

I'd say it's both. The kid clearly enjoyed the fun voice, but understood the commentary as play (i.e. not real). That's why she'd ask at the end of the night, "did you really like it?" Then she got direct, explicit positive reinforcement.

And those direct comments were probably taken to heart. Kid probably used those to focus more on specific parts of her work. Little kids can be surprisingly perceptive long before they develop adult intellect, focus, and sensibilities.

I would definitely say this was an "it's both" situation.


herbtarleksblazer t1_j7vu2wk wrote

I'm not crying - you're crying!


Ov3rdose_EvE t1_j7w4ycz wrote

Damn these ninjas.


kerfuckled t1_j7z7cz0 wrote

My brain wants this to say “damn these onions” but my heart knows ninjas do sneak into peoples homes to make them cry.


earthvisitingalien t1_j7yl6g0 wrote

Why am I always slicing onions in the kitchen, when I read these stories? Always amazes me, how far kids can go and be brilliant at things, when you encourage their skills in something early and fan their passion and interest in it.


Erisian23 t1_j7wkxdo wrote

Onion cutting Ninja's in monochrome pink.


[deleted] t1_j7xg72p wrote

This is so beautiful. You never know how much of an impact kind words and deeds have on someone!!

Growing up my little cousin loved to sing, so we got her a karaoke machine and every time we’d hangout we would do karaoke. She grew up to be an incredible singer who has had quite a bit of success. It’s always been source of joy to hear her sing at family events remembering when we were kids.


tkp14 t1_j7xh0ej wrote

I have a step-granddaughter who is a very, very troubled kid. Just a laundry list of problems and my heart aches for her. My daughter (her step-mom) and I talk often about ways to help her. She’s a terrific artist and we tell her that but this gives me ideas about doing more. Thanks!


Great_Inflation_6892 t1_j7wpg2g wrote

How do I become able to write my own post ? Can someone help lol


CostiveFlicker t1_j7wsroq wrote



Great_Inflation_6892 t1_j7wvwt1 wrote

Yess that!! What’s that? And why call it “Karma?” Lol


Wartstench t1_j7x6dy0 wrote

You gotta get upvotes on comments you make to other people’s posts, but you can also get downvoted, so don’t be mean. Once you have enough “karma”/upvotes, you will be allowed to post. It’s called karma because good or bad votes come back to you depending on how much people like or dislike what you say. Happy karma hunting!

Edit: I’m not sure how much good karma you need to be able to post. Maybe someone else can answer that for you.


Great_Inflation_6892 t1_j7xylug wrote

Well, regardless that’s was rough of an explanation and Karma means positivity will return, so long as it’s given. Appreciate it! I’ll keep commenting until I fully grasp it 💪


Geo224 t1_j7xgyzy wrote

Its a damned shame so many children are raised in homes where its corporal punishment and rigid domineering and weaponized verbal attacks. The power of building is so much more effective...but it also requires more effort and REAL involvement and commitment


ThermalFlask t1_j7za4qt wrote

I often wonder how differently my life had gone if I didn't have to experience that crap as a child. Beatings, being sworn at, threats of disowning or even death if they're really angry, that stays with you for life

Gives me a LOT of appreciation for good supportive parents


Geo224 t1_j81uf1j wrote

Absolutely. I wonder the same. After having kids of my own and making my own mistakes...I can say that at the very least...nothing I ever did to my kids could be construed as depraved predatory psychological torture, premeditated aggravated assault with a weapon.


Ouch-MyBack t1_j7zr5t1 wrote

I am a good mom, I really am. My daughter is very bright, honour roll most of the time. Her grades started slipping a bit and I had to admit it was as much my fault as hers. I had just 'let her go', thought she'd be fine. Well surprise to me, she thrives on encouragement and needs guidance. They need you. Kids need you.


YahYahY t1_j7xwwt5 wrote

That kid’s name? Albert Einstein.


F0X_ t1_j7x2yc4 wrote

Was reading this between sets of squats at the gym and now I'm crying, fuck.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j7yicbn wrote

That's some advanced improv for a twelve-year-old babysitter.


morostheSophist t1_j80jajj wrote

One of my sister's friends used to do off-the-cuff "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" bits starting at like age seven. She wasn't super creative with it at first, but did a pretty passable imitation of Robin Leach's accent.


fatamSC2 t1_j7x6451 wrote

Probably fake, but cute story for sure


Archereus t1_j7w9j4a wrote

Why did they hide onions in this post.


JazzlikeInitiative25 t1_j7xr9x9 wrote

This kind of support at a young age is critical for children who want to go into the arts. Way to be that person, OP!!


Jainelle t1_j7xbk0i wrote

Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most.


rosewalker42 t1_j7y3oh3 wrote

This is how my BFF (an artist) talks to my daughter (also an artist, currently 8 years old). Every time I see this I think of them and I fucking love it.


ambidextriousowl t1_j7y96h2 wrote

I hate kids, but I will never be mean to them no matter how annoying they are because as a kid, I knew what it was like to have adults be straight up mean and I don’t want to be that person for someone else.


morostheSophist t1_j80k87w wrote

I never liked kids, and never wanted to have any, but I have nieces and nephews, and they're the most amazing things. I love spending time with them. They look up to me way more than I deserve, and being around them makes me a better person.

Still never want to have my own kids, though--they're freaking exhausting.

Good on you for making sure you model good behavior for kids. Being mean is a terrible influence. They have their entire lives to learn about cruelty; I don't want any of it to come from me. Sounds like you've made a similar decision.


atlgrip67 t1_j7xkjjh wrote

You never know the impact you have on people, both good and bad. Great story!


Gary_Vigoda t1_j7yybr9 wrote

I went to a Catholic high school first year of high school and it sucked. I'm not religious and was an edgy kid into punk and metal during the height of the Satanic Panic in the 80s. All my teachers hated me except for my art teacher who was also the religion teacher. I'd draw zombies and demons and monsters and she'd always give me great marks.

The next year I went to a public school. My art teacher was this gay dude who was a total dick because I wasn't good at following directions and doing his style. He got me kicked out.

I got sent to another religious school and the art teacher was this cool old hippy dude that would let you do your own thing but give you tips on how to do it.


UVSky t1_j7z9kzv wrote

Was told how smart and talented I was all the time — while in the same breathe being told I wasn’t living up to it. I was frequently told by adults in my life to stop wasting my time on whatever kind of art I was doing, that I was wasting my talents and should be drawing/doing insert whatever they value art instead.

The damage that did to my confidence, sense of self, and the amount of anxiety i have over my every move now has significantly effected my ability to thrive and be happy even into my mid 30s. It’s ironic how the adults in my life’s obsession with me “meeting my potential” cause the opposite to happen, they crushed it instead.

We should just support kids in what they are doing and personal growth and stop holding them to our own personal standards. Thanks for making this kid feel accepted and seen. It was clearly very meaningful to them to have your support.


ashesferns t1_j7xaqib wrote

Well now I’m sobbing


jly0ns t1_j7xq80z wrote

This is wonderful


JumpAndTurn t1_j7xun5g wrote

Ya, this made me cry🥹💚 Poignancy always wins👏


MerryFeathers t1_j7yzhgw wrote

Wish you had included that picture for us. Love what you did for her, the announcer’s voice and all that. Something she understood even though it wasn’t a sports event.. very clever and so very positive. ❤️


1SageK1 t1_j7z96rq wrote

One time my first grade teacher told me I could be first in class( I came second or third but I didn't really care about studying then). She is a religious Muslim and a very pious lady, she had this beautiful aura. From then on I became so interested in studies that I came first in all divisions of my grade. I eventually became a doctor and I owe a major part of my success to this angel. I am 35 now, we still keep in touch.


jeffreysw t1_j7zwecd wrote

As a Jeff, I'd like to point out that we did a good.


Saint_Ursula t1_j7zx1n9 wrote

This gave me all the feels. As an Educator it's easy to get caught up in the bureaucracy but these are the moments we live for.


NiteGlo77 t1_j804f28 wrote

every day i think about how different the world would be if everyone had decent parents and positive encouragement


[deleted] t1_j7yu8d7 wrote

Make me want to cry without telling me you make me want to cry


WhyUFuckinLyin t1_j7yw3ee wrote

I think I'm seeing a little blurry 🥺


rarasingh t1_j7z5ka8 wrote

I'm on the verge of tears


a_little_toaster t1_j7z897g wrote

"Thank you," it said,


How to tell this is an author roleplaying instead of a real story


CloudCitiesonVenus t1_j7za1xm wrote

twist: the baby was a time traveler from the future, humanely preventing the next Hitler


laber1 t1_j7zep1s wrote

Great job and thanks for sharing.


Katmandu10 t1_j7zk5za wrote

This moved me to tears. The beauty of it, the rarity of it.


youarestellarrr t1_j7zlvmh wrote

Omg this was so sweet I had a tear in my eye


platon20 t1_j800pag wrote

I think as kids all of us are looking for someone who believes in us before we believed in ourselves.


mriu22 t1_j806ame wrote

Fuck yeah. Dream builder right there. Good on you man.


FadedRxses t1_j806bp9 wrote

This shit got my crying in the club rn


MrTyranius t1_j80amlp wrote

Made me tear up from the wholesomeness. Thanks for sharing and for being that supportive person in her life.


Level_Variation8032 t1_j80aq9m wrote

I love this!!! Good for both of you that you were such a great babysitter!!!


Istoleyourkid t1_j80hggy wrote

This could be the thing we all needed today


BigTex88 t1_j80jtlm wrote

This 100% did not happen.


HopefulUnion t1_j88sxun wrote

Is it raining in here!??!?!?!??!?!?


NtRatEry t1_j7yi8y6 wrote

And everyone clapped


[deleted] t1_j7vzonx wrote



MyWolve t1_j7w58qu wrote

Translation: Love and support others to follow their passions so that THEY may be great ... Scrooge