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lucky_ducker t1_j7wrq3b wrote

Thank you for this. Never underestimate the power of encouraging a child.

I'm an old dude with a lot of life experience, and I am continually struck by the oftentimes extreme competence of children who are given good instruction, encouragement, and support.


HaysteRetreat t1_j7yex1z wrote

I wonder if it's just encouragement or this engaging with specificity as encouragement so a child can build an association between what they did with positive interactions . "When I draw it makes the babysitter happy and they play with me in a fun voice".
As opposed to "when I draw I am praised and called talented".

Basically focusing on how the child makes people feel instead of just how good or skilled the child is.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


bogeuh t1_j7yh4ql wrote

Not everyhting has the same effect on every person. Some need external motivation, for some it only works when it comes from within. Not only for praise and encouragement. Some kids rebel with strict upbringing, some become obedient followers. My personal choice is to add onto what the kids do. Broaden their horizon or the box they think in.


ihadtologinforthis t1_j7zj8oa wrote

I mean it could be both she is happy and was also glad her babysitter could find the same happiness in her art.

Encouragement and praise isn't always going to work if the kid just isn't interested. Maybe they'll keep going if it makes their parents happy but they won't be. Definitely didn't work on me lol I liked the activity but not enough to want to keep doing it just cause my parent liked it.


morostheSophist t1_j80iq4k wrote

I'd say it's both. The kid clearly enjoyed the fun voice, but understood the commentary as play (i.e. not real). That's why she'd ask at the end of the night, "did you really like it?" Then she got direct, explicit positive reinforcement.

And those direct comments were probably taken to heart. Kid probably used those to focus more on specific parts of her work. Little kids can be surprisingly perceptive long before they develop adult intellect, focus, and sensibilities.

I would definitely say this was an "it's both" situation.