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FullVinceMode t1_j7ygbuv wrote

Ironically the left image is much more how progress actually happens, with consistent effort


kuhkuhkuhK8 t1_j7zj00g wrote

I had the same thought, and then thought there should be a third 'curve' labeled "Actual Progress" that combines these two. The spots where effort goes down could still drop off, but the climbs back up would be tiny staircases. Being relatively more consistent overall is what matters.

Hills happen; one step at a time.


Original-Ad-4642 t1_j7z1uu3 wrote

Feeling that right now. That’s okay. I’ll just keep working consistently and learning from the setbacks.


BusNumber_11 t1_j7zlteo wrote

More power to you, learning from setbacks is key to success


Word_Terrible t1_j7zk5mh wrote

As a late-onset and not very good triathlete, I can verify that the picture on the right is not useful as a goal to aspire to. Yes, some things in life work like the picture on the right. But, as you say, the picture on the left is far more common and usually it's not our choice, as others have pointed out.

If there's a lesson, it's to encourage the person on the left. Are they frustrated? It appears so. Have they given up? Clearly not. Maybe they need to change their plan of attack. Maybe they can get some help. But it's more admirable in my opinion to persist in the face of adversity than when your efforts are consistently rewarded.


Eco_Chamber t1_j7zq4n7 wrote

Consistent effort is important to change. Habits aren’t really habits without that.

Progress is a consequence of that, and it’s a lot less consistent. You try and fail and find new and better ways of getting progress for the effort you put in.

The key is that progress doesn’t come without effort. Sometimes it doesn’t come with effort, but never without. And that’s ok. Progress is not as predictable.


MalteseGyrfalcon t1_j80xly6 wrote

Yeah I’m about done with the posts here.


Dornith t1_j80xxc2 wrote

It's starting to feel a lot less like motivation and a lot more like gatekeeping and missetting expectations.


[deleted] t1_j81citx wrote



FullVinceMode t1_j81cv0g wrote

Yeah it's actually just poorly drawn overall. I mean, at least make it so the left side isn't as high up on the Y axis as the right side.


Antzus t1_j83alfi wrote

I have to agree. To me this diagram (if we accept the right side is just an unattainable ideal) shows the importance of remaining flexible with our goals, lest a random set-back leaves us stuck somewhere beyond our ability.


Moosetappropriate t1_j80c6xm wrote

Yes. I was going to point that out. You can be perfectly consistent but you don’t control all the external variables.


bacteriarealite t1_j81snqm wrote

Yea I feel like the more motivating image would be to show both people at the end showing how both consistent and inconsistent efforts can get you to the same goal


a-kiwi-fan t1_j7yeryq wrote

This is depressing rather than motivating, at least to some. Basically, if consistency is hard to maintain, regardless if it is because of outer (jobs, tragedy) or inner (ADHD and other psychological or physical issues) influence, you're basically fucked.


comatose1981 t1_j7z1xqk wrote

As someone who struggles with long-term goals, i find focusing on short bursts of daily effort much easier to manage.


Thathappenedearlier t1_j826o9u wrote

Yeah I think this would have been more motivating if the left was big stairs and the right was just looking at one step


draculamilktoast t1_j7z0dt7 wrote

At least you know you physically cannot get things done for a reason. Maybe it's time to be mentally okay with it rather than try to force yourself to be a highly achieving slave for people who hate you.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_j7zeofv wrote

The people under whom whom you work for wages don't want the right staircase either. They want big steps all the time.

I imagine this is more for personal achievement.


catjuggler t1_j8176fx wrote

Same, besides that, I have external factors that make consistent effort impossible


Foxsayy t1_j81kqb4 wrote

If your progress never looks/looked like the image on the left, it'll probably never look like it does on the right ever.


Astro_Fizzix t1_j7yb6yl wrote

Hey the left is a good representation of ADHD. Basically being unable to make consistent progress.


Foxsayy t1_j81kvdn wrote

Let me tell you though, that if you scoot back far enough and look at your progress, it still looks more like a line than not. We just gotta keep trying and getting better.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j7z3kyx wrote

Stop posting things where the stairs or ladder are different and saying that the person climbing has control to change it.


NestroyAM t1_j7yu8yw wrote

Looks more like an inconsistency in obstacles that our red boy on the left had no control over when he was assigned the course. :(


sneaky_squirrel t1_j7zmrhw wrote


Money, connections, and dad can't give you an edge over people without those.

Those people, well not people..., are irredeemable garbage that "chose to be destined" to fail of their own free will.

If you are fuming at this point, I'm joking.

Rich kids have it so hard, and are so brave and heroic, screw poor people. Effort my ass, money makes right!


OvercomplicatedCode t1_j7yx5cl wrote

Hey friends, remember that the person on the left was maybe given a harder course and it will take them longer to climb, buf its not all bad. While the one on the right only had to walk and take it easy the one on the left learned to jump and climb over obstacles. In the future if both have to face such a difficult obstacles the one on the left will be much better equipped.


SilencioBlade t1_j7zkuz6 wrote

Yeah, no, you go at your own pace. Consistency is what works for you and the situation you're in. Progress is made when you decide to go forward, even if after stumbling backwards


Benefitzs t1_j7yyvfl wrote

Any effort is a win, even if it's only a little. Keep working your way up, you are doing great!


Odisher7 t1_j7zurdu wrote

I find that a bit negative. Then you have people that skip one day of gym and don't bother returning because they couldn't maintain their goal. Small/inconsistent progress is better than no progress, even if you skip a whole week, you can come back and keep going


al3237 t1_j7zty8s wrote

This must have been done by a freaking naive person for sure, life is nowhere nice enough to even allow the left to happen so easily


Grey_Jedi_7 t1_j80zfzn wrote

The image on the right is the lie they pitch you. Left is reality.


rustrider75 t1_j81a4d6 wrote

This is stupid. If you can't be consistent enough, don't try at all?


Takeyouonajourney9 t1_j7zldzb wrote

Consistency can also be one of those factors.. in a different format. Have you ever met someone who is a consistent asshole? They also no matter the practical application end up at the top of the stairs.

Consistently kind and nice sometimes gets you to the inconsistent stair set.


SlaterMacGyver67 t1_j7z4c28 wrote

Why does the inconsistent fellow have such long fingernails?


ender9492 t1_j810gk6 wrote

Progress is progress, no matter how messy.


ttystikk t1_j7yhjjg wrote

This is soooooo me...


clathekid t1_j7zhfkp wrote

I'm waiting for advice on something fairly urgent on Reddit. This shit pops up as a notification 🤦.


Testecles t1_j7zze1m wrote

not a fair comparison. The total height on the right side is less. Notice that the first stair ont he right is higher, and the finishing line is lower on the right, also. That explains why there is 1 extra stair to climb on the left, which makes it provably different, and harder, than the other. So... Nice try... and I like the idea... but please.. at least make the two scenarios the same heights...

And it's not consistency alone that matters. The real issues are; priorities, attitude, resources, and luck/circumstances. People consistently ignore dirt on stairs, and a lot of accidents happen from dusty stairs and people wearing socks. So consistently WRONG would be still consistent, and kill you. lol.

Also, who the fuck puts a flag pole on a stairway? That shit is dangerous. I mean.. here I am, trying to use the stairs, and BAM, flag pole to the face. Aww, shit. who put THAT there?



cybercherries t1_j807my7 wrote

Sometimes inconsistent efforts are all we’re capable of and that’s still progress as long as you keep trying!


nage_ t1_j8084y9 wrote

yes taking my time usually changes the problem entirely


learnfromfailures t1_j809c84 wrote

I finished my entire project using consistent efforts. It was a huge undertaking but one day at a time.


The_Frozen_Fire t1_j809mlz wrote

At the end of the day, whether consistent or not, all we need is us pushing ourselves to put in that effort. The graph may look inconsistent today .. but after some more days …when we zoom out and look at it…it’ll sure be more regular than irregular :)


Steelsly t1_j80euf4 wrote

This is the least motivating thing I've seen. So basically if u start but ur not consistent, at some point ull be fucked and cant go up from there? Might as well not start until ur are u can be consistent at it


Atosl t1_j80gzw3 wrote

To be true, the stairs should get ever so slightly higher with each day of consistent effort.


jkjk119 t1_j80k2k5 wrote

So if you suddenly make a great progress, you can't move forward??


Rikai_ t1_j80qwqi wrote

This is more demotivating than motivational:/


Alain-Christian t1_j80vl7y wrote

For a motivational subreddit the comments are toxic as hell LMAOOO


taylorswiftwaxstatue t1_j80wivz wrote

Naw, why is it implying that you can't get back on track if your efforts are inconsistent. Simply not true


MACMAN2003 t1_j80x5i9 wrote

ok so how the fuck do i get consistent then


dontsaymango t1_j80y0ii wrote

That just looks like:

Left side: regular shitty life for most people

Right side: my dad gave me a small loan of a million dollars life


Spatularo t1_j81cls9 wrote

Dang all this time all I could have rebuilt the stairs?


SvLyfe t1_j81f9ux wrote

Me at the gym


[deleted] t1_j81ifhz wrote

Everyone is misinterpreting this as results. Consistent effort does count for a lot. It might mean nothing one day and everything the next.


superdopes t1_j81jjyd wrote

i find i make more progress when i care less


cooljoe123457 t1_j81st88 wrote

What a poorly executed analogy holy shit


SadnessMonster t1_j81sucx wrote

-------------------------------- No effort.


Kelli217 t1_j81xu7x wrote

That seems more about the circumstances and obstacles than the efforts.


im_weirdvoid t1_j81ytv8 wrote

That’s why you need to continue that Duolingo Streak don’t be like left Leonard be like right Richard


BennyOcean t1_j820xeb wrote

Guy on the left could step back up a step then jump off to grab the ledge.


WhatTheFox_Says t1_j822fdm wrote

Seems like inconsistent obstacles and consistent obstacles.


MountainHipie t1_j822ijd wrote

This image reminds me of that game "block dude" from the ti83 calculators when I was in high school.


wilderCu t1_j828chz wrote

Looks like inconsistent effort gets you further and faster. More realistic too.


SecretRecipe t1_j82g8es wrote

I don't know about you guys but from this picture it looks like Inconsistent Effort goes higher faster.


Hygro t1_j85bzyg wrote

Left started lower, goes higher, is a more defensible position, looks more fun, and potentially faster.


wigglerworm t1_j82gqay wrote

You don’t need to be consistent to make progress. And it’s harmful to think you have to. Life happens, you may get side tracked but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make progress