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gmrpnk21 t1_j83sg4s wrote

I know someone that uses this as an excuse to be an awful person. Probably not the best advice for some people.


newpinkbunnyslippers t1_j862y0m wrote

Literally this.

Whenever you have someone being a complete and utter idiot, they always justify it by "just being true to their honest selves".
Social correction is a vital tool for existing in a society.
Doing whatever you want and not caring what other people think is not a positive trait.
You should care what others think.
Anything else is narcissism.


gmrpnk21 t1_j864u9g wrote

Yeah, the argument of "some people are going to think I'm shitty" is not a justification for actually being shitty.


Corno4825 t1_j86fet1 wrote

Well, I don't know if there's a single person where there is a unanimous consensus that they're not a shitty person.

Dolly Parton maybe.


MangoCats t1_j89vci3 wrote

Oh, Dolly is a deeply flawed individual, wonderful to the core, but not to be emulated in many ways.


Corno4825 t1_j89zi7a wrote

How so?


MangoCats t1_j8a6r61 wrote

The repeated surgeries for her stage image for a start, that's not something I would call a role model for young girls. She also has a problem with being humble (for instance, playing concerts for small audiences at small venues) - which worked out for her, but isn't something everyone could emulate. But: we're all human, and on balance she's a hell of a lot better person than most of us.


MangoCats t1_j89v4sb wrote

And yet, in all things find balance. There are plenty of times when social pressures should be resisted, even pushed back against, because the social pressures are themselves negative traits.

Having a clear view of (and acting on) what is good and bad is more important than whatever the majority are saying or doing.


newpinkbunnyslippers t1_j8fpq32 wrote

No, there are absolutely 0 times when "you", an individual, are justified in defying the majority norm. It's only ever a question of not consulting a large enough sample size.

If your 4 friends are idiots, no, you shouldn't listen to them.
But if 10.000 unaffiliated strangers say that it is, in fact, you who are the idiot; then, you are.

And that is always the case, simply for the fact that ethics and morals - the very things that decide what "doing the right thing" even means, are societal constructs. They are made up by humanity on a group basis and, historically, peer enforced.

If, at any time, you decide that "you" know better than everyone else - you need your ego checked.


MangoCats t1_j8gbh57 wrote

You are going to have a very bad time when the issues split near 50/50, and your whole theory basically says: F the minorities, they must comply with the majority or else.


piratz86 t1_j868pm9 wrote

Well that's their choice to be awful. To each their own. It's sucks, but what can you do?


we_invented_post-its t1_j8dcj38 wrote

I find it odd that so many people are so eager to shoot down motivational quotes on a sub about getting motivated. It’s like hanging out in the labor and delivery ward of the hospital and reminding all the new moms that everyone dies someday. Like, yeah… that’s true… but like, is that necessary in any way? Naw. Not really. Not at all.


gmrpnk21 t1_j8ddsdl wrote

Maybe because this isn't motivational, it's enabling. "Do whatever you want" isn't beneficial, or conducive to being better. Pointing out that something is nonsense and doesn't fit a sub is pretty common, regardless of which one something is posted in.


we_invented_post-its t1_j8diohe wrote

My point is, if you don’t think people should be assholes, then why put a negative spin on a positive post in a sub dedicated to motivation?


gmrpnk21 t1_j8dnppw wrote

Because it isnt positive, and it's detrimental "advice". You're judged by actions. Strive to do better and don't worry about what other people say about it. As long as you are working towards continual improvement, you're always being a better you.


we_invented_post-its t1_j8dok4j wrote

That’s your perception.


gmrpnk21 t1_j8dvb6u wrote

No, it's reality. "Do whatever you want" is terrible advice. Hard stop. It's right up there with "positive vibes only" and "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". That's not how people grow or overcome anything.


[deleted] t1_j8eu97l wrote



gmrpnk21 t1_j8fule9 wrote

No, I don't subscribe to toxic positivity or stupid statements telling you to do whatever you want. You'll be judged by people for what you do, and that's sometimes all that's keeping someone from doing terrible shit. That's a fact, not an opinion.


Jestersage t1_j85vayq wrote

Well, they will be justified by faith.

I want to claim that's a joke, but I am starting to wonder if that passage is literally what that means.


RandomPhail t1_j86ql0e wrote

That’s why I follow it up with “so long as you’re not breaking any laws or infringing upon anyone’s rights”


FluffyBoi1997 t1_j88bo2h wrote

So true, this mindset will just encourage more evil people to be more evil coz yeah, either way ppl with judge them.


smoovebb t1_j84h8f0 wrote

That messages a very confused because they will judge you based on what you do. Judgment is not an abstract thing that is disconnected from behaviors.


LynxKuroneko t1_j83sycn wrote

One day humans will understand phrasing and context. Until then...

Do what you want! 🤭


CXyber t1_j850dln wrote

Instructions unclear, currently awaiting my court date


am_n00ne t1_j84z9q2 wrote

Proceed to commit humanity crime


TBoneBaggetteBaggins t1_j84pvcg wrote

So...if you are going to be judged, it would best not be a completely selfish and self-serving person.


alterector t1_j84wfed wrote

Who will judge me? And why should I care?


OJimmy t1_j85a25t wrote

"Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want" Harvey Specter


subtlebulk t1_j85qz6y wrote

Also, a lot if people seem to think people are judging them much more harshly and much more frequently than they actually are. The truth is, people are thinking about themselves most of the time, just like you are. They’ve got their own problems. Be kind to other people, and you’ll find it’s easier to be kind to yourself as well


Sepidy t1_j860umi wrote

It reminds me the story of the father, son and the donkey!


EldritchAnimation t1_j86azsk wrote

This is definitely one of those "context matters" types of things.


Space_Olympics t1_j851w1w wrote

Yeah like being an anti semite like Kyrie Irving


luk_nguyen t1_j85kiqu wrote

This quote has no idea how harshly I judge myself


empleat t1_j85nsir wrote

Nietzche - slave morality.


cutesandra8 t1_j85thmz wrote

Not the best advice for some people......most people take the advice too serious they end up falling in the side


genuinely_insincere t1_j85twop wrote

And on the other hand, avoiding judgment is not being manipulative


Fancy_Female t1_j85vosw wrote

Aight this is my sign to murder people n sheit


pakZ t1_j86b882 wrote

This is a stupid advice..


ptapobane t1_j86fqdg wrote


Ok whatever you say


cangarejos t1_j871nml wrote

Great advice. Genocide it is.


cindybubbles t1_j87mtsb wrote

As long as you don't break the law.


FluffyBoi1997 t1_j88bqo8 wrote

I only wish it is that easy to just dump away all that the hesitation on the things that u wanna do in life


Krairy t1_j9xw3rm wrote

Tell it to the politicians you didn't elect.. ;)


SubstantialGas6185 t1_j85zkbi wrote

This is where you tattoo something vulgar on your neck, put a metal spike through your nose, and then complain when you can never get a good job lol


basepla7e t1_j862a53 wrote

Go on a murder rampage!



kutkun t1_j886uay wrote

Shamelessness, irresponsibility, indignity, insolence, and impertinence on an advertorial board.

Seems like a call to murder, rape, steal, and aggression.


Alekillo10 t1_j85a0nl wrote

Nah, that “Do as thou wilt” bs is not good either.


ttystikk t1_j83pjjs wrote

Soooooo much this!