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RTwhyNot t1_j8aded3 wrote

Some people don’t have the luxury of this choice.


myebubbles t1_j8an7dx wrote

Yeah if you have a drug or spending problem, you always work hard..


RTwhyNot t1_j8apbo1 wrote

Or if you are poor


SirVanyel t1_j8asw2g wrote

Spending time with people you love can oftentimes be free, or at worst pretty cheap.


Crustythe1 t1_j8b2awq wrote

It's the working long hours at multiple jobs part of being poor that cuts into your leisure time.


SirVanyel t1_j8b5ao7 wrote

I get it, I'm trying to adjust to only having about 3 or so hours at home per day, time management is hard, but setting goals and priorities helps a lot


myebubbles t1_j8b6yaq wrote

Scary stuff..keep learning more skills.