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Valdamier t1_j8czd5j wrote

I dunno, that seems a bit binary.


no-kooks t1_j8e933p wrote

It is binary. If you’re dead, none of that other shit matters.


_JohnWisdom t1_j8eit3s wrote

Health too isn’t binary. Also, the fuck is family doing in 4th place?


BlackCat550 t1_j8enuqk wrote

Technically, it's binary so it's in 2nd place and dreams is in 1st.


tycooperaow t1_j8fphos wrote

So health is least important in that case?


BlackCat550 t1_j8fy8yo wrote

More like, has the highest value but hardest to obtain I think.

00001 = 1 00010 = 2 10000 = 16.


tycooperaow t1_j8fyzij wrote

still wouldn’t make sense because you’d need work before you get money. (Yes sometimes you get the money then work). 90% of the time you do work first then get rewards.


red_echer t1_j8gd33j wrote

I have 1 person, no other family, and we're doing just great. However... the zeroes are weird. Dreams? Seriously? What about charity/giving/outward love/kindness? the whole graphic is messed up lol.


SamGewissies t1_j8hhjol wrote

It is actually in second place. It's zero increased the value by 900, while money only increased it by 90 and work by 9. Dreams increase it by 9000 making it the second most important in this stack, right after the health 1. Still it is a weird and unclear representation.


DecalArtist t1_j8di9qc wrote

This is a terrible design, who ranked family and dreams so much further back and placed priority on money and being a slave to work?? Maybe I just don't get it.


TheEternalKhaos t1_j8dyrml wrote

I mean, even in a hunter gatherer society, work just means a different kind of work and money is just... food and shit I guess lmao

Although, if I were to guess it's coz before starting a family, you do kind of want to be financially stable first. It's probably not thought out all too much and is just there for the sake of something filling out the space lmao


maniacalmustacheride t1_j8e3wwc wrote

In a hunter/gatherer society, most of the time was spent together. Women and men helped gather, though women did the bulk and the food processing. Taking down a large animal was calorie taxing, and there was no refrigerator so meat was a feast time while gathering still happened, and was sorted and stored, and then the group was back together to a) rest after the hunt or b) be a woman and continue the constant maintenance of children, food, clothing, etc.

Like lions, men brought food to buy in to society that was matriarchal. You see it in elephants and deer, younger men/older boys are expected to look after smaller children when the adults are doing the heavy lifting. Society only demands work first instead of family because that’s what’s been sold to you and now you’re stuck in the system. Having a family, having a tribe, biological or not, strengthens the group. If you can hunt and she can fish and I can cook and she can weave, we’re okay, as long as we work together.


DifferentRegular4549 t1_j8f1i5w wrote

We evolved family/social dynamics to facilitate "work" (i.e. not starve or die of exposure) not the other way around though.

The problem with the modern economy based on currency and exchange value is we are alienated from our labor as well as the traditional sorts of family units that our brains evolved to thrive in. Not that the world demands work first - because that's always been the case, the world is a hard fucking place.


Whole_Ad_6484 t1_j8hq3ql wrote

Not all work the Universe, God, Nature, ancestors or whatever you'd like to call it..... Has called us to do a job/work that is a paycheck provider position. Our work or our occupations in society are shaping what our future outcome will be in our universe's. Sometimes the most important work is done when off the paycheck money system's clocks. I absolutely feel personally that working together and work for each other as a whole is the most attribute to have as a whole. Keep up the good work at all points of our lives and watch what our futures can hold for all walks of life. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Zyxyx t1_j8gyqbs wrote

>as long as we work together.

So, Work should be placed higher than family, because as you said, the family can only exist if the work is done.


>If you can't hunt and she can't fish and I can't cook and she can't weave, we’re not okay


drphungky t1_j8dw31w wrote

>This is a terrible design, who ranked family and dreams so much further back and placed priority on money and being a slave to work?? Maybe I just don't get it.

The idea is you need what's on the left to succeed at what's on the right. It's not about what you consider important, it's more order of events. So you need health to be able to even be good at your job, you need to be good at your job to make money, you need money to support and let your family grow, and you need a supportive family to actualize your dreams. It's not an alternative Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.

So there is something to be said about family being so far to the right, but anyone who has a family and does not have money will know that in real life it does cause lots of stress. There are plenty of happy poor families and unhappy rich ones so it's not a perfect analogue, but there's at least a decent nugget of truth there that anyone who has tried to find childcare can support.

Dreams is a little weirder because you don't need family per se to fulfill your dreams, but it definitely helps to have health and money (which implies job). If you called family like, "responsibilities to others" it would probably be a good graphic because you need to have a handle on your responsibilities to fully dedicate yourself to your dreams. But in lieu of that wordiness and awkward turn of phrase, family is a decent shorthand for people we have a responsibility to.


JDBCool t1_j8dyok6 wrote

Looking at it from another perspective.

What if "Family" is starting your own, not "family that raised you".

I would NOT want to raise a kid being stressed by money being tight. Like you said, there's poor families that are happy, and rich families that are not.

But not having that money to pay for opportunities/experiences and having them miss out would leave a bad aftertaste if they could not sign up for something like clubs/things they enjoyed. I.e sports.

Like, not being stingy with money but not over spending either. But at least a bottomline would be: at least 1/8th of monthly earnings after tax deduction being used as "disposable" would be a good measure for family spending.


more_walls t1_j8dswu2 wrote

The maker of the meme isn't fully out of the capitalist wagie kiss-up mentality


MinnieShoof t1_j8eissw wrote

Dreams, typically, are one of those things that you get to focus on last, even in a people-centric society. Dreams and self-actualization are suppose to be life goals. People now adays conflate dreams with wants. It's rather sad. But I fully agree about the displacement of work and money above family.


captnmr t1_j8esu9j wrote

This is a binary representation and money is a proxy for shelter, food, and other basic needs. It’s saying that you need food and shelter before you need family. Likewise, it’s not saying to quit your job and become a gym bro.


DifferentRegular4549 t1_j8f0yk8 wrote

Looks like a reasonable hierarchy to me, without work you have no money and without money you can't take care of family


justasmalltowndad t1_j8g40u5 wrote

I'm pretty sure they just placed the other things in random order, not thinking about how it would be interpreted.


ALittlePeaceAndQuiet t1_j8gykq9 wrote

I think what it might be saying is wait to stay a family until you have enough money to do so comfortably. Not well designed, and not super realistic anyway. But that's what I figured they were going for.


MortLightstone t1_j8h5kbz wrote

well if you work all the time, but everything is so expensive you still can't afford anything, then you can't raise a family or pursue your dreams

Poverty will kill you


Whole_Ad_6484 t1_j8hp8ag wrote

LOL very well said. My thoughts are

  1. Health ( mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally)
  2. Family (blood or non blood related)
  3. Socially (Open to every walk and way of life)
  4. Productive/Working (Not all IMPORTANT Jobs provide $) And so on......

ChumoroCat t1_j8deo2z wrote

Why is family second last. 😢


NorthCatan t1_j8dpox3 wrote

Work and Money over Family and Dreams. How sad.


Analtrain t1_j8du1ah wrote

Definetly the safest option. Work can't hurt you like family can. Can't fault anyone for chasing their version of happiness.


DevAstral t1_j8dyi2f wrote

I think it's all relative. Family can't hurt you like work can either. There's no safer option, it just depends on your own preference really.


Nytonial t1_j8dzzvy wrote

Because you'd be pretty shit at starting a family if you can't feed your kids.

Back in caveman times, replace work for hunting and shelter building, and money with the thing you hunted and shelter you built.


Esarus t1_j8dhf2f wrote

Why is dreams so low? This post is stupid


Nytonial t1_j8e07sw wrote

It's not a list of important to unimportant.

It's saying if you don't have what's on the left, it's very difficult to get the next one.

You can't start a family without being able to feed your kids (usually via money obtained by working)


4354574 t1_j8f0o4t wrote

Yeah. It’s not a hierarchy of values, it’s a hierarchy of needs. As someone with a lot of health struggles who spends all their money on healthcare, yeah, I have no family, no 'career' and can’t pursue my dreams.


dodexahedron t1_j8d8ppc wrote

And why can't any of those other things be any value other than 0? Why does the number specifically have to be 10000? This is really weird and arbitrary.


Padhome t1_j8daxg7 wrote

It's a weird hierarchy to where apparently family comes after work, as if they all abandon you


Salishseahound t1_j8dm791 wrote

Without work there can't be a family.


JDBCool t1_j8dz92x wrote

Looking at perspective of "raising your own family".

Yeah, I can see it. How are you paying for child support.

If it's talking about "family that raised you", it could be wedged between work and money.


Nytonial t1_j8e0fky wrote

I'd put the family that raised you before everything else, as that would play the largest part in developing a healthy person.


danielv123 t1_j8deh2m wrote

Also, 1000 > 10??? And how can money be prioritized below work? I wouldn't work if not for money.


YouDownWithTPP t1_j8dlxw8 wrote

This is dumb. Some people are born with poor health (lifelong illness, physical disability, mental conditions, etc) yet in many cases, they’re able to live fulfilling lives revolving around family, work, etc.


[deleted] t1_j8dtczn wrote



Nytonial t1_j8e0n5d wrote

They are far down because you can't start a family if you can't feed your kids...


[deleted] t1_j8e8jbt wrote



Nytonial t1_j8eassy wrote

I don't think the post is to try and convince you to do that.

Personally, I don't think having kids is in my future, so I'll take the promotion. Not over achieving my dreams though, but to help achieve them.


obi-jean_kenobi t1_j8ecsov wrote

Family should also include your relations, not just your spouse and kids. Your relations should be a higher priority imo because when you lose your work or your health it is those people who will support you.


Nytonial t1_j8edt41 wrote

My understanding is this just means a family you create, rather than the one you were born into.

And it's not about priority, you can change your family to a better one if they are abusive. This is about moving forward with what you have.

I would put existing family friends before health, but not an absolute requirement (as parentless people can have good health and the others) but your parents do an awful lot to influence whether you develop into a healthy person or not.

Being reliant on family support is not a good place to be. Better than on the streets sure, but being reliant on your parents at age 35 to feed and house you is no way to start having and raising kids for example.


4354574 t1_j8f0w2l wrote

I am, and haven’t.


YouDownWithTPP t1_j8f7jl7 wrote

I am sorry to hear that. Hence why I said “many”, but I know very well it’s not all. I don’t know to what degree you are struggling, nor do i claim to understand anyone else’s experience, but I have 2 disabilities that are slowly pushing me to the periphery of life’s edge (socially, financially, etc.) and it is really difficult.


4354574 t1_j8fcft3 wrote

That’s why I think this doodle is generally accurate. The first one is the foundation on which all the others can be built.

I spend every spare penny I have on my health, have run into debt, have fought like hell and it still isn’t enough. I have no career, no family. All these people saying health is overvalued should reevaluate their perspective.


YouDownWithTPP t1_j8frmmb wrote

You are right. That's a really fair point, for an extremely unfair situation. I am sorry and hope that there's a turning of the tide that makes life easier for you.


Quanalack t1_j8ds2om wrote

Work and money over family and dreams. Sad boi


Nytonial t1_j8e0j20 wrote

Try raising a family and chasing your dreams without food. Difficult.


Nytonial t1_j8e1krp wrote

The amount of people who don't understand the message and trying to interpret it as a number or a list of most important to least important is shocking...


You generally need to be healthy to work.

You generally need to work to have money

You need money (or some form of possessions) to be able support a family, especially starting one and having children to feed/develop.

In most cases people aspire to have a family to fulfill part of their dreams, and to support them. If a family isn't part of your dreams you probably still need the previous 3 to achieve whatever else it is you wish from life.


Wheist t1_j8dhe8u wrote

There's no health if you have 0 money on places like the US.


amy33amy33 t1_j8e3l4c wrote

Kinda ableist but okay


FanndisTS t1_j8ev49h wrote

Kinda? I'm barely even disabled and this is the first thing I've seen in a while that's actually offended me


SkippyBojangle t1_j8e5v67 wrote

Saying amongst docs: health is a crown on the well person's head that only the ill person sees.


4354574 t1_j8f1cad wrote

Couldn’t be more true. Most people commenting here have obviously never been chronically ill.


waterinhere2 t1_j8cy071 wrote

Without family, Health is zero

Whats the point of health if you got no one to share it with

People close to you are what truly matters, everything else is zero


ixramuffin t1_j8d7mhd wrote

You can find someone to share with, but once you lose your health you don't get it back.


waterinhere2 t1_j8d7zr6 wrote

So? Whats the point of health


Saxamaphooone t1_j8dkgxu wrote

As someone with multiple debilitating chronic illnesses, even if I didn’t have any family I would still MUCH prefer being able to function like a normal human.


adventuretime_clay t1_j8de8kq wrote

YOU are the most important person in your life! If you have and enjoy your own company, family/friends become optional


DecalArtist t1_j8diths wrote

I believe diffrently, I care more for others than myself but I agree I can't take care of others without my health. Still a very stupid design


JoosyLuicer t1_j8dk3az wrote

Some families are pretty toxic in their interactions - they slowly destroy a person's mental health.


MadWorldX1 t1_j8dr2xz wrote

This...this is not motivating.


Upst8r t1_j8dv10y wrote

I'm getting over COVID. Definitely not wealthier.


Dumpster_slut69 t1_j8e81f5 wrote

It's true, the sick person just wants to get better.


[deleted] t1_j8ecsfz wrote

I think the point OP is trying to make is that without good health, you’ll have none of the other things. In other words: prioritize your health so you won’t lose everything else as your health declines.


No-Assignment6962 t1_j8di0r7 wrote

Right. So I am doing exercise everyday. At least 20 minutes. This gives me a light feel of the body. Hope everyone have a chance. Like me or so.


Nexusaurus t1_j8doz4g wrote

But thanks to the medical system in the US, I need wealth for health so I must work even in bad health to potentially one day afford good health.


wallmenis t1_j8dpram wrote

One number lower in binary and you got everything else instead. Looks like health requires a lot more effort.


Threezeley t1_j8dptll wrote

Why is health 1 but everything else is 0? Shouldn't it be 11111


ChatGPT4 t1_j8dufyu wrote

The trick is all values are inter-dependent. Also, not limited to a binary digit. Obviously, with zero health you are dead. 1 / 10 (decimal!) is not good, I'd say it would be pretty bad ;) But 1.00 as being 100% healthy is awesome and pretty uncommon.

Zero money is not that bad - considering the value can be negative! ;) I wonder if the family can be represented by a negative number. I guess if it's toxic then I'd write it negative, so zero is not the worst.

IDK about work - probably having zero work would be at least boring. Also uncommon. You don't need to have a job to have work to do.

Dreams - it's like the exciting force to "farm" the other stats. It should go first, because without dreams you don't set goals, then the system naturally falls apart without the proper maintenance.

The main point is however obvious, you can have zero everywhere but the health - you can still play, HP = 0 => game over.


Burnstryk t1_j8dug39 wrote

Health is absolutely number 1, the rest depend on the person. If you've ever had a chronic illness for a while you'll really appreciate what good health means


4354574 t1_j8fbyt1 wrote

Almost none of these people appear to have ever actually had a chronic illness.


samhk222 t1_j8dv7w7 wrote

1 dream is 10001 and that's seems low if i already have 10000


LazyLich t1_j8dvf4g wrote

but with zero money, your health will eventually go negative


joemondo t1_j8dvpa8 wrote

Not only does this do a terrible job conveying anything, what can be made of it is even worse.


Yue2 t1_j8dzem6 wrote

Angry Alabama noises


DillIshOn t1_j8e6kev wrote


Problem solved.


garry4321 t1_j8e842m wrote

No offence, but this is the stupidest fucking "motivational poster" I've seen.

All the zeros mean that this person is unemployed, has no money, has no family and no dreams. So sure, health is all they have left. Kinda seems like their life is shit to be honest, and probably want that 1 to be a 0.

So, everyone else who has any of those things, would have more than 0, and thus take away health and there is still a number. Therefore by this posters own logic, you can be completely fine without your health if you still have any of the other things. Hell, just having a job gives you a number that beats having both money and a family?

What the fuck is this garbage?


TreemanTheGuy t1_j8e8i3u wrote

I've got 0 work, 0 money, 0 family, and 0 dreams. But darn, do I have 1 health.


Zeidra t1_j8efqxs wrote

I uuuuuuuuh have money and dreams, but not the others. How come?


IJustBeTalking t1_j8efw1s wrote

ppl in these comments dont get that the order should not matter after the 1 that’s the point, once you have health, you can do all those other things in any order


WolandPT t1_j8ehn50 wrote

0 work, 0 money, 0 family, 0 dreams?? kill me now, I don't need you health!


cartesian_dreams t1_j8eid32 wrote

Without 1, everything else is only zero because the person who drew it already decided they are 0 with a 1 for health.


Cmgordon3 t1_j8ep8vj wrote

Yes, I'll take 10 work please and 100 money


ppardee t1_j8epj2r wrote

So... work is a higher place value than family?

Frankly, I'd rather have shitty health and an amazing family than the other way around. I guess to each their own, eh?


AddaleeBlack t1_j8erz2t wrote

A traditional phrase actually considered


for its meaning and value on reddit?!


Daddy616 t1_j8ew2fx wrote

The fact that work and money come before family and dreams really bothers me.

Fuck this era of humanity.

Born on a world of abundance then making each other pay to live here.

Having the audacity to carry on the casual saying "you have to earn a living" implying you don't deserve to live here other wise is a monument to how Fucking stupid we all are.


LunchPatterson t1_j8f75zx wrote

So what happens when healthcare isn't affordable?


Gnemlock t1_j8f7n5p wrote

The order of pretty much everything else bar health is a bit demotivating. Lol.

Without work there is no family.

Without wealth there is no dreams.


MeMeMenni t1_j8f8eeu wrote

A lot of people saying it's a terrible design, but it's not stairs where family comes after money. All it's saying is that if the health is gone, it'll be very difficult to enjoy any of these other things. Because if the 1 of health becomes 0, everything else listed stops representing value and stats representing non-value instead.

Of course health is not binary and nothing is ever that simple, but what did you expect from a motivational poster.


kolmiw t1_j8fbvkt wrote

So 1 Money is better than 1 Family?


D3Seeker t1_j8flchz wrote

Finally, something I can agree with


roland_right t1_j8fsjut wrote

Zero money, no job, totally alone and no dream that things could improve. And the worst possible level of health a living person could have.

Poor bastard.


Blockboxx t1_j8ftu0z wrote

Nothing Stronger Than Family


ragergage t1_j8fxi8q wrote

Priorities seem to be in order


jrtts t1_j8g48ed wrote

I got no work, no money, no family, no dreams, but I still got health, so there's that :)


SyntheticSlime t1_j8g9es5 wrote

I like that money is 10x more important than family. Don would not approve.


qu19l3y t1_j8gealq wrote

Shit. I must not be healthy


PosNeigh t1_j8gmis1 wrote

stares in multiple sclerosis


TheEMCmusic t1_j8gmz1h wrote

This is more r/GetExistentialDread than r/GetMotivated.


Krapmeister t1_j8gx6ij wrote

Wealth is health, if you don't have money you can't afford decent health care


x6comix t1_j8h1o56 wrote

Work should be last


XPEZNAZ t1_j8h3xz8 wrote

Who has work and money before family?

Wether it's blood related or life long friends, having supportive people around you is the most important thing, even more than health, I had a health issue that had me bedridden for a year and I don't know if I would've had the power to live through it without the support of my family.

Having a supporting environment is the best thing you can get.


kefvedie t1_j8h7evq wrote

I feel like in the US money should be at 1. No money you lose your house, can't pay medical bills if needed, no house and you might lose your job .


XeitPL t1_j8h7wup wrote

Idk, all I can see is 16


Bronze5yrsplus t1_j8hf248 wrote

How can such an Americanised infographic be so unamerican. Money before health, because if you have no money you are dead if your health fails. Quite honestly this is demotivating as fuck.


deko_dexon t1_j8hgq3t wrote

without luck everything going to be 0


MidnightWolf000 t1_j8hhizh wrote

It's looks like shitty motivation for cheapest workers like some production. Forget about your dreams and family. Stay healthy to work as much as you can till you will be useful


AcherusArchmage t1_j8hlcra wrote

This is binary now, so you're healthy but everything else is turned off.


LiemAkatsuki t1_j8hu0tf wrote

Is gout count as not healthy? I know a lot of successful and happy mens with gout.

The number 1 should be life, not health. No one's health is perfect, so this bs is nonsense.


LtSapungan t1_j8ii65x wrote

I don't quite understand.


Etrius_Christophine t1_j8j3qph wrote

10k seems ridiculously cheap for healthcare.. in the US of course.


ThatOneDphDude t1_j8lajsg wrote

0 Work?

0 Money?

0 Family?

0 Dreams?



FortniteAbobus t1_j90wg5g wrote

I have 0.63 health. It means I have 0.630000 of it all.