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Valdamier t1_j8f002p wrote

Nope, no they wouldn't, but at least I've learned some things.


imtoofargone12345 t1_j8fccs8 wrote

As someone who just got out of a 5 year beautiful relationship with someone that I wanted to spend my dying dies with, no, my past self would be scared


SunChipMan t1_j8fjgvj wrote

comments are better motivation than the OP


Mugwumpen t1_j8fne6o wrote

No, they would not; in fact, 5 years ago I was at the brink of going down the path that would lead me to where I am today and had I forseen my current position I would have made some different choices. 5 years of my life. Gone. I can only hope they have prepared me for the 5 years that are to come, and that they will be better.


JoosyLuicer t1_j8fpj7n wrote

Proud? Nah they'd laugh at me (but keeping a straight face, to respect elders). Then they (I) would realise it's silly to take offence from myself, young-me would grab old-me's hat and run away knowing how slow and weak I am.

Still, maybe the effect is the same. I need to train more, to chase myself down.


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hearnia_2k t1_j8fryin wrote

I very highly doubt it.

This is the opposite of motivating.


yahoo14life t1_j8fyb9k wrote

I would be amazed :) even more proud of myself even more today


Babock93 t1_j8g164i wrote

Tell that to John Tory . This is dumb


Accomplished_Ad2599 t1_j8g2f5s wrote

5 year younger me would say “damn dude buy some hair dye” but other than that yeah he’d be proud! 😀


al3237 t1_j8g539a wrote

Nop, sadly. My life aince born was always a sliding down so it never "got better"


HeftySkirt617 t1_j8g9fcy wrote

Eh. I'm still exactly where I was 5 years ago... plus some medical debt that won't be paid off for another 9-18 years. Appreciate the meme but you gotta put more effort into it than that.


2milkshakes1straw t1_j8gbr50 wrote

If my life were actually better now then I wouldn't be on a motivation sub trying to get through each day. Bit of a paradox I guess


GAAPInMyWorkHistory t1_j8gk5dr wrote

I make way more money than I did 5 years ago but I’ve gained a ton of weight. I call bullshit on this post lol


mudokin t1_j8gkklx wrote

My older version would not be proud, he would understand, but proud? No sir.


bigedthebad t1_j8gm8bm wrote

I’ve been retired for 7 years, still doing great.


Blankmindplasty t1_j8gpk2m wrote

No version of me is ever proud of any other version of me. I only stay alive because I have children to raise.


analogista t1_j8grlln wrote

This is one of those pseudo-motivations that will apply to some people and will decidedly NOT apply to many. In fact, it can be so perfectly wrong that I can imagine some people being positively discouraged by it. Geez, I hate these things when they do that.


Sandpaper_Pants t1_j8gsmab wrote

If teen Ted Cruz saw himself today, teen Ted Cruz would end his life.


LeCordonB1eu t1_j8gunwo wrote

Honestly if I went back 5 years and saw my present self, I'd be pretty disappointed 😞


wtf_eli t1_j8gxyvi wrote

They very much wouldn’t


Safe_Reporter_8259 t1_j8gyf1m wrote

Nah, they’d be 1. Laughing their heads off or 2. Very disappointed.


TwoAndAHalfQueefs t1_j8gyzyx wrote

The opposite actually, otherwise I wouldn't be on reddit. Oops.


Netroth t1_j8gziq6 wrote

These ones are so demotivational.


Mr_Drowser t1_j8h08lz wrote

Lmao fuk NO . This post did the opposite of inspire me


UsernameIn3and20 t1_j8h1b8h wrote

The version of me 5 years ago would probably become depressed more than I could be right now.


agent_wolfe t1_j8h1e5l wrote

He'd be like "What the h**k happened?" Weren't you going to start dating? And travelling? And earning lots of money?

And lose some weight? And not lose any hair? And not lose any hearing? And ... etc.


ArcerPL t1_j8h2l9b wrote

Nah, the me 5 years ago would be dissapointed I don't do anything because my perfectionism keeps setting higher and higher unreachable expectations that I literally cannot get shit done like at all


32mafiaman t1_j8h3zo9 wrote

The version of me 5 years ago was doing the exact same shit I’m doing now. He’ll be very disappointed


alexsimi t1_j8h6cmj wrote

They would be TERRIFIED of how much I’ve ruined our lives lmao


Sprinkle_Puff t1_j8hcx5d wrote

Maybe if Covid never happened. But cest la vie.


BobbyTheDude t1_j8he2he wrote

If the version of me from 5 years ago could see me now, they would have pulled the trigger.


CesareBach t1_j8hf70x wrote

5 years ago me would be shocked how my health has deteriorated.


TheKinkyGuy t1_j8hfq9a wrote

In my case that, sadly, isnt true.

But happy for everybody else who is


Syhkane t1_j8hihf5 wrote

Oh boy, they'd be terrified.


Bchulo t1_j8hj4vf wrote

pretty sure he'd cry


CleverHoovyMan t1_j8hl3dk wrote

Nope im pretty sure he would be pissed and disapointed


No-Ask-3268 t1_j8hmbwf wrote

Imagine putting this up in the McDonald’s break room.


Get_your_grape_juice t1_j8hmkjo wrote

No they wouldn’t. I’m at the same job, doing the same thing, making negligibly more money, losing my fucking mind.

5 years ago me isn’t surprised at my current state, but he sure is disappointed.


KonataYumi t1_j8hn19h wrote

I don’t like posters that lie to me


hershko t1_j8ho9vd wrote

They absolute wouldn’t. So perhaps to put it correctly - keep going so that the future you, in 5 years, will be proud of you.


Antaries9000 t1_j8ht5e2 wrote

But they would laugh at the fashions you're wearing, (Hey this is a clothes shop after all)


Littleman88 t1_j8hu19c wrote

My 5-years ago self would be disappointed, just as his 5-years prior self was disappointed, just as that one's 5-years prior self was disappointed.

I've practically done nothing worth remembering since I turned 18.


Evil_Bere t1_j8hywk6 wrote

No they wouldn't. The only thing I accomplished is staying alive.


ShruteFarms4L t1_j8i4tq5 wrote

No they wouldn' at that age they would say " wtf is all this broke shit guy you work?? Wtf where the Camaro at?...THIS IS WHAT U HAVE NOW what happened to the drop top?"....and probably try to fuck my gf


e_smith338 t1_j8ii19s wrote

Hmmm….not sure about that one but thanks I guess 👍🏻


Drrragon_Boy t1_j8iignp wrote

I don't think so I feel like 5yr ago me is more than me now in every fuckin way 😣 starting to improve myself ,beat my past and create a future


al3237 t1_j8ikd9a wrote

As someone who reached 25 last month, that was exactly the same for me lol. I never wished to be born and never consented to it, now the ones that made me act like i always wanted it and they had nothing to do with it. This is shit bro...


oO0-__-0Oo t1_j8immtz wrote

tell that to a recently addicted and homeless person

"VAPID ADVICE" /thread


ChibsMcGee275 t1_j8inhz0 wrote

5 years ago I left a well paid job to start a business, that was doing very well. Last year I was forced to admit defeat and had to shut the business down, with a mountain of personally guaranteed debt due to covid. I lost my life savings plus the new debt and any chance of getting on the property ladder within the next 8 years.

I am not proud. I am broken.


jaydeflaux t1_j8j80zb wrote

Ha! Reddit isn't the place to post this, we're all worse off than we were yesterday.


CM_Bison t1_j8jp6ag wrote

I mean.....when I was 5 I pictured myself working in the building from Gremlins 2.


Glowshroom t1_j8rhnk1 wrote

Not for me! I worked my way up from a small mobile game studio to one of the top AAA studios in the world in that time. Just gotta apply yourself. And trust me, I'm lazier than you.


DrownmeinIslay t1_j8v9wlq wrote

I've learned how to make the same mistake but in fun new ways. The me from 5 years ago would walk into the room and bitch about how I was sitting in his seat.


[deleted] t1_j8zip4m wrote

They’d be confused since I’m a guy now