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Jammintoad t1_j8jq24w wrote

Bruh these comments. C'mon guys, have a better attitude


dranaei t1_j8h5vnv wrote

Goals are weak, once achieved you forget about them. Build habits.


Lucadris OP t1_j8h5zt0 wrote

Habits are made to achieve goals.

In your case, i don't know what u understand by term habits


dranaei t1_j8h6qde wrote

A habit is a learned behavior that becomes reflexive over time. It requires almost no willpower which is a finite resource. A habit is a life long behaviour.

A goal is an objective or target that someone is trying to reach or achieve.

For example in the case of dieting. Most people when they reach their goal weight, they revert to their previous state. They struggled, they achieved their goal, they used their willpower to do it. If they had built a life long eating behaviour, they wouldn't gain the weight back.


All_Them_Gains t1_j8jtins wrote

depends on if you're placing faster than it's evaporating ig.


lionbarz t1_j8krqif wrote

Finally I have a way of achieving my goal of filling a jar with water using an eye dropper


dissapointo t1_j8kwl8v wrote

Shouldn’t the left most jar be the fullest?


AnthraciteKid t1_j8hgyuz wrote

Almost filled my cum jar. Wish me luck guys 💯💪


LittleKitty235 t1_j8hwk59 wrote

Shouldn’t the y axis be goal and the x axis time?


MrBurne t1_j8hydfk wrote

Remind me of something with a pony figure


scruffye t1_j8id5z3 wrote

This is a concept that's been very hard for me to internalize. Getting an Apple Watch has been good for setting better activity habits and it's helped me track my progress better but it's still hard for me to keep applying this thought process to other stuff in my life.


Goldy84 t1_j8hqvuh wrote

Getting over crippling depression isn't easy.


MadaRook t1_j8hsqla wrote

Cries in ADHD