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justbadthings t1_j8gz3fi wrote

Or it is about to launch you face first into a wall...


BuffGumby t1_j8i2scz wrote

What if the string snaps? The bow could also fail and break... This metaphor has so many bad ways to be interpreted lmao.


Littleman88 t1_j8iay68 wrote

The flaw in the logic here is the assumption there's a bow in the first place, and we're not instead dealing with a bucket of crabs.


NorthCatan t1_j8j5mb0 wrote

Put too much pressure on a string and it is bound to snap. I like how a lot of the posts here seem inspirational but fail to hit the mark.


HiddenCity t1_j8kmjw8 wrote

Or a forest where they then decide its not worth trying to find you.