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chief57 t1_j8mnzfm wrote

Grower, not a show-er


freshgrilled t1_j8q8m3t wrote

You can tell what size it is by the size of their trucks.


vastlysuperiorman t1_j8n434e wrote

For example, in this picture, you see one rabbit with a huge carrot, and one rabbit with a small one. You'd think the big carrot indicates success, but since the stem is so small, the rabbit is very unlikely to succeed at pulling it from the ground.

The rabbit with the small carrot has a lot to grab onto and the stem is strong relative to the size of its root. Even though his reward is smaller, he's much more likely to succeed at pulling up his carrot.



jetlightbeam t1_j8ntrbv wrote

Also, rabbits don't eat carrots their bodies are built to eat leafy greens, so the one with more leaves will probably have a better meal


vastlysuperiorman t1_j8nzzxp wrote

This is true! I had a rabbit when I was younger. I did an experiment where I regularly brought her a variety of different foods and I paid attention to what she chose first. She never chose carrots. She loved lettuces, cabbages, etc. Her favorite seemed to be Swiss Chard.


849 t1_j8qv9dh wrote

Overfeeding carrots can make rabbits overweight. They are full of sugar. I swear in last 20 years carrots are as sweet as candy.


Zn4rkz t1_j8nxxiu wrote

Imean, the right bunny is gonna get it up in his as, whilst the left one will not. Win


VeGr-FXVG t1_j8obsau wrote

The left bunny is a total size queen tho. They're the kind to have a mugshot at A&E for when things go wrong.


moxinghbian t1_j8nd5g5 wrote

Biology is not always what you imagin


HondaTalk t1_j8q4owl wrote

Biology is also not a good major to pick in college. Ask me how I know


ppardee t1_j8nzn6m wrote

There's no way that tiny amount of foliage supported a tap root of that size. Somebody's been sabotagin'!


cyco_semantic t1_j8rh4g5 wrote

Actually it's plausible. Some plants will use all thier energy for root/flower production instead of leaf production when conditions are optimal. That's actually what you want as a commercial grower; lots of fruit/flower/roots with little foliage


fudgekookies t1_j8o1cv4 wrote

this is not how carrots grow though :)


Firemorfox t1_j8o5j7x wrote

I mean, one bunny is fat from eating food, and the other is just posing.

However... pretty sure bunnies (not humans) woulda eaten the leaf part of the carrot, so this ends up being a mixed message.


KimKimberly12 t1_j8otbn9 wrote

The big carrot has John Lennon attached to it.


AeonChaos t1_j8pa3g9 wrote

For Rabbit, the one with more leafy green is the bigger success.

Rabbit doesn't like the carrot itself that much at all.


r20_6 t1_j8nt4xc wrote

I love this image because It represents reality very accurately


Drown1ngShark t1_j8qwcmm wrote

Never assume in life... don't think that carrot big because carrot big leaf because small leaf carrot not leaf big size 😌


cali1013 t1_j8oczjf wrote

Well i do bloody hope my carrot is big af now


jebadiahstone123 t1_j8oq9vl wrote

Carrot rabbit stew would solve the differences.


louisdeer t1_j8p590c wrote

It's confidence that sales


wolven8 t1_j8pajar wrote

Praise the camera man for getting this photo


trevsmith94 t1_j8py75v wrote

The rabbit on the right drives a Ford F-350


pantag t1_j8qahhy wrote

Right. You work the butt plug gradually to bigger sizes. Success!


hoiboy79bw t1_j8qf6uy wrote

likely to succeed at pulling up his carrot


fanta_bhelpuri t1_j8qqcyi wrote

This the same coping mechanism emblematic of that meme where the Nerd rejects that pregnant chick saying "why can't I find good men anymore". In the real world, if you don't have a balanced upbringing, you will self destruct later in life regardless of your wealth and skill in one particular domain. Doesn't mean that your current situation is your fault entirely but it doesn't make you special, just a loser. The quicker you snap out the delusion, the better you can adjust expectations and find true contentment with who you are.


Tk1Genius t1_j8qrr7l wrote

moral of the story: just because patte zyada hai zaroori nahi uski gajar badi ho.


J-Dabbleyou t1_j8qwn73 wrote

Except rabbits like the leafy parts more lol


Dprophit t1_j8qww6a wrote

Ya know, I tried that. Pulled the small leaf, but still got a small carrot and 7k in debt and working a dead end job.


Crolto t1_j8qx481 wrote

The right bunny pulls his carrot from the earth, proudly flaunting his normal-sized carrot. The left bunny pulls and tugs at the small plant sticking up from the soil, but the carrot is so heavy that the leaves tear from the earth. The left bunny falls to the ground and is visibly disappointed. All that work for so few results.

Sometimes a medium amount of tangible success is better than no success at all.


Mrrandom314159 t1_j8r4cd7 wrote

Success isn't always about size either.


_W_A_V_E_ t1_j8rdt4j wrote

Success is when not leaf big carrot small but is leaf small carrot big!


reach_Chris t1_j8skzcd wrote

I've seen this illustration several times now, always think it's brilliant!


Fix_It_Felix_Jr t1_j8unsiv wrote

They’re both genetically fucked up carrots.


Macde4th t1_j8wxj71 wrote

The only problem with this, is that typically the root system has about the same mass as the part above ground.


umlcat t1_j8mm741 wrote

As an IT Back Developer I live these in the real world...


ChalupaCabre t1_j8n2ruk wrote

What I really need to know is if the smaller carrot really is more delicious?


LegalComplaint t1_j8o95gu wrote

It’s alway the little pudgy guys with the big carrot.


Robdon326 t1_j8p83r3 wrote

He's a grower,not a shower 😉


Asleep_Strategy7655 t1_j8p76hp wrote

Guy with a big pickup truck vs Guy with a big d***