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NipsToNuts t1_j8rs5q3 wrote

It’s very easy for me to be jealous and hide from people I truly admire.


vbCPA OP t1_j8ru7gl wrote

“You’re” not the one that’s jealous and hiding, it’s the judge & avoider inside of you that’s doing that. Check out the book “Positive Intelligence,” it’ll help you overcome things like this.


NipsToNuts t1_j8rvdio wrote

Fantastic. I do enjoy reading these tour of books, so Thank you for the recommendation.


vbCPA OP t1_j8rvow3 wrote

You’re very welcome. Do let me know after you get done what you think about it. I’m trying to incorporate more of those positive intelligence concepts into my coaching programs.


Dash83 t1_j8wl9zo wrote

Author name? There seems to be quite a few books with the name.


Sampo24 t1_j8shiko wrote

I accidentally misread the top as “Thought of the dog”. Good doggie.


grealichZs t1_j8rr49r wrote

about this year i recommended to learn most skills needed ( IT , AI, Management...)


Littleman88 t1_j8suown wrote

While I generally suggest for everyone to embrace this mindset to remind themselves what they may be capable of, I likewise know the daftness in encouraging the impoverished to celebrate the rich.


TheEqualizer_23 t1_j8tknwe wrote

Completely agreed. Too often it seems like folks are bitter about someone else having more or being more successful, and in turn, sometimes successful people look down on those without as much, or seemingly so. I’ve always tried to use successful people as an example, as a way to motivate myself to achieve the same greatness. A lot of successful people had to work hard for what they have, and they’re living proof that anyone with the right amount of determination and dedication can do the same.


CricketNo4040 t1_j8ukzcl wrote

Keep it coming! Good stuff. People are way to busy comparing, throwing shade at each other thinking they are improving their own standing...


Atthetop567 t1_j8tl5uy wrote

True! Just be happy and don’t be sad.


TakeItToFacebookDick t1_j8s4zpt wrote

My nephew is a bomb disposal tech and recently he’s been really successful.

I’ve been jealous but i think you’re right, i need to just go in there and get my hands dirty


brisalkmk t1_j8vcroy wrote

IT , AI, Management


Fancy_Female t1_j8tg6bk wrote

I'm going to be making $150k/year starting next week


iamCaptainDeadpool t1_j8txs85 wrote



Fancy_Female t1_j8tyro5 wrote

That's the point. Most of the time people bring up their success you can't just be like "beep boop. Use. As. Inspiration. Boop."


iamCaptainDeadpool t1_j8u0xsw wrote

Did you plan this inspirational moment. Also this might be out of context but I am a wominizer who is insatiable.


Fancy_Female t1_j8u9pl3 wrote

I find inspirational stuff like this vapid and meaningless. But my reddit subscription list on Boost is bugged so posts like this keep coming up


iamCaptainDeadpool t1_j8ucrhw wrote

You didn't react to my bragging about me being a womanize. I was waiting for you to say yes you are a womanize and charming. And now I am sad. Also I get that you don't like the motivational stuff. You actually like to make fun of people who do this. Well we all have our hobbies.


Fancy_Female t1_j8udvks wrote

You made me blush. You really must be a womanizer


iamCaptainDeadpool t1_j8uevzj wrote

This is sad on so many levels. I've managed to demotivate myself on a motivational sub reddit it's a new low for me. Also This is not the first time I've forced someone to compliment me. Well Thanks for your pity.