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Negative_Emu7228 t1_j8v7nn1 wrote

Very very true. I'm an addict in recovery myself. Has been some of the most traumatic, horrible experiences of my life while in active addiction. Went to prison multiple times over drug charges. BUT... I would not change the experiences I have had, because I finally have found my key.


"I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I truly was"


aSharkNamedHummus t1_j8vcsk2 wrote

I’m so proud of you, friend!

I’ve never personally struggled with addiction, but I absolutely agree that truly understanding yourself often comes only after losing yourself first. I’m dealing with an almost 4-year-long autoimmune disease flareup, and I’m finally getting better (baby steps) thanks to the realization that I’m just chronically stressed out to hell because I suppressed the person I really am. I let others dictate who I should be, and I let them crush my spirit to the point where I was just constantly lost and confused and afraid. Apparently the Real Me needs to shine if I’m going to be mentally and physically healthy, who knew?