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Trips-Over-Tail t1_j8vdlbw wrote

We can rebuild her. We have the technology. But her insurance doesn't want to spend a lot of money.


Awesam t1_j8wse8t wrote

Insurance: crutches are cheaper


ItsEntsy t1_j8yj14s wrote

I just want to know why shes wearing a sock.... To prevent blisters? Control sweating?


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j8ylvtf wrote

Probably helps the artificial foot fit into the shoe better. Also it's normal and whimsical at the same time, which is what a one-legged girl in two cute sneakers wants.


ItsEntsy t1_j8yo816 wrote

I was just making humor in a dark way.


jedimindtriks t1_j95773n wrote

Id wear two socks so i dont lose the other one in my drawer.


Fancy_Female t1_j9kuxt6 wrote

Just pay extra into your premiums. I'm not sure that insurance companies will take your extra money and put it towards a cause. So, how about you just take out a couple million dollars and put it in a fund for people with no legs?

I mean because we're willing for our premiums to go up, but we have other specific causes that we want our money to go to. And we can't afford to fix all the world's problems. That's just reality.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j9m6opi wrote

I think we can afford to fix substantially more problems than we even try to, and eliminating the corrosive effect of profit-driven enterprise would go along way toward doing that, as would eliminating the very possibility of the ultra rich. Most people have no concept of how rich a handful of people are, for the same reason they can't quite grasp the size or age of the universe.


Fancy_Female t1_j9mvmzd wrote

Not interested in making the universe smaller or Rich people's pockets smaller.

It won't make your dick larger or your pockets larger, respectively. Mostly because Even the size is relevant, we don't compare dicks to the universe. And as for money, we don't live in a zero sum economy where the excess of someone's wealth came from stealing from you. It came from supply and demand. And you just don't supply enough of things people demand. Furthermore, stealing doesn't fix the world's problems.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j9mw8sb wrote

Firstly, why are you talking about dicks? Secondly, this isn't about stealing money, it's about preventing the theft in the first place.


Fancy_Female t1_j9mxjp0 wrote

Oh so you're going to stop the demand. That seems fair. But you have to do it in a moral way - like offering an alternative good for free. Like you can't shoot people, for instance, who are about to give rich people money in exchange for a good or service.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j9n2cv3 wrote

Break up the massive corporations, restore the anti-trust laws that presided over the most prosperous and fairest decades, hunt down and close the tax loopholes and set a tax rate that ensures the rich pay their fair share (and not, for example, less than I do), set extremely strict political donation limits and campaign spending limits to get the money out of politics, cut corporate welfare and support small businesses instead, establish a single-payer healthcare system to negotiate on behalf of everyone and so shift the negotiating power in favour of the patient, crack down on obscene pharmaceutical profiteering and limit corporate CEO bonuses and shareholder dividends so that their money actually goes into research and not megayachts and lobbyists.


Fancy_Female t1_j9n2rhe wrote

Okay. I agree with that. I thought you were going to be a socialist.

Always find it funny when socialists get mad we bail out banks and stuff... I'm like, wait a minute, that was YOUR ALLs idea lmao..

Capitalism is about letting banks die when they... Die. Socialism is about the public ownership of losses (they just want profits too).

And then I hear "well this is the result of capitalism". Yeah. Carl Mark said that capitalist societies go socialist. So aren't we agreeing that we don't want to go socialist? These safety nets of bailing people out cost US, the taxpayers. Laugh my ass off.

Yeah people don't understand that rich people don't take an income so they don't pay tax. It's not that they're doing loopholes it's that they literally don't have an income. So people can spout off about how angry they are but it really does nothing. We have to go back to the drawing board on taxation to include rich people. The ignorance is frustrating. I just want people to first learn that what rich people do is take out consecutive loans unendingly, BECAUSE they have growing capital for collateral.


mezz7778 t1_j8uxurs wrote

Course a kid with one leg is possible.....just cut some kids leg legged kids.....this isn't rocket surgery


hypertonica OP t1_j8uy6zu wrote

She’s not just “some kid” … her name is Ilean.


IJustBeTalking t1_j8vudgg wrote

Joke went over your head. They weren’t referring to Ilean. They were saying a kid with one leg is possible, take any kid and cut their leg off, there you have it.

Edit: fat r/whoosh moment on my part, imma leave this up for the comedy but holy shit i feel on another level of simple minded 🤦🏻‍♂️


madpacifist t1_j8vu43l wrote

You've got a name, you're still just some person.


tinyevilsponges t1_j8wbotj wrote

Disabled people existing isn't inspiring, they just exist


yellowbrownstone t1_j8wgk32 wrote

Yeah inspoporn isn’t motivating. It’s borderline fetishizing and makes me feel icky.


[deleted] t1_j8wgijn wrote



dmcsmalls t1_j8xacp1 wrote

Why are you like this?


tinyevilsponges t1_j8zlmci wrote

You know, your right. it's really inspiring how you manage to write that comment even though you're clearly mentally challenged.


yellowbrownstone t1_j8wgghb wrote

Inspoporn is gross and not motivating. If the only reason someone/something is motivating for you, is their disability, that’s inspoporn.

I’m disabled and would feel extremely angry if I found out someone were using a picture of me in a brace or using mobility equipment like this. It’s just gross and often used to invalidate people who are already struggling.


EmrysPhoenix t1_j8xd1xk wrote

These are created by Hanger Clinic which is an orthotics and prosthetics company. The people in the pictures are Hanger clinic patients and show new patients what to expect.


JesusAteAllTheFish t1_j8xjfic wrote

Finding strength in the stories of people who’ve overcome great adversity? That’s just what the Nazis did!



Kenkerz00i t1_j8xumfn wrote

Lmao u commented like this on a few comments under this post. U sound like a lil bitch who doesn’t have the iq not eq to understand what is being said LMAOOO


tfc1193 t1_j8wpkjq wrote



Antisocial-Darwinist t1_j8wwx9h wrote

It’s kinda gross to be inspired by a kid just existing as a disabled person? Like, her struggles are not your inspiration.

It’s amazing how far modern medicine has come. It’s amazing that her orthotics specialist fit a growing girl so well. It’s truly astounding that her care team harangued her insurance into purchasing a new prosthetic.

None of those are things she did. She’s just existing while disabled.


therealKell_er t1_j8ycfwy wrote

Love this anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it


Fancy_Female t1_j9kusps wrote

Actually it's very possible to lose a leg. I knew this guy who had his leg blown off for no good reason. He killed himself later, so I can't really cite that instance. But you should just believe me that it happened.


doncastiglionejr t1_j8vu2dg wrote

The impossible is possible because I'm possible


davidtm0 t1_j8wl5td wrote

Reminds me of a conference poster I saw once: "Don't dis- my ABILITY" (the formatting visually connected dis and ability)


hypertonica OP t1_j8wzzgi wrote

I think this little girl must have been in an accident and lost her leg. Rather than let that define her and hold her back, she stands there with a prosthetic ready to take on any challenge.

And for the record, my friend who took this photo suffered two strokes/aneurysms. She was an opera major and had these her senior year of college. She is now in a wheelchair and recovering slowly, tho it’s been a few years. She was told she’d never sing opera again. This inspired her.


EmrysPhoenix t1_j8xckdv wrote

These are posters in Hanger Clinics. They are a large orthotics and prosthetics company with locations all over the US.


mannequin_vxxn t1_j8y06zo wrote

This is inspiration porn. As a disabled person we hate that shit and using a child for it is gross.


espenbex t1_j8y170a wrote

This got too me, and I shoved IT too my daugher with an nerve damage inn her neck. IT struck a nerve in both of us


Wet_FriedChicken t1_j8yp4jr wrote

Orange text. Must be a Hanger.

source: am prosthetic salesman


stonrbob t1_j8wxiby wrote

Why are disabled people, normal people's motivation


EmrysPhoenix t1_j8xe8u8 wrote

They aren't. These are in Hanger Clinics which do orthotics and prosthetics. They made this kid's prosthesis and are showing other kids that come in what to expect