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2022 was a rough year for me but 2023 is going to be so much better. So far this year I got engaged, I got a promotion with a raise and I bought a new car! I'm starting a treatment plan tomorrow for some pretty serious medical conditions as well. As cliche as it is I'm determined to make 2023 the best year of my life!

Today I am going to tackle my everest, my depression room, my office. I'm posting this to hold myself accountable. By this time tomorrow my office will be clean!



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MaxamillionGrey t1_j95ws0r wrote

A lot of times it's easier cleaning up these messes than we think. Most things have a place.

I help my wife clean up her office every now and then. She has a side business selling hand made bows so you can imagine all the materials(mats) in her office haha. She gets overwhelmed, but I always remind her that it's never as bad actually cleaning it up than we make it seem while we're procrastinating.

Just getting up and starting creates a feedback loop where you keep cleaning.


mymeatpuppets t1_j97hwbx wrote

What kind of bows does she make? Longbows? Recurves? I'm in the market to get a new one as I'm aging out of mine, a three piece collapsible recurve bow with a 40 pound pull.


aubreypizza t1_j97kp27 wrote

Interested to see if the bows are for hair, packages, wreaths, or archery…


MaxamillionGrey t1_j981inx wrote

She makes bows as in giant space stations in high earth orbit that slingshot ships further into space.

Hairbows actually.


mymeatpuppets t1_j9857ob wrote

Lol. I'll take a big one, like Disney's Alice in Wonderland, but with stars and nebulas please! It's got to be really big though, to cover my chrome dome.


aplantsman t1_j95v8fi wrote

Super cool, inch by inch everything's a cinch.


CleaveIshallnot t1_j9658j1 wrote

That's (for me), an unknown saying & motivational tool.

But it's great.



thaddeus423 t1_j9657jy wrote

One step at a time really rings different when you make it your utmost to have no zero days.


ropony t1_j96uyq9 wrote

I’ve never heard this before! Immediately making it a mantra.


CleaveIshallnot t1_j97l4r5 wrote

U going to post b4 & after pics to inspire us all re our own similar Mount Everests?


Juliska_ t1_j96hydg wrote

I've been scrolling on Reddit for 2 hours. You've inspired me to finally get off my ass and start my day.

Thank you 🙂.


sc44u t1_j96d46j wrote

Whats the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


mommatiely t1_j99agv6 wrote

My father keeps telling me this when I get overwhelmed. It actually does help. Thank you for sharing it with others.


ohfantasyfreeme t1_j964yam wrote

Here to offer more Depression Room Cleaning Support™️.

If you start to feel crazy or overwhelmed, take a break, have a snack/nap/shower/walk and then try again! Or don’t! It’s okay if it takes more time. It’s not a race, yo!


Mac_n_Miller t1_j96bjm9 wrote

Let’s fucking go dude you got this


wj9eh t1_j962gyc wrote

Fantastic and I'm pleased for you. You can achieve anything you want. But may I be so bold as to give you a viewpoint, from someone who has been in a similar position?

Just have a think, what if you don't have your office clean by tomorrow? Will this be ok? How will you feel? The key to happiness, I believe, is to be ok with this. To accept that, just, whatever is ok. The way the world is right now is ok. That doesn't mean you don't clean your office or do anything else by any means, it's just to be relaxed and fine with reality.

Everything is fine; you are fine.


[deleted] t1_j95vujd wrote

You got this! Don’t be afraid to throw things away. Feels great to start fresh.


drivingthelittles t1_j95wnfu wrote

Good for you!

And you’ve motivated me, my bathroom needs some serious organizing and refreshing, I bought the storage containers almost 2 weeks ago.

Let’s do this


Unknown-Error-22 t1_j95ygmu wrote

You got this! Your office will feel AMAZING after ur done:)


stormy_llewellyn t1_j964fwt wrote

Do it and show us a pic after! You'll few so proud of yourself!


CleaveIshallnot t1_j965jtk wrote

Not cliche.

Just an assertion that others might've done b4.

Doesn't lessen ur statement.

Detox via decluttering.

You're going to feel soooooo good after.


USMCord t1_j9665c8 wrote

Take pride in your workplace and the rest will start showing through.


ValyrianJedi t1_j96hbwu wrote

Damn, sounds like you are absolutely killing it! Congrats!...

And smart move posting this. Seems like you already know this, but I've found that for me personally writing something down makes a massive difference in when I get it done. Keep a little moleskin notepad/calendar dead on me at almost all times, and when something needs to get done it always goes on there. For some reason physically writing it down with a pen on paper goes further than putting it down digitally l


mikeylb93 t1_j96lbu5 wrote

Yes!!! You got this! That mess is a direct metaphor of your 2022, and it’s time to free yourself of that year and literally take out the trash! Think of future you, walking past that office every day, with a smile on their face because of how good it looks


WhatIfStarsHaveMinds t1_j97o1yj wrote

Cheers and best of luck today. I'll be checking back in tomorrow. All the best.


No_Acanthisitta3596 t1_j97wy3k wrote

Go for it and please update! I’m struggling with moving a few things forward right now, and we can all use a little extra group incentive!


xiZm04 t1_j9669op wrote

For accountability take a picture for us and post it!


Kirat- t1_j96hygn wrote

Fuck yeah. I'm there with you. Today I'm cleaning out my car finally.


JerDGold t1_j96knnz wrote

Great work! Don’t be scared to throw shit away.


GPrime506 t1_j96o5gq wrote

fuck yeah, get it!


blessedblackwings t1_j96qily wrote

The hardest part for me is getting started, then it just goes, put on some good tunes and start with the easiest things and watch it go. You got this!


Rocky2135 t1_j96uh9k wrote

The hard part is starting. Just start! ✊🏻🔥


supermarkise t1_j96unlr wrote

How is it going? And are you getting enough hydration and breaks and treats?


cbsixx t1_j96xtqj wrote

idk if this will help anyone else but my mom always used a saying with me: Pick a Corner.
it was in relation to cleaning my room but as I got older it was an analogy used for any seemingly insurmountable task and coping with a lot with adhd and getting started. No matter what it is don't look at it as a whole, just pick a corner, start, don't worry about how much you get done or plan to get done. Just start.

You got this.


AlsoNotaSpider t1_j96z3k9 wrote

You’ve inspired me to do the same! My office is a nightmare and I know cleaning it will make me feel much better. Thank you!


l0vely_poopface t1_j96ze27 wrote

I'm doing the same to my closet. Let's do this together! Grab a trash bag and carry it with you. Put trash in it.


prettyboyjugg t1_j978a6p wrote

the journey of a thousand kilometers starts with one step


Quizzsicle t1_j97a5db wrote

I don't think it's cliche at all. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get to a place where you feel like you can start accomplishing the goals that you want to achieve and if you are on a roll, take advantage of it and keep things moving in the right direction. And remember, even if you stumble a little along the way, that's OK, just keep your eyes on the prize, get back up and keep going and you will get where you want to be. : )


Shazam1269 t1_j97as89 wrote

Great idea! We shall be your accountabilibuddies!


Jeni-life_explorer t1_j97hlrz wrote

I know the feeling I had to clean my office last week lol


DeannaZone t1_j97kjhx wrote

I have been putting together a declutter journal seeing what does and does not work, I highly suggest doing it, so if it does not get done in a day, you can look back and be proud of what you have accomplished, and see what will work out for the next time you plan to work on it. I.E. One room vs One Draw, 'does the object bring you joy' questions, etc.


MissFixKnit t1_j98ro5k wrote

My Office is my depression room too! I just started the clean up process on it last weekend. Thanks to your post I'm gonna finish picking it up tomorrow. :) Go us.


CricketNo4040 t1_j9b5093 wrote

Goof for you! It is hard to see through the fog of dark times! Yes, you have a few MAJOR victories in a short month and a half, but doing rhings like putting your office into order does wonders for your spirit. The lens you view the world from while in it will benefit.