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DEFINITELY_NOT_PETE t1_j9ipetm wrote

My wife casually said once when I said something wasn’t my finest performance that “by definition, you can only have one finest performance, so don’t beat yourself up for trying.”


The_River_Is_Still t1_j9kx4ig wrote

Marry her.

Edit: I’m stupid and read quick as gf.

So divorce her, then remarry her, apparently.


[deleted] t1_j9kjk3y wrote



DEFINITELY_NOT_PETE t1_j9kmdvg wrote

Uh this wasn’t about sex, this was about an interview lol


Fancy_Female t1_j9kw7nd wrote

I'm not saying your thing is about sex. And OP wasn't saying his thing was about a conversation between you and your wife about a performance.

The topic is about a concept broader than specifically the Wright Brothers too. Sex is only as irrelevant as the wright brothers, or your non-sex-related performance. This topic encompasses it all, and doesn't prevent us from talking about specifically the Wright Brothers.


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Fancy_Female t1_j9kwplh wrote

Someone can't take a joke. Want a Kleenex, dear?


scottydc91 t1_j9kzksh wrote

Jokes don't take 5 paragraphs to try to convey.


Fancy_Female t1_j9kzx9r wrote

You're partially right in that sometimes jokes can be much shorter

For example, Your mom made a joke with just one word - your name


scottydc91 t1_j9l1r3e wrote

You roast like a Tumblr addict from 2012, please touch grass like others have already told you.


Fancy_Female t1_j9l27ax wrote

Seems I've touched a nerve 😏


scottydc91 t1_j9l2e3i wrote

I don't think you understand how internet comments work Lmao. Oh well bait is bait


scottydc91 t1_j9kzg7k wrote

Are you okay this wasn't about sex whatsoever.


Fancy_Female t1_j9kzm6g wrote

This is irrelevant. This wasn't about whether or not I'm okay.