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nampezdel t1_j9jht6q wrote

Dotson Dodgson


thesuavedog OP t1_j9nqgf8 wrote

Thanks... II always thought it was Dotson.... never too old to learn.


SylvieJay t1_j9jbq9j wrote

[Through clenched teeth] Newman!


truemcgoo t1_j9j7njc wrote

Nedry was a narcissistic criminal who’s actions led to the deaths of three people and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. He also completely botched his whole plan and got himself killed. He is not the best character to choose for delivering uplifting dialog.


Rompkins t1_j9k3o79 wrote

Lol it’s a meme and a fictional character.

It’s a great message, focus on that.


porncrank t1_j9kqzzb wrote

I would argue that this is a wonderfully positive use of a negative character. That in itself is motivating.


Generico300 t1_j9lk9he wrote

They should have used the guy who spent millions on rail powered landrovers but only hired 1 guy to manage literally all of the park's vital infrastructure. Jurassic Park is a story about how rich stupid capitalists are going to get us all killed.


zenkei18 t1_j9lpon2 wrote

Fun fact the actor who plays Dodgson in this clip is in prison.


thesuavedog OP t1_j9ltsnq wrote

1st... can't believe I got the name wrong. My whole life, I've thought it's Dotson. I appreciate being corrected though.

2nd... NO WAY!? Prison for what?


zenkei18 t1_j9lu6q7 wrote

My mistake, he got out 4 years ago. He diddled a kiddle.


MagnokTheMighty t1_j9l9jsq wrote

The first step to being good at something is being pretty bad at it.


mitchanium t1_j9k9a4s wrote

You didn't say please!


Jonyb222 t1_j9kh51w wrote

This is originally from power rangers right? I'm trying to find the original clip


OakLegs t1_j9l4vaa wrote

Not sure if you're joking but it's Jurassic Park (the original).


Jonyb222 t1_j9l5k1q wrote

Yea, I googled the actor's name (Wayne Knight) and the start of the quote after I commented and found it.

For whatever reason I though this was from a Power Rangers special from the last 10 years or so with the guy in red being one of the many previous Red Rangers that wanted to keep a low profile and Wayne Knight saying "Hey everyone, it's the Red Ranger!....."


Fancy_Female t1_j9kklt1 wrote

This is true. I killed this one person, and I thought that people would judge me. But the thing is, I need to keep doing it so I can get better at it.


Great_Minds t1_j9lix3y wrote

Everyone knows the second part reads "You have been removed from the group."


kevindurant t1_j9mzpzg wrote

Gatekeepers are real. Stay scared, kids. Don't follow your dreams