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ReapYerSoul t1_j9n8mfy wrote

This legit just made me tear up. I've always put aside my own depression to help other people.

"I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it's like to feel absolutely worthless and they don't want anyone else to feel that" -Robin Williams


zhazhab t1_j9modrh wrote

Well that’s what makes me happy no matter what I go through seeing “you” smile or a stranger happy or helped brings joy to my life


Drdurd3n t1_j9n57rb wrote

Thank you for this. I really needed to say this to my kid today.


jtowndtk t1_j9nbt6n wrote

to all the people who are like this I am giving you a huge air hug, everyone can use a little up lift, it costs nothing but a few seconds and some actual thought and kindness


piglewiggle t1_j9og7wm wrote

❤️❤️ I work with kids and whenever I feel down I try to remember that there are a bunch of children in my community that think I’m the nicest, funniest, prettiest person and they can’t wait to get hugs from me. Plus with each kid there’s a whole family behind them who credits me with helping their kids learn to talk. It’s so easy to get caught up in the bad and forget your actual real impact


mastaofdeath t1_j9n9qmw wrote

Struggling hard and very much needed this. Thank you 🙏🏼


SorakaWithAids t1_j9nimys wrote

I don't know anyone so none of those things apply tro me LoL


[deleted] t1_j9nj7x2 wrote



byproduct0 t1_j9qhwy1 wrote

Sorry to hear you had to go through that. Experiencing that continued abuse even during the breakup, at least that shows you you did the right thing. Grow tall, u/fucking_fantastic! Fly and be happy!


KetoKurun t1_j9n75gc wrote

Yeah, well, y’know that’s just like, your opinion, man.


otter5 t1_j9npxvx wrote

You don’t know most people


Rackendoodle t1_j9ntnzu wrote

This just makes me want to 🤮


Sfetaz t1_j9nbass wrote

Thank you Clarance, I hope to hear bells ring for you soon.


TechIsATool t1_j9ngub5 wrote

It makes me a fucking joker .


mrh4paws t1_j9njm4q wrote

I'm kind of a ballbuster but people laugh so thank you for this. I feel better.


Star_Brave t1_j9nq20c wrote

My Mother said, always be kind especially to strangers. We never really know what they may be going through. I took that to heart, even just a smile lifts people.


mbhuwaniya t1_j9o15k0 wrote

Exactly we keep on seeing the qualities of others and comparing ourselves that i don't have those qualities. And in the midst of that we forget what we have, what we are and what we can do..🫠


sudobee t1_j9o6qyw wrote

Thank you. I needed this


Magimasterkarp t1_j9oq8da wrote

I wish that were true. I'm basically a black hole of happiness, sucking it in and giving out the barest minimum of hawking radiation.


fusemybutt t1_j9peew6 wrote

Yes, I am! I just got a year older, fully into middle age now. And last year, my wife left me. AND I've had clinical depression & anxiety since adolescence.

But I teach music lessons. And its the greatest thing ever. I love it and mu students really like me. It is truely a wonderful thing to do that I will continue to do forever!


tankerdab t1_j9pzp9q wrote

Beautiful words meant for wonderful humans, spread love


about20min t1_j9qrurz wrote

Text: Some of you are unaware of just how amazing you really are. The way you make people laugh, lift others up, or spread some extra love. You do this even though you are struggling too, and I think it makes you such a beautiful human being.


MedievaLime t1_j9r100m wrote

I would rather people recognize my skill set less than a handful of people have but those people are my favorite by far


ZyanCarl t1_j9n6jgi wrote

You know that’s a good one but no matter how much euros you have, you can’t buy anything in the US with that.