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Dyn085 t1_j9rddit wrote

Once you train your mind to seek out positivity then most of the negativity gets looked past


Kytoaster t1_j9rxzcp wrote

I can usually pull this off for one week a month.

I get fairly burnt out trying to "piss positivity" after that.


Sorry_Housing3500 t1_j9rzm4i wrote

That sounds very.... unhealthy

Sit with your emotions people, don't "ignore them"


Dyn085 t1_j9s0fmg wrote

Itโ€™s not. My initial comment completely acknowledges bad days, it simply acknowledges the positive aspect that it gives perspective to good days.

Nice jump to the conclusion of ignoring feelings though. If you would rather choose negativity over positivity thatโ€™s absolutely your choice-you do you, boo ๐Ÿ˜‚