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I’ve honestly just been living half a life for so fucking long, isolating myself and just having completely given up. I wasn’t trying in any aspect of my life and I can’t exactly explain why. But idk I’m just living again lately. Doing shit. Was I depressed? Who knows. But now I’m ALIVE. And yeah I still get sad but things will be okay. I went so so long without hope. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.



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just-a-pair-of-eyes t1_j9pbdfv wrote

So proud of you! find things that work and DON'T GIVE THEM UP. No matter how much it seems like it won't make a difference. (See people be like, I had fresh air for 10 minutes for the first time an a month and didn't want to die, weird) and I'm like CAPITALIZE ON THE GOODNESS


Teh_Beavs t1_j9pjdrz wrote

Keep it up!! Day by day step by step. Knew a man who completely turned his life around by walking. Just walking everyday that’s how it started.


Averen t1_j9r684e wrote

There are 2 versions of me.

  1. I wake up and work out in the morning and feel great, have energy, and am happy

  2. I decide to sleep in and hate myself


someoneinlife1 OP t1_j9ti6px wrote

This will probably be me lol. We just had some snow so it’s crazy cold, but it should be warm enough by Monday so I just gotta make myself stick with it consistently. I’ve told myself once a week is enough of a minimum to start just so I don’t lose motivation but I’ll aim for more often, we’ll see.


pony_trekker t1_j9u9drt wrote

I have:

  1. Don't workout in the morning and freak out all day about when I am going to get my workout/run in -- don't eat so I don't puke on whenever this run is.

Jackster227 t1_j9q3tkm wrote

Hell yeah man! I was (and still am to some extent) in the same situation as you; depressed, not really seeing much point in living. I've been getting help but honestly I've started running at like 6:30-7am every other day and nothing has helped more. Keep it up, and safe travels!


kintleko t1_j9qfyw2 wrote

Exercise is a helluva drug


C_Saunders t1_j9rzgq4 wrote

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t!


proshoppernetwork t1_j9qm2b8 wrote

Sounds like movement is healing. I need to do more moving.


five_otters t1_j9qoklf wrote

An interesting anecdote my friend’s mom gave me one day decades ago while we were all hanging out at dinner. She is a doctor of eastern medicine as my friend and his family came over from China.

“ when you have a pail full of water and leave the pail to rest, what happens?” she asked.

“Gets all nasty with bugs and stuff starts growing in it .” I replied

“Well our body is almost 80 percent water, what do you think happens when you don’t move around that water enough?”

This piece of advice has stuck with me ever since!


Trock242424 t1_j9ptaks wrote

You are my hero. I hate running a lot


We_are_stardust23 t1_j9rbhyz wrote

I'm currently in this rut. I can't muster any motivation to clean, play games, read, take care of myself. I've gone on walks, went to the gym, drove across the country to the Grand Canyon. I've completely lost hope


ZoloftXL t1_j9ryc83 wrote

Sometimes you just have to keep trudging through the mud till the sun comes back out and dries it all up. I’m in the mud now too, but we gotta keep walking. Sun always comes back out eventually.


We_are_stardust23 t1_j9sd6en wrote

Thank you stranger. The past few years I've been through the cycle of trudging through the mud until the sun comes back out so many times. And every time the trudging starts over it's like I'm deeper in it so it's increasingly more difficult. I need to stop trudging to just sit and catch my breath for a while, but with the way this society is I never get that chance.


agetro82 t1_j9sdmw4 wrote

Reminds me of that quote in the movie Cast Away, "I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"


FEVERandCHILL t1_j9sdbpo wrote

Username checks out, but for real though keep working it and being awesome guys.


dranaei t1_j9qlewz wrote

That sounds familiar to me. Running saved me too in a way. I felt free because of it for the first time.


zaphod_pebblebrox t1_j9q2wsg wrote

Chestbump on the 3 am run. I’ve lost count of the number times I’ve been in that exact same situation. Stay awesome. And keep working through your journey.

It gets better. Trust me.


jrc83 t1_j9r3pe7 wrote

Keep running my person!


Scallywag810 t1_j9rgvu8 wrote

Get it. In your moments of doubt, try to remember that feeling.


someoneinlife1 OP t1_j9tfpx3 wrote

Yeah you’re absolutely right. My mind is a fairly negative place to be sometimes and I know I’ll go through rough times again, I just have to remember during those times that things can and will get better :)

Not to sound insanely cheesy, but life is beautiful and there’s always hope even if it doesn’t always seem that way.


GurrenLagann214 t1_j9rlmdt wrote

I see you got a taste of that Dopamine now let me tell you it feels really fucking good.


Lukeyleftfoot t1_j9rwxo3 wrote

Taking a run when you didn’t really plan it but just in the moment felt you needed to shake your self up is low key amazing.


DeepMedium3 t1_j9qtw3q wrote

Start training for a marathon . IT WILL CHANGE YOU


yevinq t1_j9rqan4 wrote

Tbh a marathon can be pretty harmful. The total number of miles you have to run in addition to (presumably) having a full time job means it’s almost impossible to have proper time for recovery and diet. I got pretty dinged up training for and then running one. And the depression afterwards is some of the worst there is


DeepMedium3 t1_j9rsng2 wrote



yevinq t1_j9rsy4x wrote

I’m just saying if OP was previously depressed and running helped, maybe he should just stick with it as a hobby instead of basically a part time job


nautilator44 t1_j9r7sut wrote

What? 4 AM wasn't early enough for you?!?!

OP you're a beast. Keep it up.


nclh77 t1_j9rbycd wrote

Huge connection between sleep deprivation and depression.


Cheddre t1_j9salvr wrote

Dude running in the middle of the night is the absolute best thing ever. Literally nothing can beat the peaceful silence and solitude, accompanied by crickets and the occasional opossum depending on which part of the neighborhood you’re in. It’s the reason I love the summer so much, when it’s warm enough to do


Eastern-Ad-4785 t1_j9taoy1 wrote

Running through the woods on a full moon lit night through fresh snow used to be my favorite thing to do, the cold was so invigorating. Summer has its perks too, but something about a night run in sparkly, undisturbed snow.... Thanks for this post OP. I THINK you got me motivated to try again.


hot_sauce_and_fish t1_j9rhuru wrote

I went through a similar phase. I was just unmotivated. Then stuff got easier for me.

I'm happy for you!


HulkHoganLegDrop t1_j9rmuk6 wrote

Those are the best runs. Was going through a real rough patch and would leave at 230 just as the drunks were coming back. They would also ask what I am doing and I just got in the zone and kept running.


yevinq t1_j9rpwld wrote

Awesome man. Running has pulled me out of some serious depths quite a few times. Although I’m not sure it’s safe to do it at 3am where I live now :(


oopsjules t1_j9uauhl wrote

I was thinking that too, I feel like 3 am is when serial killers are out and about :(


phlegmfemme t1_j9snl12 wrote

Why at 3am? I love the excitement and newfound motivation, I used to run a mile or two at 6am-just a mile usually- to get the blood pumping and it was great for my mood- changed my life for a while. I would say however (not to assume anything about your health) this sounds like it could also be a manic upswing. Take note of whether or not you’ve needed less sleep lately, are making grand designs and connections, etc. Hopefully this isn’t that though and inspires sustainable change!


someoneinlife1 OP t1_j9tgax7 wrote

I appreciate the concern but this isn’t a mania thing, just a have to be at work super early thing lol. I usually wake up at 4:30 anyway but I just woke up like an hour early and had a random impulse so I followed it. But thank you!


belsie t1_j9t453x wrote

Yeah my husband has a bipolar diagnosis and this was my first thought.


Yak-Fucker-5000 t1_j9tyvj4 wrote

Welcome to the wonderful world of exercise for treating your depression. Honestly the most effective, if difficult to administer, treatment I know. One of the most depression relieving moments I've ever had was a few months ago riding my bike 20 miles at 11 at night. I just needed some escape and release and it felt so goddamn good.


someoneinlife1 OP t1_j9u8skk wrote

Honestly I should’ve tried this years ago. Like it’s a natural stress reliever that is actually good for you instead of being some meaningless escape, maybe I’ll try cycling at some point. Life can be so good sometimes :)


pantinor t1_j9qw1e8 wrote

Did it give you that american werewolf in London chills? That will get the adrenaline going


Gladiators10 t1_j9rmpji wrote

Good on you man! I miss running outside, not the biggest fan of running in -30 celcius tho. Although my work is robbing me of my energy. I feel so freaking high after a nice run.


michaelkaszynski t1_j9rtrqq wrote

Congrats! That’s a big step, just continue doing that daily and big things will come your way! I’d love to see your journey continue!


ChildrenotheWatchers t1_j9s0tbd wrote

So happy for you! We all have our periods and strings of bad patches. But running is great and it often improves things.


MachaTea1 t1_j9s11x1 wrote

Keep it up OP! There's nothing like running! 😀


mrgentlemen1 t1_j9s30ek wrote

Just keep doing things that make you feel that way!

If you find that, you’ll find people eventually

Nice trip doug 🤝


Dinan328i t1_j9skhuk wrote

POD would be proud.


PLUSsignenergy t1_j9sqz0w wrote

Been going to the gym for 2 hours a week and oh my, the endorphins….can’t describe how good it feels


wombat951_ t1_j9su75n wrote

Hell yeah dude! Keep it up. I was in a similar spot last year, felt like a zombie. My body was just a functional casing for my mind. Made a New Year’s resolution to do things that make me feel alive again, like moving my body! Has made a hell of a difference already.


M0rphysLaw t1_j9t0hos wrote

Awesome! Change your context, move, do something kind for someone every day. You’ve got this.


Cool-Net3278 t1_j9t22lq wrote

This is a great experience, you should learn from it,otherwise make self-rewarding for each goal. You can develop yourself better and better until to become successful, moreover remember that “no thing is easy.


tyger2020 t1_j9tgz48 wrote

I need me some of this.


Civil-Disaster726 t1_j9tk7zv wrote

Never too late to do the right thing..keep on adding 10% every week and see where you will land in 6 don’t need to run at 3 AM..anytime is a good time for run..Try using some app like Runkeeper to keep track of your progress..proud of you 👌👌


someoneinlife1 OP t1_j9tm35s wrote

You’re not wrong…3am is mainly because of work but also part of the reason I never exercised is because I have social anxiety and don’t want to exercise around people so the 3am thing kinda helps lol. I’ll check out that app though thanks! And maybe once I get more confidence I’ll be able to run in the afternoon or evening or something. Or maybe mornings will be amazing for me and I’ll love it who knows :)


shaymcquaid t1_j9tnu50 wrote

Hell yeah, brother!!! Memento Mori !

Your time here is literally the only thing you have…


thecwestions t1_j9u1ash wrote

Come back and tell us how you're doing at 3p.m. it's not sustainable.


someoneinlife1 OP t1_j9u7nbh wrote

I think it might be. I get up at 4:30 anyway for work, so say I go to bed at 8 and get up at 3:30 that’s 7 hours of sleep which is potentially okay.


thecwestions t1_j9ucgbg wrote

Excellent point. Still, that's both an amazing and rough hour to awaken. When I lived in Wisconsin, it was the best getting up at that hour. It seemed like the whole world was still sleeping. And just after a fresh bit of snow, other-worldly.


wannabecpa93 t1_j9ue8kq wrote

Hell yeah. No better feeling than a good run to clear your head.

Do it 4-5 times a week at whatever pace comes to out that day and you’ll feel way better all the time.