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justasmalltowndad t1_ja225jk wrote

I mean... For some people (myself included) achieving peak fitness IS a real need that we want to fulfill in our lifetimes. Just the same as any other bucket list item.

But then again, we really don't NEED to become as buff as the warriors of old... Like just general strength to handle your life is all you need, everything else is really just picking up metal and putting it back down.


xXIISK47IIXx t1_ja3txag wrote

My friend is in a wheel chair and mostly unable to use his body.

He contributed to medical technology that saved the lives of hundreds thousands of children

He mentors and coaches at risk youth in his communit.

He visits homeless, and teaches.

He codes amazingly and makes more than most people here.

I've got another buddy whose a gym bro, we ain't friends no more because he sexuslly assaulted one of our female friends.

Getting jacked and looking good doesn't automatically make you anything.


or10r t1_ja6tvn6 wrote

I don't think its really saying that. I take it as being the best YOU that you can be. We are all different. and that's a very good thing. Your friend for instance that's in a wheel chair. What he did to contribute to medical technology is exactly what the quote says. He has seen the beauty and strength of what HIS body is capable of. That's really inspiring tbh.


NerdyDan t1_ja5gpy9 wrote

I just go to look hot and attract boys


norrinzelkarr t1_ja5kmtf wrote

you absolutely have the right to not go to the gym


engineeryourmom t1_ja3c2b5 wrote

Wasn’t he gay?


NerdyDan t1_ja5gtad wrote

And? Gays are probably more fit than straight men on average due to more emphasis on visual attractiveness


engineeryourmom t1_ja5jatc wrote

That’s my point. In my view he was biased and wanted some sweet eye candy.


WolfsQuill t1_ja5fn9i wrote

Uhhh. What if you don't like exercise bc it's incredibly boring?


TheArcticKiwi t1_ja5s5fs wrote

then do something fun while you exercise


WolfsQuill t1_ja5sk4l wrote

I don't really watch TV and when I listen to music I daydream, which makes me lose focus on exercising . Plus, tbh, I just don't enjoy it. It's alright as a group activity (I never really minded gym class), but solo is pretty bleh.

Edit: that sounds more belligerent than I intended. It is good advice for most people.


red_whiteout t1_ja88cnw wrote

You might enjoy something like climbing or yoga or some other engaging social sport/activity. You recognize your preference for group activity, so why not pursue it?


WolfsQuill t1_ja8dvsl wrote

I do think I'd enjoy climbing. The issue is mostly monetary with that. I live in an area where all of that is behind a pay wall I can't afford. Beyond that, i have two friends. (I don't mean this in a bad way. I prefer a small social circle.) One of whom is- not really my place to say, but her priority is on things other than physical health. The other lives farther away and is more focused on his and his fiance's life (understandably).

Edit: I mean, at the end of the day, my "problem" is the same as many others'. It's not something I want to do, so I'm not inclined to find a reason or way to do it. I prefer reading, writing, and rpg games. Exercising annoys me because it cuts into my time to do those things.


red_whiteout t1_ja9we98 wrote

Well if you want to feel validated in your choice to shy away from exercise, about an hour after writing my original post I injured myself climbing. I’ll be out for a few weeks with this one. Too bad the fun stuff has an element of danger, and prohibitive cost of entry, like you said.

Thankfully you can get most exercise benefits by being lightly active (walking, calisthenics) as long as you do a little every day. I hope you at least try that. Gradually losing bone density, strength, and mobility as you age = pain. Pain will get in the way of the things you enjoy too. Just my 2 cents.


hg38 t1_ja1i9ex wrote

Not a real Socrates quote


Cetun t1_ja4pyph wrote

>Not a real Socrates quote

  • Socrates (469 - 399)

PM_ME_YER_FAV_HOBBY t1_ja1l805 wrote

But without HGH and steroids. People keep forgetting that part.


dadbod001 t1_ja1q4ue wrote

These are Indian bodybuilders from the early 20th century. You can go a long way without using drugs.


Deafwindow t1_ja39izw wrote

That dedicated their whole life to simply fitness. For most people, that simply isn't feasible considering our goals.


CultOfScarrow t1_ja3fnrs wrote

Toxic masculinity much


Purple_Pig69 t1_ja3zqd1 wrote

How is encouraging people to be fit toxic masculinity