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PckMan t1_ja7q39s wrote

-Where do you work out?

-Callisthenics library


Obi_Vayne_Kenobi t1_ja7sey3 wrote

Planche would be hella easier to achieve when my thoughts had weight to balance out my legs


BolbisFriend t1_ja89w0v wrote

Looks like a dark souls enemy.


romchik1987 t1_ja8rsp1 wrote

Which one exactly?


ShelbySecretary t1_ja7nldf wrote

Ruminations are a bitch to try and control.


CardinalSkull t1_ja9tmve wrote

Meditation is what helped me with this. Just acknowledge the rumination, accept it cant change, and move on. Easier said than done, took lots of practice.


Erohh t1_jaaruf6 wrote

Once you realise your thoughts are not you, but something that happens to you, it's easier to distance yourself from them. They become like brain weather.


buttermilk_waffle t1_jaac9f0 wrote

Thanks, I appreciate you explaining the process and also acknowledging the fact that it isn’t easy at all


CardinalSkull t1_jaae71l wrote

It’s about improving your state of mind, not “fixing” or perfecting it.


Pink-socks t1_jabgabc wrote

Are there any meditations on YouTube you can recommend? I am not really in a good place. Thanks


CardinalSkull t1_jacnf8m wrote

Truthfully, I just signed up for the headspace app and did that until I felt like I had the hang of it. I found a buddhist organization that did free yoga classes and always had an option to stay for meditation afterwards. That was huge for me. There are certainly TONS of good stuff on Youtube, I’m sure. r/meditation may be of more help to you. Hang in there, friend.


chumpynut5 t1_ja8wzd4 wrote

Idk, the fat around my belly is pretty heavy too


Gabagoolgoomba t1_ja93yn6 wrote

Walking out of class after you correct the teacher.


lawwal93 OP t1_ja947z6 wrote

If that were the case you’d need a cart for your head and a wheelbarrow for your balls!


flash_27 t1_jabpr6l wrote

He was not finished, the dude went to Home Depot, came back to class with a cart and wheelbarrow...


theangriestbird t1_ja84qco wrote

The message of this sculpture was already pretty obvious without this caption.


GaussianGhost t1_ja8dsmu wrote

I don't know. At first I thought it was the weight of our ego.


TropicalRogue t1_jabf4nh wrote

I 100% thought this was r/iam14andthisisdeep when I scrolled by this on r/all because of this


burningderp t1_ja96ond wrote



marsbat t1_ja9lchi wrote

The two subs are indistinguishable at times


MaracaBalls t1_ja97tzh wrote

Man if this isn’t the truth. Let’s just do our best and stop worrying about dumb shit.


DylanFTW t1_ja99ajh wrote

Can't take this seriously and neither can the comments apparently lol.


labalag t1_ja9hptn wrote

Most of the shit posted in this subreddit is bad advice. My ADHD having would have done this if it could. There's no off button. You can try meditation but that takes time and concentration to master, of which I have none. The only thing that came close was the ketamine I took for my depression but sadly it was only temporary.


PristleSky t1_ja8yq0b wrote

Me after watching one episode of Rick and Morty


homelessdreamer t1_ja8pddf wrote

As an ADHD person I feel this.


minicoop78 t1_ja9rtnx wrote

As a person in this world I feel this. You aren't alone.


rocknrolltradesman t1_ja8s2fd wrote

Me- except it’s my nutseck I gotta cart around on a trolly


Avock t1_ja9fdlr wrote

Description: gives good head.


Nerdcubing t1_ja96sis wrote

As someone with heavy and fucked up intrusive thoughts this kind of helps. Not gonna live long anyway though lmao


WeedTeaGuy t1_ja9eoe6 wrote

Lol. They should have made the head a little less comical.


HotNubsOfSteel t1_jaaj16e wrote

This image is meme material


lawwal93 OP t1_jaajfqo wrote

Yeah I liked the quote but the image really sold me on posting it… it’s real goofy.


AutisticMuffin97 t1_jaatwpn wrote

Idk being able to afford food seems to be the biggest burden right now


theunholyT t1_jaav0re wrote

this post is like porn,makes no sense to me.


fubar_giver t1_ja8ptn2 wrote

Just drink grain alcohol and sniff glue until you can't think thoughts, problem solved.


Mimicandy_20 t1_ja8sdmp wrote

After everything, you will still come back to where you stopped, so it's better you face it and be free.


Aerhart941 t1_ja8vohr wrote

Caption is completely unnecessary and removes all nuance in the art… where else do you keep the thoughts that burden you? In your pocket?


Manch94 t1_ja940s0 wrote



BusDrivinPhishKid t1_ja96lhv wrote

Whoa, it's like they were able to capture exactly how it feels being on shrooms and K at the same time


SergeantChic t1_ja97epd wrote

That’s some Junji Ito shit.


Ben-solo-11 t1_ja9b622 wrote

Put some pants on, Big Head Todd!


Zandt88 t1_ja9iji7 wrote

  • Friedrich Nietzsche

Alarid t1_ja9l1vz wrote

mfw i asked a witch for a bigger head and shaft and she misunderstood


Millera34 t1_ja9nutf wrote

I don’t recall seeing this in Attack on Titan


OTTER887 t1_ja9qilf wrote

Heh heh...heh heh


Luci_Ryan t1_ja9try8 wrote

This is so true!!!!


yagamison t1_ja9wn0o wrote

This doesn't make any sense!


PartyKrill t1_ja9zouk wrote

How’d they get a pic of my wife?


Extizy t1_ja9zwbn wrote

As an overthinker who can't maintain a relationship/keep dating women, this hits hard. I wish I could turn my brain off, ffs.


Proudtobeamillennial t1_jaa3v9f wrote

I wish I could explain this to my mom, I just don’t know how to explain it in our language :(


coshmeo t1_jaar59q wrote

This is just a titan from r/attackontitan


plenoto t1_jaat25z wrote

That's so true. The hardest thing in life is to control your mind. Sometimes, I wish I could spend less time thinking about some problems I have.

Especially now, I have to go through, it's not easy, and being focus is even harder.


BloodyDeadSaint t1_jaatls4 wrote

Fromsoftware would like to know more 🙃


Maddinoz t1_jab4gze wrote



popgoesthefeasible t1_jab4lc8 wrote

Bro my brain be having 57 tabs open at one time with music playing in the background but also somehow TikTok but it's glitching so the same phrase keeps playing on a loop. All my traumas have their own individual tabs, insecurities too, plus the things I did wrong that I can't change that will haunt me forever including stupid shit I did as a child. Inflate that statues head 10 times more and it's an accurate representation of me most days.

Oh, look, squirrel!

Ah, the ADHD tab has now opened.


Vocall96 t1_jab7ccq wrote

Why yes, I do watch Rick and Morty. How did you know?


Fresh6239 t1_jab8a5g wrote

You’re telling me! How do worry less.


GenericFatGuy t1_jaba4aj wrote

No, it's definitely making rent every month.


SilverBack52972 t1_jaba6en wrote

Anyone else not notice the sub this was in and think it was Stalin's head and the meaning was a symbolic oppression of ideas?


ikubaru t1_jabara4 wrote

Doesn't feel motivated


SuspiciousCrow888 t1_jabb2va wrote

For a second, this looked like a crazy new “attack on Titan” ability! It’s a good quote though; some of those heaviest burdens are thoughts of things that have happened or could happen. It’s so important to take time and return to right now; and right now is a good time to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself!


Laheree t1_jabc9hs wrote

Yep, and ice is water.


PillowsAndRoses t1_jabguhj wrote

My dad summed up in a picture, no joke, he’s the most knowledgeable person I know like in the whole world. Call that a bias idc


Biengo t1_jabh497 wrote

If this is true there are some people in this world who carry a very lite load.


DualityLover t1_jabkpdf wrote

Sometimes I think about the people that I gave wrong directions to…hope they’re okay.


l-s-y t1_jac36ym wrote

Seems like that guy's heaviest burden is his literal head


Kiyan1159 t1_jac4he6 wrote

Saw this same image but it was about ego.


ArizonaRenegade t1_jac7a7l wrote

As someone with OCD, who has been suffering from it, for over 30 years now, this is definitely a powerful thought.

I genuinely feel that my OCD is ruining my daily equality of life. I also believe that the frequent and intense stress, anxiety and anger that it has caused me, has probably taken years off of my life, because of how taxing it has been. Basically, I believe that OCD has literally given me brain damage.

And I am fully aware that it is completely irrational and illogical. I fully acknowledge that it doesn't make any sense and I completely realize that nothing about it, is reasonable. Yet, I just can not seem to break the habits and to get myself to stop thinking the way that I think, throughout every day of my life.

It is a truly exhausting, miserable, incredibly fucking frustrating way to live.


Rats_for_sale t1_jadmhir wrote

I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor

I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor

I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor

Oh, Oh, Oh I'm a tumor


Competitive-Pop6530 t1_ja7xhxm wrote

Idk, even though I hv felt a bit lightheaded the past few days I still believe my skull and brain mass outweigh my thoughts.