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ArizonaRenegade t1_jac7a7l wrote

As someone with OCD, who has been suffering from it, for over 30 years now, this is definitely a powerful thought.

I genuinely feel that my OCD is ruining my daily equality of life. I also believe that the frequent and intense stress, anxiety and anger that it has caused me, has probably taken years off of my life, because of how taxing it has been. Basically, I believe that OCD has literally given me brain damage.

And I am fully aware that it is completely irrational and illogical. I fully acknowledge that it doesn't make any sense and I completely realize that nothing about it, is reasonable. Yet, I just can not seem to break the habits and to get myself to stop thinking the way that I think, throughout every day of my life.

It is a truly exhausting, miserable, incredibly fucking frustrating way to live.