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Alcoraiden t1_ja90bxw wrote

Because my wildest dreams involve not working.


GiantRetortoise t1_ja8idpk wrote

Oh I dunno, toxic capitalism and a sixth mass extinction


Randomorph t1_ja93xfs wrote

> toxic capitalism

So just regular Capitalism?


Freakinlasers t1_ja9rmio wrote

Unfortunately our wildest dreams are things like affordable healthcare


trashtaker t1_ja8jj9k wrote

When one is struggling to feed themselves or pay rent, it makes it hard to run toward one’s dreams…


Senacharim t1_ja8y4lh wrote

A man has 2 lives, the first is the time before he realizes he has only 1 life .


Synchestra t1_ja9wgao wrote

Because life is a series of ups and downs. The downs are increasingly hard to manage in an ever changing world. 3 years now is so mucj progress with how businesses and people live amd operate. It's a difficult situation to navigate for most, as industries change constantly quicker than before. You always have to be on top of your game if you want to succeed. Part of my dreams are feeling fulfilled, amd that makes it hard to obtain. Our evolution as a species is at a pretty big crossroads.


MrCrash t1_jaa5ybd wrote

A lot of my wildest dreams involve having a roof over my head and eating food everyday.


StillSundayDrunk t1_jaadtos wrote

"Shake the Frost" - Tyler Childers has an amazing perspective on this topic:

Well, I used to ride a Mustang
And I'd run that thing on high hopes
'Til they raised the price of dreams so high I couldn't pay
So I let that car just sit there
When I should've took you driving
With the windows down while the music played

Much more sad than motivational, but a beautifully crafted response to the sentiment in this image.


JCSterlace t1_jaaikvi wrote

If you're on fire, don't run toward your dreams.

Stop, drop, & roll.


anaccountofrain t1_jaa2rw7 wrote

I don't have just one life. There are a lot of people who care about me, who I care about, who depend on me, or who for some other reason I need to consider when I make decisions. I can't pack up and leave all this and I'd feel awful if I did. My wildest dreams are just dreams; all these lives touching mine are real.


thisismeingradenine t1_jaarbbj wrote

Because there’s no sense of urgency. it’s a long life and people assume it will continue.


ComprehensiveBoss815 t1_jaa8gjp wrote

Because I only have one life and I don't want to die from being engulfed in flames.


captprice007 t1_jaapbqc wrote

Because when that later causes Burnout, then you'll post another quote asking us to chill out in life. So a balance has to be maintained, which most people are trying to make anyways. Balance requires a little more careful and slow approach towards goals. Hence, the slow speed (and not running).


_Choose-A-Username- t1_jab2axg wrote

There's the cynic in me that agrees with these comments. But I see the point. I should be living like I'll die tomorrow. For the few who are cursed with the knowledge of the day they die, would they be saying the same thing everyone else is saying? I could right now leave my whole life behind and go to another state and try something radically different. Or go to another country. People have done that with far less without choice. We treasure stability. That's why we don't do what the post suggests. I don't leave my life because its safe.

The things that bind us that keep us from doing what we desire, those reasons usually vanish or we atleast find a way to make them work either when we are forced to, or if we are dying. Wether you have a positive outlook or a negative one facing death, everyone always thinks they wasted time doing a rather than b.


ThisIsALine_____ t1_jabch71 wrote

Even more cynical. Once we die we'll forget having ever lived. So nothing matters.


Brittany1-7 t1_jaasjw5 wrote

Because some of that shit takes money and a lot more stuff that doesn't come very easily or all at once.


RandomPhail t1_jaawv9r wrote

Because there’s a bunch of walls surrounding me, and if I’m not only figuring out how to get unstuck but also on fire, it’s not gonna end well


Mobile-Stable-54 t1_jaaxu0n wrote

Money. Rent. Groceries. Student Loans.

My wildest dream is a large Big Mac meal


I_WILL_GHOST_U t1_jab9ez6 wrote

because my hopes, dreams, and sense of self-worth have been crushed to a fine powder beneath the uncaring bootheel of the world around me


Chemical-Character32 t1_jabc52k wrote

Because we have to eat and drink to survive for starters …..


sailawaytoday t1_jabjl4n wrote

Let’s say you’ve done the material comforts thing.

What would you like to experience before you die?

Serious question!


Medullan t1_jabnr85 wrote

I don't know about you but I'm using virtual reality to pretend to be a Viking. Wildest dreams achieved.


DontKnOOW69 t1_jabwoiw wrote

Bro like i was just creating a post on something like but i later found out that i have very less karma cause i'm new , so you know. So please upvote this, pretty please.


TheloniusDump t1_jacgxsq wrote

I've spent enough time on /r/abruptchaos to know that running while on fire is a terrible idea


TheNegAgeN t1_jacj83s wrote

Running without food extinguishes life faster, instead we gotta eat, to eat we need money, to get money we need to work, to work we need to educate and learn, to learn we have to be able to keep our minds healthy, to stay sane we try to have fun.

Nowadays having fun often costs money since were too developed and lazy to have fun through the scarcity of things, so were stuck in a loop, where no outcome except for a few individuals results in running to dreams.

Tl;dr Cant run if next-gen advanced video-game invisible walls are there.


Jordvnf717 t1_jadbcd7 wrote

Yeah one life, you should be running to Jesus like your life depended on it.


Pudding_Hero t1_ja9780a wrote

Cause y’all are lazy narcissist bastards


ThisIsALine_____ t1_jabcl29 wrote

I'm not lazy, i am the fucking greatest, i accomplished so much even though i never knew my father...wait.