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Slashignore_ t1_jade5ks wrote

Trees can also live for thousands of years and eat radiation for food, you aren't a fuckin tree Clint.


nerherder911 t1_jaeriu4 wrote

They also get peed on, lived in, eaten alive by termites and occasionally get unwanted tattoos from random teens.

And if they get tall enough they then get promoted to IKEA furniture.


deathbylow t1_jadq9th wrote

They eat radiation? How ba


Slashignore_ t1_jadqq20 wrote

Sunlight is radiation


deathbylow t1_jadwgm2 wrote

Oh right. I guess when you just say radiation though, people think nuclear


rishank86 t1_jae28oi wrote

Well technically sunlight is also radiation of the nuclear type, so...


Anti-Queen_Elle t1_jae86ce wrote

We like just enough radiation to stay warm, but not enough radiation to have our organ/elles destroyed.


samiyam_ t1_jaeykov wrote

Thus creating the perfect but random conditions for life on planet earth.


thisimpetus t1_jaezox2 wrote

Trees losing "everything" is also a part of their natural life cycle and isn't regarded as life-threatening poverty.


CaptChair t1_jaewddr wrote

I dunno..I bet if you microdosed radiation you may be able to eat it all eventually.


hear2think t1_jae1qo1 wrote

Trees are not forcefully removed from their homes when they cant make rent


rodman517 t1_jadr3v2 wrote

There was an attempt…..


tots4scott t1_jae49ju wrote

OP is an OF account. Low effort for clicks.

This post sucks though.


CaptChair t1_jaewkki wrote

I went from motivated to disgusted after you pointed this out and I clicked to see wtf


ImmediateJacket9502 t1_jaex8pn wrote

What's the issue in OP having Only Fans??


CaptChair t1_jaezhyi wrote

It's likely here for the same reason roast me's get posted here. Click bait


tizzy62 t1_jaexi5q wrote

Fr the get motivated average post quality is trash, but seems unrelated to her other ventures


StJimmy815 t1_jae8h6g wrote

I’m not a fucking tree tho


CaptChair t1_jaew59b wrote

Your mom told you you can be anything you want, Jimmy.


Guita4Vivi2038 t1_jadjjtx wrote

That's stupid.

Comparing people's issues and struggles to the process a tree goes through throughout each year is not the motivational quip that those in their worst times could even entertain



Hauntcrow t1_jadzg2k wrote

"Remember that this shit you are in is cyclical like a tree losing its leaves every year"

Not very motivational now


tlst9999 t1_jadzggc wrote

You can step on a baby tree, but you can't step on an adult tree.

If you grow, people can't step on you anymore.


iguessimthisnamenow t1_jaengxd wrote

Seriously. That’s endodormancy, basically plant hibernation. They do it to conserve energy not because of motivation.


GreatGatsby00 t1_jaeruxk wrote

A man with Schizophrenia told me that trees talk a lot and are deep thinkers.


TKCerbs t1_jaefe0s wrote

“Wow my wife left and I lost my job. Can’t wait until spring for my new life!”

That’s how stupid this post is.


Critical_Quit t1_jae8yr6 wrote

Translation : if you are in a horrible situation, just put up with it because it might get better.

Not sure thats very motivational?


sixpackpeter t1_jad9k1j wrote

Except trees don't have to suffer from generational trauma, self medication/self abuse and dysfunctioal societies/families. Not to mention the crippling inner voices and broken inner compasses passed on through abusive parents and bullies.


cazdan255 t1_jadwglu wrote

What if I’m coniferous?


dat_boiii627 t1_jadivtd wrote

They store all their food in roots...they don't lose everything


BobDaRula t1_jae3lcv wrote

Sure but if a tree does nothing but lose leaves for 15 years, it's dead


29again t1_jaf4poz wrote

Great now the trees are even doing better than me. Shut up trees!


dudeguy82 t1_jadlq3b wrote

Ummm…I’m not a tree


amitrion t1_jae1acs wrote

Haha. I tell my girls, they are not trees. They got feet. They gotta move...


Ahab1312 t1_jae1bag wrote

That's nice and all but I'm not a tree.


NoDramaIceberg t1_jae365q wrote

And look where it's gotten them. At the mercy of an idiotic dominant species.


MorefamousthanU118 t1_jae4lhq wrote

Yeah it's really not supposed to be your stuff stolen but ok 👌


Prak_Argabuthon t1_jae9hee wrote

Your logical fallacy is: false equivalence


jerimiahf t1_jaecdgj wrote

If you see a bucket loader and a chainsaw coming at you - may be sign of a bigger issue that you can’t stand against


Pudding_Hero t1_jaed139 wrote

Keep your trees outta my wife’s mouth!


whornography t1_jaei4yh wrote

Tree: "Oh my gods! I phptosynthesized so much last summer. Now I'm just standing here fat and bald all winter. I'm the worst!"

Karen: "Trees are so majestic. Live. Laugh. Lumber."


oatmeal28 t1_jaez29h wrote

Like they have a choice


Koolkat912 t1_jaf0zxz wrote

Men lose hair and never comes back…


shorty6049 t1_jaf4n59 wrote

This is one of those motivational quotes where people are like "huh, yeah they're right!" But when you give it any sort of actual thought you realize how lacking they are in substance... Like saying "if you ever feel like giving up, remember that the earth under your house has been holding it up for decades and hasn't given up!" . Because yeah, no shit. It just sits there doing nothing.


No-Assignment6962 t1_jaefs6c wrote

Trees good for earth, Humans harm the earth in every ways too,,uhh


cheapsexandfastfood t1_jaeghu0 wrote

Apparently trees losing their leaves is how they rid themselves of toxins so it's their equivalent of pooping


invertigo666 t1_jaem507 wrote

Lol. Toilets get flushed and they patiently wait in silence to serve their purpose once again.


traphaus t1_jaeoizr wrote

Trees also don’t have bills to pay.


ICFAOUNSFI t1_jaerccm wrote

Trees also don’t have feelings or brains.


Celcius_87 t1_jaetx4w wrote

Thanks for posting this OP


MrBorilas t1_jaewves wrote

What even is this? Motivation to shave your head or something?


SuspiciousGrievances t1_jaf1qik wrote

Sadly, I fear my hair is not going to be coming back in the spring.


JackCoolStove t1_jaf4o6z wrote

Very happy I came in here to tons of people agreeing this is dumb love


Wonder_Bluebird2598 t1_jaf4r8z wrote

can'r relate the exact human experience, but the thought is, the driver of our next days will be our motivation to still stand tall and strong.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_jaddi25 wrote

This year some of them didn't. Caught a load of spring growth in December, which then got nuked by snow.


VinkyStagina t1_jadj768 wrote

Emerald Ash Borer has entered the chat.


SenpaiHero316 t1_jaettph wrote

This has to be the best inspirational quote iv rewd today Thank you so much


UncleDrillothy t1_jadun4c wrote

I knew the comments would be people poking holes in the analogy. Very motivational of you guys