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dkdaniel t1_jasci21 wrote

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, the lower 48


EggByte t1_jas663i wrote

Hartford county basically. Sometimes I associate Cromwell with the Hartford area. Vernon and Ellington too. Basically anywhere within a 30 min commute of Hartford


PorgCT t1_jas7g51 wrote

From Windsor Locks to Middletown, from Vernon to New Britain.


FinnbarMcBride t1_jasqzmm wrote

Hartford, Wethersfield, Newington, West Hartford, Bloomfield, Windsor, East Hartford


singalong37 t1_jaszqqs wrote

At its broadest extent, the Wikipedia entry for "Greater Hartford" says the Hartford-East Hartford-Middletown, CT Metropolitan NECTA (New England City and Town Area) consists of 54 towns, including 25 in Hartford County, 5 in Litchfield County, 6 in Middlesex County, 2 in New London County, 12 in Tolland County, and 4 in Windham County. But even at the narrowest, I think of Greater Hartford as everything from Enfield to Meriden and from Bristol to Vernon.


MikeTheActuary t1_jat77z6 wrote

I think context would matter.

When talking to a Connecticut-based audience...maybe even "New England based", I'd say "Greater Hartford" is Hartford, West Hartford, Bloomfield, Windsor, East Hartford, Wethersfield and Newington. Maybe South Windsor, Windsor Locks, and Berlin too.

If I was talking to an audience beyond Connecticut or New England, folks who might not appreciate the distinction between Hartford / New Britain / Manchester / Enfield / the Farmington Valley, then I'd probably use "Greater Hartford" to mean most of the area within the Capitol Region COG (see .


anglezsong t1_jau0l0t wrote

Bloomfield to the north, Wethersfield to the South, East of the river I would group East Hartford, Manchester and maybe vernon. I consider the Windsors to be their own thing. To the west it gets difficult because West Hartford really tries to pretend they don’t border Hartford and try to be part of farmington valley instead.


another_newspaper t1_jaulfss wrote

Wethersfield, Glastonbury, East Hartford, Manchester, Windsor, Bloomfield, and West Hartford. Inner ring of suburbs.


rediot t1_jc4d0ks wrote

Surrounding towns including Manchester and Farmington.


elainehas t1_jas5301 wrote

I think greater Hartford area is just Hartford. At most, East and West Hartford too.