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[deleted] OP t1_j7du7oa wrote

There are large parking lots behind Bushnell that are well lit and will be full of people and cars before and after the performance. It’s just a quick walk up Capitol Avenue to the theater. Don’t park next to the train station. It’s definitely not safe to walk around Hartford at night, but I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea to walk around during the day either, unless you know Hartford well. If you want something to do during the day, then go visit the Mark Twain House on Farmington Avenue, the Wadsworth Atheneum on Main Street, the public library two doors down, the Old State House/museum of oddities by Main/Central Row, or any other attractions you can drive to and park easily.


[deleted] OP t1_j7duv2x wrote

Ah sorry, I edited my post to clarify. I meant taking an Uber to the train station to take a train home (not parking there). But thank you I feel better knowing the parking lots by the theater are well lit! And thanks for the recommendations!


CityBird555 t1_j7frkde wrote

I live two blocks from the theater and the area is safe day and night. You will see many people walking up and down Capitol Avenue prior to the performance having come from two nearby. restaurants, Peppercorns and Republic. As others have said the state parking lots on Capitol Avenue across the street from The Bushnell are perfectly safe and decently lit. Just don’t leave anything visible in your car, i.e., don’t create a crime of opportunity by leaving a bag or some thing in your backseat just invites trouble. This is true for parking in any city at any time, anywhere.


[deleted] OP t1_j7gbzza wrote

The only thing I have in my car that's valuable and visible is my dash cam. I can't really remove it do you think anyone would care about that?


CityBird555 t1_j7gd9e4 wrote

If it’s mounted with a suction cup, then I would say take it off and put it in the glove box. If it’s hard mounted to the dash then I wouldn’t worry about it because if you can’t easily remove it, then it’s highly unlikely that a thief in a hurry could as well.


[deleted] OP t1_j7geoi2 wrote

The front one is suction cupped but I have all the wires taped down so I can't remove those without having to redo everything. The back one is just adhesive so it wouldn't stick back up if I take it down. I just don't want someone breaking my window for any reason, if that's a high possibility maybe taking my car isn't a good idea?? Sorry, just want to make sure I understand.


CityBird555 t1_j7kqcvs wrote

I would say these parking lots are akin to parking your car at the mall. If you’re comfortable leaving your dash cam in your car at a mall parking lot then you should be fine here. Hartford isn’t Caracas.


pepperjones926 t1_j7e4f7a wrote

I'd just drive in and park in one of the lots by the theater. Much safer and low fuss than dealing with Uber, the train station, etc.


FinnbarMcBride t1_j7fdg56 wrote

The lots near the theater are safe, and you'll be around a lot of other people going in/out of the theater. You wont have any problems in that sense. Just don't forget to bring $1 for the guy playing trumpet 🎺


rbn5009 t1_j7fl59k wrote

Bushnell Park is nice and safe during the day. Riverside Park can also be nice if weather is cooperative (Hartford or East Hartford side). For the event, I'll second that parking in the lots near Bushnell theater is the way to go. Tons of people, no issues


[deleted] OP t1_j7fmchl wrote

Thanks everyone!! I'll park near the theater. I was also worried about my car getting broken into or stolen, but based on what you are all saying that shouldn't be a worry!