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Das_Booooost_ OP t1_j8akufr wrote

Nothing in particular. Just trying to think of things that may make a certain area stand out from the rest.


FinnbarMcBride t1_j8alye8 wrote

Gotcha. If you want a rural feel, I'd look at Granby, Canton, Burlington, Colchester. If you want a suburb, Avon, Simsbury, Windsor, Glastonbury are worth checking out. If you want a more populated area, West Hartford, Farmington, Hartford, East Hartford, Newington and Wethersfield.


decorlettuce t1_j8aswpp wrote

I’d look Marlborough/Hebron/Andover as well for rural. Marlborough in particular. 20 minutes from downtown Hartford, very good public schools, and good access to health facilities and food. Pretty affordable for new families imo


Das_Booooost_ OP t1_j8atqr6 wrote

I have seen a few homes down there and it does look more affordable for sure.