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Hello! I was recently accepted into a UConn graduate program. I'm trying to get a feel for my potential living situation on the East and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I am a young woman and would love to have a social life. Would it be a good idea to look into apartments in Hartford? And if so, which ones? I have also considered perhaps moving to be a bit further south, closer to the coast. However, I am a complete novice and would love to hear anyone's opinions!



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[deleted] t1_j9lp1do wrote

Is the grad program in Hartford or Storrs? Is it 100% remote, or will you need to attend any classes on campus? Living on the coast is nice but very expensive and far too long of a commute to either campus. I lived in downtown Hartford for many years and I loved it, but I also wasn’t young and looking for a social life. I think you can find one of those in Hartford and also West Hartford. The rent is about the same, but apartments in West Hartford are either in three family houses or complexes, neither of which are in great shape. I’d take my $1500-$3000/month to one of the cute boutique apartments in downtown Hartford. DM me if you’d like to chat more about options.


tanyafd t1_j9mst17 wrote

West Hartford has a better night life than Hartford. Living in Newington or Bloomfield would be less expensive- check out Spark apartments.


Cutlasss t1_j9m774w wrote

What campus are you taking classes at? Living in Hartford and going to school in Storrs is not something I would recommend. It would be at least 45 minutes each way by car. Manchester would be a little better. Vernon better than that. Living on or near campus would give you some social and recreational activities.


ThatsALotOfOranges t1_j9mc21v wrote

It would depend on a few factors.

1.) How do you intend to get around? Will you have a car or do you plan on using public transit?

2.) When you say you're looking for a social life, what type of socialization? Do you mean you want to live near other students? Or are there specific kinds of social locations you care about? Bars? Parks? Hobby groups?

3.) What does your budget look like? Some towns in the area are more expensive than others.


cindermisty t1_j9mhpjq wrote

I'm a part of the grad program this fall for UConn at the Hartford campus (25f) and me and my partner live in Manchester! Decent priced apartments and only a 15 min drive from the Hartford campus and not a bad drive away from the storrs campus (like 20 minutes but hardly any traffic)? As well as plenty of shops and stores, social life more than middle of no where, everyone around here is super friendly too! Lmk if you want any advice or a friendly face for grad program :)


inthesummerheat t1_j9lwn12 wrote

I personally would check out Manchester over Hartford!


JerseyCitySaint t1_j9n2uq5 wrote

If you're looking for a social life, it'll probably be in West Hartford, but apartments could get a little pricy


CityBird555 t1_j9pwcg8 wrote

Can you share more about what kind of social life you were looking for? Are you looking for lots of bars/breweries? Hiking groups & outdoor activities? More arts-related activities? Quirky markets and off-the-beaten-path activities?